Let's run between the headstones
Of the mothers and fathers of our past
Hand in hand we spin around
Over the heads of those long dead
We'll sing them a song of farewell
As we watch them get put down
And hope that we never have to go there
You and me will live forever
In this tomb made for two
We'll never have to sleep or eat
All we'll need is each other
Our friends will be the dead
And our enemies the living
For we don't want liars or cheats
And we don't want sinners in our land
Only the dead can stay with us
Because the dead cannot tell lies
But if this special tomb of ours
Never comes to be
If you would share your grave with me
Hold me tight as we both die
Then I will always love you
I will always care
I will look for you in our next life
And hope you'll look for me