Three Things To Know

Another one-shot! Yeah, I need to get some inspiration in my head, and so, I turn to doing a Yaoi one-shot. I'm actually excited, since this is one of my newsiest couples :D Please, do enjoy, and make sure to review. Now lets get this one-shot rolling!

Characters: Shiro Takeba and Ryuuji Luricaso

Rated: M


Whimpering coughs from the other side of the door answered her before they came to a sudden stop.

"It's open."

Biting her bottom lip, the black-haired, pink-highlighted-haired girl opened the door and gave a worried look as the boy in one of the four beds looked at her with tired, mismatched eyes.

"Shiro-san, are you feeling well?" asked the girl, gasping as the sixteen-year-old had another coughing fit. She ran over to him and patted his back until he stopped. The poor boy's eyes looked a little blood shot, and his long, grey-brown hair looked shriveled and tangled. He looked paler then usual, and he was shaking even with two blankets over him.

"I- I don't think s-so," Sniffling and wrapping his arms around himself, Shiro gave a small frown, "I think I-I caught a fever after that storm last week. I've been laying it off and ignoring it from then but-" Pausing, he dove forward and sneezed into his sheets, sniffling and coughing, "I guess it just came back to bite at me, Taiga-san."

"Oh, Shiro-san. Well, don't you worry a thing. You just stay here and rest, alright? The rest of us can take care of Zero for you while you get better. And, we'll also handle tonight's night trip, too." said Taiga, laying the boy down, fluffing his pillow, and tucking the covers around him.

"A-Are you sure?" Looking at the girl, Shiro had worried thoughts. Night trips in Iwatodai were always dangerous, since the group he was in worked well to make sure no criminal would harm the city, and his dog would act like a yapping puppy when he wasn't around, "I'm sure I'll be better by tonight and Zero's always a handful, and-" His throat acted up again and he held his fist to his mouth, blocking any sickly breaths that could get Taiga sick.

"Believe me, Shiro-san, you need your rest. No worries. Zero's tamed as long as he's on his leash. And Cecelia can be leading us today. Right now, you need rest," With a firm nod, she walked over to the door and gave a smile over her shoulder, "We'll take things from here, leader. Have a good sleep." With that, she shut the door behind her.

Sighing with a wheezing cough following after, Shiro laid back in his bed and closed his eyes, falling into restless sleep.

He then heard a door open and his eyes opened weakly, a muffled cough caught in his chest.


"Tch, I ain't Taiga-tan, puppy."

Groaning, Shiro sat up and stared at the other boy who entered, his short, silver-colored hair falling close to his shoulders with his bangs nearly covering his red eye. He's glad he wasn't acting delusional, or he would have doubted that the other male had mismatch eyes like his own, only the other boy's was red and silver-blue, while his own were light grey and maroon-red.

"Ryuuji-kun, how come you aren't on the night trip with everyone else?" he asked, watching as the other closed the door behind him, surprised to see a white paper bag in his hand.

"Taiga-tan told me that you we're having one of those 'half-a-week' sicknesses. So I passed on the night trip and I got ya some stuff to make you feel better." Taking off his shoes and socks, the taller boy sat in front of the smaller teen with crossed legs. Opening and reaching into the bag, he pulled out a bowl of pre-heated chicken soup, a spoon, a bottle of medicine , and surprisingly, a small container of vanilla ice-cream.

"Ice-cream?" asked Shiro, tilting his head.

"Hey, might as well have something good after this crap," Shrugging, Ryuuji pulled off the plastic covering of the soup. Shiro stared at the silverette with confused eyes. He didn't understand any of this. This was Ryuuji. As in, the guy who had made it his goal in life to tease and pick on him since the day he moved into the coed-dorm. And why was he suddenly acted so. . . Normal and. . . Nice? Usually, the guy would be calling him something along the lines of 'dog-shit' or 'Takebaka,' even involving vicious snaps of the silver-haired student's whip, Shiro noticing that the boy didn't even have that today. But as far as Shiro could see, the guy was only picking up the spoon he bought and scooping some soup into, "Come on, open up." And now he was holding the spoon to the sick boy's lips.

Shiro was not one to take orders. And since it was from Ryuuji, his personal tormentor, he wouldn't do it. Pursing his lips, the brown-haired boy sat back and crossed his arms, closing his eyes and turning his head to the side. Frowning, Ryuuji gave a huff.

"Really? You think acting like a five-year-old will get you out of drinking soup?" with a 'tsk', the heterochromatic-eyed teen shook his head, "Puppy, I'm gonna be feeding you this soup, one way or another."

Shiro suddenly heard slurping noises and he gave a dry humph, opening one eye.

"And drinking the soup yourself is one of your brilliant- Hmck!"

Suddenly pinned the bed, Shiro thought of three things through his sick/sleep haze.

One; The soup tasted horrible.

Two; The disgusting food was being forced down his throat with his tongue held down.

And three; Ryuuji's wicked and demanding lips were plundering his own, the soup from his mouth flowing into his own. Shiro had time to only to choke and widen his eyes before Ryuuji pulled away, licking his lips and smirking.

"Now, was that so hard?" he asked in a childish-voice, smirk widening at Shiro's gaping goldfish look.

"Wh-What was. . .?" Shiro was at a lost for words, now helplessly pinned to the mattress by one of Ryuuji's hands with the other reaching for the half-empty bowl of soup.

"Here, lets make sure you finish the rest, ne Shiro?" Ryuuji purred out his words before drinking the rest of the soup into his mouth and pushing his lips to Shiro's again, his tongue deviously deviling past the pale student's lips and releasing the soup.

Shiro let out a distress noise, raising his hand and grabbing the back of the blue scarf around his tormentor's neck to pull him away. Ryuuji suddenly slid his tongue up and along Shiro's, and Shiro could only manage a moan as his tongue was taken and sucked into Ryuuji's mouth. Fisting Ryuuji's scarf, Shiro wrapped his legs around Ryuuji's waist and wrap his other arm around Ryuuji's neck, moaning against the other's mouth and thrusting his hips when heat gathered in his groin.

Surprised by the retaliation, Ryuuji only mulled over it for a second before pushing it aside and groaning as Shiro's tongue wrapped around his own. Licking, sucking, kissing with abandonment, Shiro felt faint and Ryuuji felt hot. Pulling away, the both of them panted, a string of saliva pooling to the corner of Shiro's mouth from their relentless make-out.

"Fuck me. . . Or better yet, should I fuck you?" said Ryuuji playfully, eyeing how pink the brunette's cheeks were getting.

"R-Ryuuji? Wh. . . Why?" asked Shiro, tiredly, grabbing the silver-haired boy's wrist. Sighing and giving a chuckle, Ryuuji sat back and looked at the boy as if to say, 'Damn, you're really this naïve?'

"Why I kissed you, or why I want to ram ya?" Chuckling once at how red Shiro was getting, and feeling a tiny bulge poke at his thigh, "Alright, looks like I'm gonna have to explain, hm?" With the hand already on his wrist, Ryuuji hauled the teen up and sat him on his lap, placing the smaller teen on hip lap and holding the boy close, "Lets see. . . Would 'I love ya and ever since you came here, I wanted to kiss and hold you like this and make you mine' suffice?" He asked.

Red and silver eyes widening, Shiro placed his hand's and the taller's shoulders, looking at him with a skeptical yet innocent look.

"You. . . Have? But. . . All those times when you teased me-"

"Think of it like, a little kid messing around with the one he loves the most just to get their attention," Suddenly sighing, Ryuuji pulled Shiro close and tucked that wild head of pale-brown hair under his chin, "Shiro. . . I do like you. Hell, I love you, even. When I heard that you were this sick, I just had to come and check on you. And now, you're looking at me like this," Smirking, Ryuuji grasped the boy's chin, leaning forward, "I just wanna pound ya into the mattress till you scream for more."

Shivering at his haunting and seductive tone, Shiro looked at his lap, looking self-conscious. Closing his own eyes, Ryuuji pulled away slightly.

"I know, I know. You're gonna say no, right?" Giving a bittersweet smile, Ryuuji merely stroked the boy's hair, "Fine. I kind of figured-"

"I-I didn't say no," Gripping Ryuuji's bold shoulders, Shiro leaned up and kissed Ryuuji's cheek, "Yes, I know I should say no. After all you've said and done but. . ." Blushing, he wrapped his arms around Ryuuji's neck and nuzzled his face to the elder's pale and smooth neck, "I-I want to give you a chance. A-and given that we're already like this," His knee lightly nudged the silver-haired teen's noticeable erection and the elder groaned as the blood rushing in his ears went South, "I want us to be together. I-I want you, Ryuuji-kun." Gathering up all the courage he had, Shiro shoved Ryuuji to the bed and hotly seal his lips to the silverette's.

"Mh. . . Shiro," Breaking away from the heated lip-lock, Ryuuji looked at the younger seriously, "I want to do this. Believe me, I want to take you in every position possible. But we gotta think of your health first, yeah?" he asked.

"I'm fine, really," To prove his point, Shiro placed Ryuuji's hand on his forehead, "See, my fever's down already. It must have died down a bit from sleeping," Taking Ryuuji's face in his hands, he leaned down and looked at him innocently, "I-I know I might sound selfish right now, b-but I really want you and-"

Shiro let out a yelp as Ryuuji rolled them over, his lips captured by the elder's and slim hips bucking into his own. Whimpering, Shiro kissed him back, groaning as he moved his hips with Ryuuji's, the two of them groaning at the friction.

Wasting no time, Ryuuji pulled back and frantically pulled off his scarf, jacket, and T-shirt, helping Shiro out of his long-sleeved pajama top and pulling the smaller upright, his hands stroking quiver flesh while he nipped and suckled on the boy's neck.

"A-Ah! Oh, Ryuuji!" Moaning with a shaky voice, Shiro craned his neck and ran his hands down Ryuuji's back, crying out when thin yet soft lips latched onto his nipple and suckle with nipping teeth, a slick tongue circling. "R-Ryuuji! N-N-"

"No?" Teasingly, Ryuuji lapped at the perking bud with the tip of his tongue, blowing on it and causing Shiro to whimper, "But you said you wanted this, Shiro. And to be frank, I did say I wouldn't stop until you screamed for more." With his dark tone sealing the promise, Ryuuji switched to the other nipple and his other hand messed with the other one, pinching and pressing at it.

"Hah-ah! R-Ryuuuu. . . Oh, ah!" The assault on his chest was making his cock twitch, and Shiro was sure that his heart was going to leap out of his throat with the blood pulsing greatly and feverishly through his veins. Moving his hands, they accidentally brushed the curve of Ryuuji's buttocks, the older panting as those small and delicate hands undid his belt and pants. His head threw back when his hard and creaming sex was cupped by Shiro's hand, the barrier that was his boxers blocking the skin-on-skin contact.

"Sh-Shiro. . . Oh, fuck." Groaning hungrily, Ryuuji thrust his hips to Shiro's hand as the small limb curled and stroked his clothed prick, dirtying his boxers more and causing his eyes to dilate. Grabbing the sinfully active hand, Ryuuji pinned the both of them above Shiro's head and he dove forward, licking a wet trail from the plane of Shiro's pectorals to his navel, nipping at his shaking, lean abs.

"R-Ryuuji-k-kun. . ." Panting wantonly, Shiro attempted to thrust his hips, whimpering in frustration as Ryuuji's hips held down his thighs.

"Mmmm, just hang on a little, Shiro. I'm gonna make you feel really good." Promising this with a kiss on the boy's belly button, Ryuuji threw a sensual wink Shiro's way before he grabbed the elastic of Shiro's pajama bottoms and boxers with his teeth, pulling them down and giving Shiro room to kick them off. Pulling off his own, Ryuuji pulled Shiro up, and sat him in his lap once more, grasping the both of their pulsing cocks at their bases and stroking upward.

Something of a dry orgasm ran up Shiro's spine and he mewed shamelessly as he grabbed Ryuuji's silver tresses and pulled him down for a mind-blowing kiss, thrusting his hips with his now-lover's strokes and sucking Ryuuji's tongue with his own.

Moaning in bliss, Ryuuji rubbed the two straining and weeping stems in a slow yet lustful pattern, enjoying Shiro's whimpers and moans as he worked on their cocks.

'Funny. I'd use my whip in situations like this,' Lapping at the invading muscle in his mouth, Ryuuji shrugged it of and groaned in appreciation as Shiro's shy and soft hands massaged his scalp, 'I digress. This feels so much better.' Frowning his eyebrows, Ryuuji broke their kiss, easing his strokes and smirking at Shiro's lust-dazed look.

"You want more, Shiro?" He asked, Shiro only managing to whimper in need with his eyes looking at Ryuuji pleadingly. His eyes were large and wide, lips pink and swollen, and his cheeks ablaze with his sweaty chest heaving. His erection was slicked with pre-cum and it looked a delicious color of red that made Ryuuji want to toy and suckle on. Clearly, Ryuuji had held good reasons for lusting after this boy.

"Damn, how you can look this goddamn sexy, I'll never know," Sneaking his hands down Shiro's waist and hips, one of his hands swiftly slapped the smaller's perky ass, the latter yelping and flushing with a little moan, "Now, Shiro. I want you to lay back and let me do the work, alright? I swear, you'll be feeling really good."

Surprised yet calmed by Ryuuji's ever-so trusting words, Shiro nodded and laid back, pulling his knees to his chest and not knowing that he was exposing his entrance. Cock springing and just ready to molest that pink pucker, Ryuuji held his cock from cumming and he knelt to the floor, opening the white bag he bought and pulling out a bottle of lube. He knew it was a good idea to buy this at the corner store, too. He knew he would need it.

"U-Uh. . . C-Can I. . ." He looked at Shiro, watching the grey-hazel-haired boy blush and reach weakly for the tube. Shrugging, Ryuuji handed the tube to him and he gave a muffled grunt as Shiro sat back on his lap and pour the lube into his hand, slicking his fingers and grabbing the other mismatched-eyed boy's erection.

"U-Ugh! Ngh, Shiro. . ." groaning as Shiro slicked his manhood, Ryuuji's eyes widening and watering in pleasure when the boy rubbed the gel on his heavy and tighten balls.

Growling, he pushed the boy down and held him firmly, teasingly rubbing the crown of his cock at Shiro's hole, spare gel and pre-cum rimming Shiro and the younger giving a whimpering moan as his body ached for release.

"R-Ryuuj-ji! Pl-Please. . . I. . . I. ..!" Crying out as he was suddenly filled, the younger, mismatched-eyed teen grappled onto Ryuuji's shoulders and he cried out whimpering babbles as Ryuuji thrust and plunge into him.

"S-So tight! Oh. . . Oh, fuck yes, Shiro!" Lust spiking the hormones that fueled his body, Ryuuji screwed all that was in his mind and focused on the crying and babbling brunette under him, groaning and bellowing as a warm and tight heat sucked and gripped at his cock.

"M. . . More! Oh, God, Ryuuji! Pl-Please, give me more!" cried Shiro, thrusting back into Ryuuji's hips to match with the hard and deep thrusts. The both of them held each other, hands wandering and grabbing any piece of flesh or muscle they could smooth over with whimpers, moans, groans, and growls following after.

"A-Ah-Ahhh!" Gasping as something searing and delicious went off inside him, Shiro locked his heels around the small of Ryuuji's back and he grounded his hips with his lover's, crying out as that hot spot in his body was being pushed to the extreme every time it was prodded at.

Groaning and breathing through his gasping mouth, the silver-haired male threw all his strength into his hips and grabbing Shiro's cock, stroking and groping at it to give it the release Shiro needed.

Breath still in his throat, heart stopping for a second, and a moan tearing at his lungs, Shiro gave a wild cry of ecstasy as he came onto Ryuuji's chest, moaning Ryuuji's name as his partner thrust to his release.

Moaning out Shiro's name as hot muscles coiled and clamped around his straining sex, Ryuuji gave one last thrust before his seed splashed into Shiro, the younger moaning as warm liquid stained him from the inside. The both of them heaved air into their lungs as Ryuuji pulled out and collapse to his back. The both of them moaned, Ryuuji doing so as his essence ran down his soften organ and Shiro for the white liquid pouring out of his past-virginal entrance. Once calming down, Ryuuji placed his arm around Shiro's waist and brought him close, the scent of sex hitting the air and his tongue lapping at the stray drops of sweat that made their way down Shiro's neck.

"Huh, looks like the rest of your fever's gone, too. Well, a little exercises always helps, huh puppy?" he asked. Shiro groaned tiredly.

"Really? After all this, you're still calling me 'puppy'?" he asked.

"Hey, it suits you. Would you rather I call you 'babe' or 'sexy'? Actually-"

"No way! I'll keep 'puppy' if I have to!" Laughing at how adorable his love was acting, Ryuuji pulled him into a tight embrace and closed his eyes.

"Fine, puppy. Just get some sleep, alright?" he asked. Feeling a nod, he heard Shiro's breathing go soft and he laid the both of them down, covering them with the blankets and closing his eyes, drifting to sleep.

He groaned when he heard loud barking. Ryuuji opened his eyes again and glared at the door where scratching and whimpering sounds came from. Carefully, he laid Shiro down on the bed and pulled on his boxers and jeans as he walked over and pull the door open, jumping away at the nick of time as a giant Bernese Mountain dog bounded to Shiro's bed and lick at the sleeping boy, Shiro laughing as he woke up and hugged the beast of a dog.

"Heh, mutt must have missed you." Closing the door, Ryuuji watched as master and best friend reunited.

"Yeah. You OK, boy? Did this week's night trip go well?" Watching Zero yawn, Shiro allowed him to lay at the head of his bed and slip off the slumber, scratching the dog behind the ears. Getting up, Shiro walked to his desk and pulled out a couple of tissues, scrunching his nose at his dried-up released-stained legs, "Ew."

Laughing, Ryuuji walked over and took Shiro in his arms bridal-style, the boy grabbing him immediately.


"Come on, lets get in the shower, eh?" As he carried the blushing teen, he kissed the top of his head, "I love you, Shiro."

"I. . . I love you, too, Ryuuji." whispered Shiro. Smiling to himself, the silver-haired student carried his love to the showers.

There was now three things he knew.

One; The ice-cream he bought was probably melted by now.

Two; Shiro was very vocal in bed.

And three; If he ever wanted Shiro to eat something, pinning him to any available surface and feeding him with his own mouth was the very best solution.

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