Chapter 15

I couldn't help but be slightly elated the days after my birthday. I got a couple days off from, well, everything having to do with DNAlpha. Though to be honest, Adrian and Mary didn't really need my help with training anymore. The only thing I was training was myself, physical training mostly, if I ever played chess or mind games with anyone else here, most the time I lost, badly. I even lost to the computers in online chess.

In the months I had to myself, I had been thinking about taking a full time field job down at the facility, since I didn't really think I had much of a job here, and I felt kind of misplaced at times. Most of the time, when something scientific would occur, and everyone was rushing around to find the answer to the problem, I just felt like curling up in the fetal position. The only problem I could help with was reaching the cereal box on the high self.

I honestly did want to take that job, Greg had offered it to me several times, but I couldn't imagine being a scientist again, not after last time. I thought I might ask about being a bodyguard, which seemed alright to me, but Greg said we wouldn't get much intelligence on them from a bodyguard. I could agree on that, I may have acute hearing, but I don't think I could hear through those walls, I couldn't while I was there at least.


I flipped through the channels on T.V lazily, trying to find something to watch when I heard my door open and close, and I looked over to see Marissa walk in slowly, a frown on her face.

I got up from my spot on my bed and walked over to her, "Something wrong?" I asked.

She pursed her lips, "I should be asking you that, you've been acting strange the past few days, something you wanna get off your chest?"

I sighed, running a hand through my hair, "Well, kind of… how would you feel about me taking a full time field job?"

Marissa hesitated, "Well, I'm not too thrilled, but… I've noticed you don't look too happy here. If this is what you think's best, then I say go for it."

"Thanks," I said, smiling and holding her chin with my hand, pulling her face up to look to mine. She smiled and I saw her eyes full of happiness before I planted a small kiss on her lips. I gestured to the small table we were currently standing by and we sat down, holding hands across the table.

"So when are you going to take this job?" Marissa asked, squeezing my hand.

"I don't know honestly, maybe I'll ask Greg when I can start tomorrow." I said closing the lid to my laptop, ridding myself of any further distractions, "Have you ever taken a long term field job?" I asked Marissa.

Marissa cocked her head slightly, "Um… I took one job 'bout a year ago, that lasted three months, but that's as long as I've been out. I prefer to stay stationary."

"Any advice?"

"Buy a dictionary."


"Really? You're going to take the job?"

I stood behind Greg as he was tinkering with a strange device on his table, my arms folded in front of my chest, "Yeah, I don't feel like I've had much of a purpose here as of late."

Greg harrumphed, "Well, I can't argue with that," he said, giving a small chuckle, "I suppose your aware the job is half a year long?"

Perfect, "Yeah, I'm fine with that."

"Well then, I suppose you've got the job then." He said, still not turning around. I was just about to leave when I heard Greg yell in happiness.

"Yes! The remote is done!" he laughed and spun around in a circle, holding the device out in the air like a father might hold his child.

"The remote to what?" I asked, humoring his excitement.

"New training exercise, hones your reflexes, come on! I want you to be first to try it out!" he said excitedly, suddenly running towards me, and near dragging me to the training room.

When we reached the designated room, I noted a small rectangular machine at the far end of the room, where the new recruits normally would train. We reached the machine and I figured that it was the thing Greg was acting so hyper about.

"So what does this thing do?" I asked him, carefully eyeing it.

"Well, in short, it fires lasers at you. Don't worry, they aren't going to kill you, this is just the prototype so they aren't going to be as fast as I originally wanted. They're going to be slow enough that you can dodge them easily. Move in front of it and I'll turn it on."

I cautiously moved so I was facing the front of the laser-shooter, and I heard Greg pushing a button on his remote.

The machine started to make loud noises you might hear coming from an overloading desktop computer, and I shifted uncomfortably. I saw a small hole in the machine light up red, and suddenly a red laser shot out, making me lift my arm up so the thing wouldn't hit me. I felt the heat that was emitted off the laser as it passed and sucked in a gasp, these things were red hot.

More holes in the machine began to light up, and I began to panic eternally, you'll be fine, Greg said these lasers wouldn't kill you. I assured myself that I would be fine, but in the back of my mind, something was telling me that this was going to end badly. Although that part of my mind would frequently tell me to run screaming like a little girl, so I often chose to ignore it.

For a while I was fine, jumping and sprinting around to dodge the lasers, but I was quickly getting fatigued. Whenever I trained I always gave myself breaks, but there was no time for this here, this was purely a ten mile run, but in the confines of twenty feet. I was breathing heavily, my sunglasses were fogging up from the heat coming from my head, and sweat ran down my face. I was completely unable to see at one point, blindly dodging the points of red hot fire, relying on luck to get me out of here alive.

I felt a stab of pain in my leg, then burning, and I for a moment to look down. My upper thigh was hit, I could see the skin blistering quickly, then the blisters popping and warm blood trickled down my leg. That one moment of pause was all the machine needed to get me, and I was suddenly being assaulted on all parts of my body, and I all I could do to keep from screaming was bit my lip until it bled like the rest of my body.

I felt a laser pierce my forehead, and that was it. I was out cold.

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