She screamed and closed her eyes, grabbing a pillow behind her and made a move to whack the person next to her. She hit her mattress with a loud 'THUNK', as cotton sprouted from the seams of the pillow. She peeked her eye open to see if anyone was there, armed with her pillow that was gushing its contents on the bed. She saw nothing. Alice sat up quickly and looked around, looking at her vanity, then her dresser. Nothing seemed amiss. Alice sighed and laid back down, looking at the wall.

Her shadow moved. It wasn't in a laying form anymore, it was sitting curtly. Her shadow's feet near Alice's stomach and the form swayed gently side to side. Alice shook her head and closed her eyes, commanding herself to sleep. She opened them up and her shadow was back where it was supposed to be.

Her ballerina-mouse music box turned on and played its tune, softly as notes drifted past Alice's head. She jumped nearly a foot and whirred around at it. Her eyes wide as sky-cruise ships' screws. Her heart raced two hundred miles an hour and she sprung out of bed and flipped the switch off the horrific sounds of 'Hickory Dickory Dock' coming from the ballerina-mouse. She sighed heavily once it was off and heard squeaky floorboards outside her bedroom. They stopped suddenly at her closed door. Alice froze at her dresser and quickly set the ballerina down and she coward back to her bed, jumping into the blankets and remained in the small fort for the rest of the night.

Alice's neck hurt in the morning from how she was sleeping. She walked into the bathroom like normal and sighed. She looked at her face for a moment, trying hard not to move her neck. She turned on the faucet and ran the water for a few seconds to get the heat working. She grabbed the washcloth from near the sink and ran it under the warm water, washing her face with it. She dabbed her face and looked up at the mirror. The girl from last night was standing behind her, staring intently at her. She jumped a foot and whipped around behind her. The girl wasn't there. Alice shook her head, must have been all the work loaded on her from the other day.

Alice kept that night far from her mind over the next few weeks. She focused on schoolwork and the fact that The Patrol had found another gap in the fence, which only made her more worried for her safety, but she tried to push it to the back of her mind.

Within these next couple of weeks her mother had found a boyfriend of her own. He was nice to Alice and acted like he genuinely liked her, which she hoped wasn't just an act to hold her mom's affections. She shrugged him off as well after a while. She was just happy for her mother that she had found someone that loved her.

Alice tried to focus on finding herself a boyfriend too. She knew she liked someone in her Calculus class, Oliver Jennings. He was a handsome boy with light brown hair that turned a pretty dark gold in the sun when they were out on the field when it was too hot to be inside during class. He had sparkling dark green eyes that shined like emeralds when the indoor light hit them just right. He had a smile that was so sweet, so kind, it was hard to believe he was standing right in front of her sometimes. The same thing goes with his laugh.

Alice went around asking her friends everything they knew about Oliver and she got up the courage to talk with him and make friends. Even though it was hard to keep from staring at him and stop listening to anything he says because she got so lost in his eyes. She did, eventually, get the hang of holding up a conversation with him.

Alice went to bed at a reasonable time for a school night, nine o'clock, although she heard faint sounds from her mother down the hallway, cooing her boyfriend's name and other similar noises. Alice shivered slightly and put in earplugs so she could sleep soundly...or at least try.

Alice climbed into her bed and smiled, snuggling softly into her covers, she fantasized about some things, like finally having a boyfriend, getting her first kiss and she thought of her friends. She sighed softly and snuggled into the pillow, falling into a light sleep. One of her earplugs fell out when she rolled over and an eerie creaking noise came from her dresser, like it was being ripped apart, board by board and every nail bolted in came flying out towards her, whipping quickly through the air, a small whirring noise flying by her ear as they hit the wall and stuck to it. The nails formed letters and turned into words, Alice read them on her wall silently as they formed. She didn't move her head for fear of a nail being stuck into it.

'Sto p ign ori ng m e' it read, some of the letters weren't totally together but Alice could make it out and personally, she was frightened. She shivered softly in her suddenly cold bed, she pulled them closer, trying to make her bed warm again. She felt something like a hand creep up from her foot to her ankle and slowly up her leg. Alice screamed and pulled the blankets off and stood on her bed. The feeling of the hand disappearing as quickly as it came.

She didn't see any spiders or any hands in her blankets and she sighed softly and slid back to her bed and went inside them again. They were warm again. She sighed and heard a sound like a gunshot from her right side and turned to see that her dresser, clothes, music box, mirror, and all her pictures were on the floor in a gigantic heap. It scared her and she screamed even louder at the sound.

Her mother's light footsteps came trotting down the hall and she opened Alice's door, light pooled in. Alice's wide eyes glued shut at the flood of bright florescent light that filled her pupils. "What's wrong?" Her mother's voice cracked softly, filled with sleep. She peered into the room. The nails gone, the dresser up right and standing with all the picture frames in place, clothes neatly folded in the right drawers and the music box and everything in the right order on top.

Alice's breathing steadied softly and she huffed gently, getting her heart rate down and shook her head "I...I saw a spider..." She lied and flipped her back to her mother and mumbled "It's fine...everything's fine...I'll be fine...sorry" To her mother and shut her eyes as the door shut ever so softly and the room was immersed in darkness once again.

In the morning, Alice felt dizzy as she sat up and yawned, rubbing her eyes and swung her feet over the edge of her bed, clad in her tank top and plaid pajama pants. She stood up off her bed and stretched and took a step to her door and a hand grabbed her ankle and she fell flat on her face. Her eyes went wide as she scrambled to get up on her feet. She inspected her ankle, no hand or anything wrapped around it. She sighed softly and got on to her knees and looked under her bed, peering into the soft dark. Something red was glowing. Alice blinked, confused and she crawled under, doing the old army crawl as she reached out to grab the glowing thing. She barely fit under the bed as is. Another hand grabbed her outstretched arm and she was pulled closer to the red thing. She was frightened and squealed as she was pulled to it. Hot breath whispered in her ear and the bright red thing was hidden behind something "So glad you could join me, Alice~" The voice sneered.

Alice jumped and screamed as loud as she could. Her head hit the roof of under her bed and she groaned but came to her senses quickly as she realized her wrist was still in a tight grasp. She yanked it back to her and scrambled out from under the bed as she ran out of her room and rushed down the stairs. Her mother was no where in sight. She must have gone out with her boyfriend. Alice gulped as she heard light steps coming down the stairs and arms wrap around her form from behind, pulling her close to the creep under her bed.

"Alice~" The voice from before whispered in her ear "I was starting to worry that you forgot about me" The voice had a womanish tone to it and the person's head softly laid itself on Alice's shoulder.

Alice was trapped. She couldn't move. She had no way out of this. Alice kept her gaze away from the woman holding her. How had she got in? How long had she been hiding there? She built up her courage and glanced at the woman. Seeing brown curls and a deep navy jacket, flowers were in her hair. Alice blinked and froze. Those were the flowers she had left for the mutant. This woman...couldn't be her friend...could she?

The woman nuzzled her neck softly and held her close. She kept Alice there. She looked up at Alice, confused why she was staring into the kitchen. One of her arms unwrapped from its spot on Alice's waist, laid on her cheek and gently turned Alice's face to face her from the woman's place on her shoulder. "You do remember me...don't you?'s my turn to love you" She said softly, her hazel eye sparkling as she let go of her and grabbed Alice by her shoulders and turned her to face the woman, she tipped her head up, since Alice was much shorter than her when the woman was standing at at her full height. "You're going to come back to the wasteland with me" She said with a snarl, looking at her "I would have let you stay longer, but you refused to give me attention."

Alice flinched when she was touched so roughly and she kept her eyes on something other than the woman. She was trying to piece everything together. What did she mean it was her turn to love her? Alice had only meant to make a friend. She shook her head and stepped away from the woman "You have made a mistake" She said softly and weakly, eyeing the land-line that laid on the kitchen table. "I' name isn't Alice" She said, unconvincingly.

The woman strode back over to her, closing the gap again. She tilted her head and squinted her eyes softly in humor and a hint of confusion "What? What do you mean. You are Alice. Alice Mellone, and you left things for me on the fence." She said, sorting out the fact from Alice's lie. "And you love me." She smiled lightly.