Chapter 8

The first thing I heard when I walked in the building was elevator music. I felt Marissa walking in behind me, then shutting the doors behind her.

"Welcome back, Ms. Billings, and welcome to DNAlpha Mr. Jones." I heard a new, baritone voice say. I imagined that I held a confused look on my face as I looked over to the new voice.

"Thanks Kevin, hey where's Greg?" Marissa asked.

"I believe he's down in the laboratory, working on something for Mr. Jones." Kevin said walking over to some sort of drink bar.

"Everyone else?"

"Corie and Braxton went to the store, everyone else is downstairs as well." I heard a squeaking noise near Kevin and guessed he was cleaning a glass.

"Who's Greg?" I finally got the chance to ask.

"Oh dear… Ms. Billings insisted on not telling you anything, didn't she?" I heard Kevin say.

"Oh shut up. I felt it best if Greg told him what we were himself." Marissa snapped, "Come on Richard, you've got to go meet Greg." She said walking straight forward. I sighed and followed her to an elevator, and heard Marissa pushing a button, the elevator making a beeping sound in turn.

"Greg was first of us to appear, after he showed up, we all started following him as if he were a shepherd and we were sheep." Marissa explained.

"Well that didn't give me any idea of who he is." I mumbled, following her into the elevator.

"Floor B3 please." Marissa said.

"Yes sir." An automated voice said, and I stifled a laugh.

"What did you say you dumb machine?!" Marissa said fumed, groaning out of anger as I heard her cross her arms and lean against the wall.

The doors to the elevator opened, "We're back." Marissa announced, as I dug my heel into the floor. I felt a huge room, nearly as big as a football field, I gasped.

"How does this huge room fit under here?" I muttered to myself.

"And we care because…?" I heard an occupied voice say, I heard the clicking of a video game controller and various 8-bit sounds from the direction of the voice.

"Haha, very funny Lee. You should care because I have Richard Jones with me." She exclaimed the last part very loudly, so loudly that it echoed through the room.

"You do?" A new voice female said from the far end of the room. I felt someone sprinting extremely fast up to us, then stopping dead in front of us, "So your Richard… your every bit as magnificent as I thought you'd be…"

I backed up a step, a bit repulsed by the admiration in her voice, "Umm… And you are?" I asked warily.

"This is Jamie, Jamie this is Richard. And Richard, since your blind I think I should let you know she's drooling." Marissa snickered.

"Not cool Marissa!" Jamie yelled, backing up some, Marissa laughed

"Anyways, where's Greg? Richard needs to meet him." Marissa asked urgently.

"Ugh, fine. He's in his lab, it was nice meeting you Richard." Jamie said creepily, and as I walked away, I heard Jamie blowing me a kiss and sighing.

My eyes widened a bit, and I leaned over to whisper to Marissa, "She creeps me out."

Marissa just chuckled, "Good to know." She said nonchalantly.

She lead me over to a door to our right, waiting for me to open the door. I stumbled around a bit, but finally found the handle, pushing the door open.

I heard fizzling and popping sounds as I opened the door, as well as someone mumbling to themselves.

"No… that won't work… I need less iron in the equation, this needs to be balanced… Ah hah! Wait… no… that won't work either…" the voice was a males, a deep tenor that could probably make him a successful opera singer.

I walked in, feeling the vibrations from my footsteps go up into four desks, eight boxes, and a man that I expected was Greg. I walked further into the room, feeling that it wasn't very big, the dimensions somewhere from 18by20 to 20by22. I heard the man quit mumbling, as he turned around and watched me.

"Could you be Richard Jones?" I nodded cautiously, "So you succeeded, Marissa! Well done, well done indeed!" he exclaimed jogging over to me, "You were expected to be there for several more months, why did you break him out so quickly?" his question was directed to Marissa.

I heard the cloth on her shoulders shifting, "He was progressing far faster than we expected. He had extracted another's DNA just two months in, and they were going to have him release it two weeks later." She said, giving a full report on what had happened back at the facility.

I heard Greg scratching his head, "Good job, that was certainly very smart breaking him out before he released it, we most certainly would be in a pickle then, now wouldn't we?"

"Yes sir. Now I imagine you want to talk with Richard personally, I'll be going now." Marissa said, suddenly becoming very proper as she walked out of the door.

"Please, Richard, sit down, we have much to discuss." Greg said pulling up a chair for me to sit in, "Oh but first!" I felt him running back to one of his desks, grapping something, and hurrying back. "Go on, take them." He said, and I realized he was holding something out to me.

I stamped my foot into the ground, locating his hand, and taking the item he was holding out to me, they felt like glasses, "What are these?" I asked as I rolled them around in my hands.

"They are what I've been working on for the past couple months. The idea is that once you put them on, they send a transmission up through your head and into your brain, letting you see what's in the sunglasses." My heart secretly jumped at the thought of getting my vision back, and I held the glasses up in front of my face, contemplating whether to put them on or not.

I unfolded the glasses, holding them so they were nearly on, then hesitated.

"Come on. If you don't want your vision back, you don't have to wear them, but could you just try them and see if they work?" Greg urged. I was conflicted, every part of me was telling me to put them on, if I don't do it for myself, I suppose I'll do it for everyone else whose blind. If these work, he could sell these and make very blind person's life better. I thought. I closed my eyes, then pushed the glasses on my face.

I felt a tingling sensation that almost felt like electricity running up the sides of my face. I nervously opened my eyes. I saw Greg's face in front of mine, peering curiously at me. His hair was greying, and he had a thick stubbly beard. His eyes were a bright green color, my eyes widened behind the sunglasses.

I nearly stopped breathing, as my heart skipped a few beats every few seconds.

"Well, do they work?" Greg asked, I felt tears starting to well up in my eyes.

"I can see again." I said, my voice shaking with joy.


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