"Huh, there isn't anything to watch on TV." Michael said as he yawned. "I mean we're in the twenty first century. We should have some entertainment." "Well, maybe you do something useful like finish the list I gave you." His mother said. "Fine, I'll do it." Michael answered reluctantly. He took the list from his mother then she left for work

"Let's see: Water the flowers, too wet. Clean the garage, too messy. Here's something; I'll clean the attic." He made up his mind and went upstairs to the attic. There he found many old trunks and boxes covered in dust. As he was dusting the ceiling, he tripped and fell next to a box that seemed to catch his eye. He opened it and found a group of old letters and pictures that belonged to his great grandfather, Thomas Crouch. He also discovered Thomas's journal and found an interesting page:

"Today, I was supposed to meet up with James but what happened was completely different from my expectations. I found out that James was dead and left me a note, yet it was incomplete. The ink was wet and blotchy. I just wish I could know why he made that pact."

Michael closed the journal still wondering about that mystery. As he was putting away the book, a piece of paper fell out of it. It was the note that his great grandfather wrote about. Michael reached slowly and picked it up. He read it carefully.

He felt an urge that he just had to know what James meant by his note. He rummaged in every box to find any type of clue that might make the message clear. He then thought of anyone that might help him or knew James. Of course, why didn't he think of this before? Who knows his great grandfather better than his grandfather?

He went to his grandfather for some help. He sat down with him and told him about his dilemma. When Michael finished, his grandfather didn't speak a word, but he only took a small key out of his pocket and gave it to him. Michael then took the key and hurried home.

He went to the attic and tried the key on every chest but it didn't work. This key seemed to be for something else. Things just didn't seem to add up but wait! What about the alley? It could have something to do with all this. He figured out its location from the pictures and decided to take a look.

He arrived at the alley with great fears. He analyzed it carefully. He searched every corner and every brick till there wasn't a stone unturned. When he was about to give up hope, he saw a loose brick in the deep corner. He approached it and removed it from its place. There he found a small wooden chest. The key was for this chest. He unlocked the chest slowly.

When he opened it, he found a piece of paper. He took it out and realized it was another message James wrote for Thomas. He started reading:


I sent you a message that was placed in a clock I wanted you to have. A man will give it to you. If my message is not clear which is a big chance of happening because I wrote it when I was oversea and fell into the water with it in my hand yet I told my friend to give it to you. Now, to find out what I truly meant, you must find my brother's children so they can tell you the message which is my family's secret. You need to go seeā€¦

No way! Michael thought. His brother's son is...