Here is the fifth chapter! I hope you like it, this one is longer.

Chapter 5

Where am I?

As Zara woke up, the first thing she saw was a dragon eating grass. Now, even a child could know that dragons eat meat and not grass. Her first thought was:

"I am dead."

But then her stomach growled; she couldn't be dead. So she got up. Her body hurt and stung all over. And she looked to her left and saw a little brown dragon (about the size of a Great Dane dog), it looked at her and she looked at it, it mooed with a mouth full of grass. She thought she was dreaming a dragon doesn't moo and eat grass, what was the world coming to? Then she realized that she had no idea where she was, she looked around and saw she was in a beautiful field, it had luscious green grass and lovely wild flowers. And there was a clear blue spring with cool water, and then, there was the largest tree she had ever seen! It was about 95 stories tall and 500 ft wide, it was gobsmakingly huge!

She started walking toward the large tree. As she approached she saw something she had not seen before, dragons circling the tree. All different colors, red, gold, green, brown, turquoise, and 1 black. All of a sudden one red dragon dive bombed a bush beside her, and then it flew up with a mouthful of berries and went into a hole in the tree (which is its nest), so she quickened up her pace. When she reached the tree, she saw a door, and then she knocked. Then she heard a small demanding voice,

"I am coming. Don't burn down the tree!" said the voice

She heard some crashing around, and then the door magically opened, so she walked in and almost squashed a mad tiny dragon about the size of a Blue Bird. And it had a cook's apron on.

"AGHHHHH! Why do people try to step on me every time I try to open the door for them? Said the little dragon

"Um… what's your name?" said Zara carefully, she was pretty freaked out.

"My name is Twiggy." Said the little dragon, in a pompous manner

"Ok hello Twiggy. Do you know where I am?" Zara questioned

"Well I don't know, but you're somewhere." Said Twiggy, carelessly, the little dragon stared off into space

"Ok, real helpful Twiggy!" Thought Zara

Then she realized something, she was talking to a dragon, and it was wearing an apron!

"Hey, Twiggy, I have a question, does a human live here?" asked Zara

"Why, yes two actually. Come in! Where is my hospitality?" Said the little flustered dragon

It was absolutely amazing. It was a dragon tree! It was hollow, with platforms for dragon's nests (about 300 dragons, including chicks). And there were other platforms for storing food and for dragon toilets (nice). As they walked (and flew) she was wondering why she had never seen this type of dragon before.

And then after what seemed a lifetime they reached the platform where this human was. When she stepped up on the platform, she saw an old lady with a kind face. There was a beautiful, golden, dragon which was lying down beside her. Zara had never seen this type of dragon before.

"Hello, Dear, how are you? I am Kahna. I see you met Twiggy, and you have probably never seen a talking dragon before?" said the old lady kindly

"No ma'am. Did you make the apron?" said Zara nodding to Twiggy who was now eating red berries.

"Yes, do you like it? I think it makes her look cute. But don't call her that, she gets very angry." Whispered Kahna, with a twinkle in her eyes

Just then her golden dragon looked up at her; it had the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen. They almost looked human. Then Kahna said:

"You were most likely sent out to get a dragon? Well, so was I all those years ago. And I saw light through the hole and I crawled through! Then I met Tyron." She gestured to the golden dragon.

"Yes, I was, except I was blown through the hole!" Zara laughed

"And it's a good thing you were! I want you to come with me; I have your dragon problem solved! Oh, and also there is someone I would like you to see. Kahna said the twinkle in her eyes brighter than before.

As Zara followed her, she wondered who this other person might be. They went up a couple of levels. They went up to a nest; in the nest was a beautiful red mother dragon and a teenage girl with long brown hair kneeing down beside her. There was also another younger turquoise dragon. As they walked in, the turquoise dragon looked up.

"I thought you might want to say hello to each other, there is a family resemblance." Kahna smiled

As the girl turned around both her and Zara and her both gasped, there was a moment of stunned silence. Then they ran and embraced each other (the other girl had a limp).

"Maya, I thought we lost you!" Zara exclaimed "Why didn't you come home? Mom and dad were so worried!"

"Oh Zara I tried to but I had broken my leg so badly! And I can't ride a dragon yet, and it's too hard for me to walk far!" said Maya

"How did you get here? I have missed you so much!" said Maya

So, Zara told her story, and of all the village gossip and news.

After they had talked and talked. Kahna insisted on a bath and lunch. After Zara had taken a bath she felt 100 times better, but the bath exposed all her cuts and burses. So, Kahna had to take care of those! After that they finally sat down to lunch. Twiggy had made lunch. It was berry sandwiches, with extra berries on the side and a berry salad. And then for dessert was a berry smoothie (of course you probably noticed that Twiggy likes berries and this habitat has lots of them). After they had finished, Zara wondered how Maya had survived with so much berry food. They were cleaning up when Zara asked Maya something.

"Hey, I was wondering why you were with that dragon earlier?" asked Zara

"Well that's Ruby, her egg is going to hatch soon. I was just checking on her." replied Maya

"Oh, really, is that the other reason that Kahna brought me to that nest? Zara questioned

"Yes probably, you will most likely get to keep the egg." Maya said happily, she was smiling broadly

"Me really, but why? Zara wanted to know

"Well Ruby is not planning to stay and watch the egg. And you need to have a dragon. So it works out well." Maya said while wiping her mouth with a cloth

"Why is Ruby leaving?" Zara asked

"Well she didn't want an egg. And she wants to be free." Maya said sadly

"Oh, that's sad." Zara looked away

"Yes, I will take you to see her if you want." Said Maya

"That would be great!" exclaimed Zara

So they went down to Ruby's nest. When they got there Ruby was sleeping soundly. Then Maya whispered to Zara.

"By the way all the dragons here talk." Whispered Maya

"Whoa, really? That will give everyone a surprise!" Zara whispered back

"Well not all of them can talk very good. But some of them can talk as good as a human. Ruby can talk really well." Whispered Maya

At the sound of her name Ruby lifted her head. She was gorgeous, she was red and had green eyes, and her body almost had a pattern to it. She looked at them, and then said

"Hi Maya, is this your sister?" Ruby asked kindly

"Yes it is, her name is Zara" Maya said proudly

"She needs a chick, can she have yours?" Maya asked

"Yes of course, I am sure she will take care of it?" Said Ruby with a stern look at Zara

"I will do my best!" Zara said happily

"Good I am going to leave soon and I need someone better to take care of her than her father." Ruby's face darkened, her anger was clear.

"What's wrong with her father?" asked Zara innocently

"Well he is lazy, and he doesn't want a chick with me. And I didn't mean to lay an egg. When he saw that I laid an egg he abandoned me and went and got himself another mate and is living with her in the top of The Tree." Ruby growled angrily

"That's awful." Zara looked at her feet

"I know. And she has had an egg and he has stayed with her." Said Ruby with her face down

"Which one is he?" asked Zara

"He is the black handsome one." Replied Ruby wistfully

"I saw him. He was getting food. And I assume it was for her." Zara stated

"Yes, it was." Said Ruby sadly

"I am really sorry, I would hate that. No wonder you don't want the egg!" Zara exclaimed

"Yes, the chick is going to be black, like him I don't think I could bear it." Ruby expressed

"How do you know it will be black?" asked Zara

"The color of the egg is the color of the chick." Said Ruby as she lifted her wing, which revealed a beautiful black egg with a golden pattern on it

"Whoa, that's a pretty egg." Exclaimed Zara, her eyes took in the beautiful egg

"Thank you, it will be you job to raise it." Ruby explained

Ruby blew a jet of flames over the egg, and then lowered her wing to cover it back up.

"It will be hatching soon; I can keep it till it starts to hatch, then I will let you have it and leave and go over the mountains to freedom." Spoke Ruby wistfully with a dreamy look in her eyes

"Ok, how long do you think it will be till it hatches?" asked Zara her brows knitted together in thought

"Very soon, within the next day or so." Ruby looked to her wing

"Ok, do you mind if I stay in your nest with you? Asked Zara "I don't know where else to stay."

"Of course, I could use some company." Ruby said kindly, she liked this girl; she would be perfect to raise her UN hatched child

"Okay, I'll go get my pack." Said Zara turning away to leave

As she hurried down the wooden steps she was thinking about what Ruby had said, she wasn't paying any attention to where she was going and almost stepped on Twiggy who was trying to drag her pack up the stairs.

"Whoa there Twiggy! I'll take that for you." Zara laughed while grabbing the pack from Twiggy

"Thank you, I don't know how you humans manage walking everywhere!" said Twiggy in her demanding little tone.

Then I turned around and trudged back up to Ruby's nest. When she got there she saw that Ruby was looking fixedly on her egg. Without looking at her she said to I

"My, that was fast, thought you would take a while…" said Ruby not taking her eyes off the egg

"Yeah well Twiggy had carried it half way up for me… what are you doing?" she asked

"I am watching the egg, it's going to hatch today, and you see it's turned misty. That means it's starting to hatch." Ruby said insightfully