We are locked under constant surveillance.
Hypnotised by the world's lies.
We are enslaved by an unknown power,
and they don't want us to be free.

We are their creation.
Moulded into a civilization.
Deception has been closely
woven into the fabrics of our society.

They know what we do;
who we are.
They don't want us to ask questions,
and the ones who do, are declared 'mad'.

They control what we see,
what we watch, and what we hear.
They steer us to make decisions.
And drive us where they want us to be.

Don't fall for their trap,
be the one who asks why.
Look at the world as you see fit,
and be whatever you want to be.

Be yourself,
and take charge of your life.
Be the one who can
truly say they're free.