"How're the test subjects doing?" the head scientist inquired, putting his hand on his fellow scientist's shoulder.

"Test subject 1003 is reacting positively to the DNA, as is 1004. But 1005 is showing no signs of reaction at all. Do we have your permission to increase his dosage?" he asked, turning his head from the clipboard with the test results on it. The head scientist cocked his head slightly, pondering the outcomes of either path.

"What type of DNA is he getting?"

The scientist turned his head back to the clipboard, trailing his finger down a column of names and numbers until reaching subject 1005. "DNA type 12."

DNA type 12? That can't be right, the head scientist thought, DNA type 12 is the most reactive that the facility had discovered so far. The head scientist scratched his goatee, calculating several formula's in his head.

"Yes, go ahead and increase his dosage, how much is he receiving?"

"100 milliliters."

"Hmm… increase it to 135."

"Yes sir." The scientist said, scribbling down notes on his clipboard.

The head scientist started to walk to the observation room, which was basically a room with a large window that overlooked a room where all the subjects were tested. He started to think of the outcomes of increasing subject 1005's dosage, unknowingly, he became excited while thinking about it. If this subject was the one who could survive DNA type 12, they could prove to the military that their experiments were worthwhile and would be useful to them. They may get more funding… and he might get a raise. The head scientist smiled just thinking about it.

When he reached to observation room, he strolled casually over to the window, leaning against it slightly while watching two or three of the subjects. He watched as one of the subjects turned his fingers into long curved blades, the size of butcher's knives, then reverted them back two or three seconds later, and doubled over, vomiting violently on the floor. Another turned his feet and hands into webbed feet and hands, then jumped into a pool of water, swimming faster than humanly possible. One was perched on a ledge twenty or so feet above ground, she spread her arms and legs, and the head scientist watched as her skin spread, mimicking a flying squirrel. She jumped off the platform and nearly landed unscathed on the ground, but her skin retracted rapidly and she fell with a thump when she was about 6 feet off the ground.

The head scientist found himself wandering what it was that subject 1005 would develop, seeing as no one ever survived this far when they were given DNA type 12.

Whatever it was, the head scientist was sure that it was going to be highly important to their research.