I drove down the road coming back from school, stopping at a stop sign and looking around to see if anyone was back behind me. When I saw no people around, I pulled out my phone and dialed for mom, putting the phone at my ear and listening to the dial tone waiting for her to pick up.

Finally, she answered, "Hello?"

"Yeah, mom? It's me, I was just wondering if you needed anything at the store." I said, looking around to make sure no one was coming up, knowing my mom would kill me if she knew I was talking on the phone and driving at the same time.

"Oh, thank you sweetie, but unless you need something for lunch, no we don't need anything. You have your schoolwork for tomorrow and checked out books right?" Mom asked, and I heard papers rustling from her end of the call.

I looked over to the huge pile of schoolbooks on the passenger's seat, "Yeah, but bringing them into the house, I'm gonna have to make two trips."


I walked into our house with a huge pile of books that were making my arms hurt carrying them. I pushed open the door to my room and threw my books onto my bed, putting my book bag on my computer chair. Kicking off my shoes, I checked my phone for messages from my friends. Scowling from lack of contact with people my age, I shoved my phone back in my pocket and opened the door to my room, walking out to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, mom was multitasking as always, her phone balanced between her shoulder and ear all the while preparing dinner at the same time. Her fiery red hair was pulled up a ponytail, and she wore a green tank top with a pair of ripped skinny jeans.

"What do you mean you can't patch me through to Greg? Just mention my name to him, he'll let me talk to him!" She nearly yelled into the phone, before turning her head my way and seeing me in the kitchen with her, "I'll call you back… you'd better let me talk to Greg when I call back, you hear me?" she yelled, putting down her cooking utensils and pressing the end call button on her phone. Mom looked at me and smiled, "Hey kiddo, need something?"

"Yeah, I was wondering if you needed any help with making dinner?" I asked, knowing she was busy and she could use some help.

Her smile burst into a grin and she nodded, "Yeah, I'd like that, thanks kiddo."

The two of us got to work, talking aimlessly as we did so, "How was school?" mom would ask, "It was alright," I'd answer.

"What did you need to call Greg for?" I asked soon after we started talking, recalling the gentle, ingenious, grey haired scientist.

Mom sighed, "Same reason as every year, we're planning your fathers birthday. Fitting it into schedules, mostly. Mine included, my boss called me this morning and told me he had some work for me to do, but I had to tell him that it would have to wait until Friday, because there was no way I was going to miss your fathers birthday tomorrow."


Mom and I walked over to Dad's grave, and I saw a small group of people who used to be a group of Dad's friends.

There was Jamie and Alex Patterson and their daughter, Sidney, who for some reason was obsessed with me whenever she saw me. Jamie was wearing a neon green sweatshirt, Alex was wearing a simple leather jacket, and Sidney was wearing a big fur jacket. Sidney instantly perked up when she saw me appear, and she ran over to me, clamping me in tight bear hug.

I sputtered, pushing her off me, "I have a girlfriend, thank you very much." Sidney pouted, an expression Mom had told me that Jamie used to make whenever she saw Dad with her.

Then, leaning on Dad's grave and talking to each other, was Adrian and Mary. Adrian was also wearing a black leather biker jacket and had his motorcycle helmet under one arm. His sister, Mary, was leaning beside him, wearing a grey sweatshirt with her hood up, but you could tell it was her right away by the curly, brown hair that flowed down her shoulders. Greg was facing my direction, talking with Adrian and Mary, wearing a simple white zip up jacket.

Jamie smiled and walked over to us, hugging Mom before looking to me, "My, how you've grown, you're as tall as your father used to be." She eyed my hair, then looked back to Mom, pointing a finger at me, "You're sure he's yours? He doesn't look like you in the slightest."

Mom rolled her eyes, "Yes, Jamie. I should know, he did grow inside me for nine and a half months. He just gets his looks from Richard is all." I had seen a picture of my dad, and I had to say, I looked exactly like him. Just ten years younger. Mom and I walked the rest of the way up with Jamie, Alex and Sidney, Jamie talking Mom's ear off and Sidney trying to loop her arm around mine the entire way up.

When we got to the top, Adrian, Mary and Greg heard us coming and walked over to meet us. Adrian reached up and fluffed my hair, "You know, It's so unfair that I'm fifteen years older than you, and your still taller than me." I straightened my back and grinned down at him, taunting him with my height.

Greg walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder, "Garrett, how goes the DNA training?"

I shrugged, "I could have sworn I told you that I mastered that years ago."

Greg scratched his chin with his other hand, "Well I suppose it's only natural, you being born with it and all. And you're sure you don't want to take me up on my offer to rid you of the DNA?" He asked.

I shook my head, "This stuff is pretty much required for CIA agents nowadays."

"True, my boss refuses to hire anyone without the DNA 12 inserted and trained with it. Garrett's pretty much got a straight shot to his job, since I'm a CIA agent also, not to mention him living with the DNA his entire life."

Mom's comment made me grin, and I suddenly remembered the vase of flowers I was holding. I frowned, and placed the vase on the ground in front of Dad's grave.

I looked around and saw the others join me on looking at my father's grave, Mom's hand finding its way to my shoulder.

"Sometimes… I wonder if he would have liked me… If I'm the kind of son he would have wanted…" I said, trailing off.

"You don't need to worry about that, because I'm sure that, up there in Heaven somewhere… Richard is smiling down on us right now, wishing he were here with us." Mom said, and I looked at the poem written on Dad's grave,

Joy and sadness go hand in hand,

Where ever there is joy,

There is sorrow,

But remember not the sorrowful times,

Instead remember the happy

And draw strength from them.


The End.

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