"Twist and Shout 'twist and shout' Come on come on come on baby now 'come on babay' Twist a little closer now 'twist a little closer' WoooOOOH!"
"CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TURN THAT RACKET OFF!" I yell and bang on the glass windows separating us and the doctors,but they just ignore,which makes me even madder. I continue to bang.
"Won't work." I hear an unfamiliar voice behind me,I turn around and see the brunette boy from yesterday.
"How would YOU know?" I demand,still banging on the windows.
"I did the same thing,banged for about 2 hours,they put me to sleep." He shrugs.
"That's what she said." I mumble,but continue to bang. "Well that leaves me with an hour and a half left."
He walks over and takes my hand off the glass,and points to a small black man in the corner.
"He can't stand loud noises."
I sigh and walk away.
"Well...what do YOU do for fun around here? Or is kissing the new girl it?" I reply,leaning on the edge of a red tattered couch.
"Sorry about that..I found a stash of blue pills in one of the doctors cubbies. Turned out to be Viagra." He laughs shyly while rubbing the back of his neck.
"Wow!" I say sarcastically,but I was a little disappointed. I thought he had kissed me because I was cute,now come to find out,it was just a pill that made him think that.
"Well..I'm glad you were around. I was so horny..I could've kissed an electric pencil sharpener,OW!" He quirks,I laugh so hard I can't keep my balance.
"That wouldn't have been pretty." I say,still trying to control me laughter.
"You have a nice smile." He grins,making me blush every shade of red and pink.
"Thank you," I reply, "so do you..Very sexy." I tease.
"Med Time!" A chubby bald guy hollers out behind the opening in the window. Coda stands up and gets in line for his meds,I stand up and do the same.
"I don't think we've been properly introduced." He says turning around to face me. "I'm Coda by the way." He extends his hand and patiently waits for me to take it.
"Renae." I smile,taking my meds and 'swallowing' them. I walk away from him still looking at me,modeling my butt as best I can.