Chapter 2

"James, Jim. What exactly did you do to Sea?" I ask concerned.

"Kept her from her parents. Made her talk to her parent when they were on the news, we had Sea call them and talk to then. To give them more pain." James responded.

"So, why do you now want me?" I ask more boldly.

"To hurt Sea." James said simply. "And," He adds. "Sea's pain will be worst than her parents." James warned, making both me and Jim flinch.

"John, we're here. And we brought Sea, whom Jim and James had previously." Suzy said.

"How do you know the men's names?" John asks, not looking up.

"Because I am here." I say.

"Joanna, since when are you a ventriloquist?" John asks still not looking up.

"I'm not." Joanna says patiently.

"Then who did the 'Sea' talking." He does air quotes when he says Sea.

"Me." I say, trying to be patient. John looks up and sees me.

"Oh!" looks to Joanna and Suzy. "I thought you two were kidding! Sorry Sea."

"It's fine. Now can we get down to finding Lydia?" I ask. John nods.

"What's first?" I ask.

"You go home." John says.

"I will not!" I yell.

"No she won't!" Joanna and Suzy say at once.

"And why is that?" John asks.

"We did our first case when we were her age!" Joanna says at once. "So why can't she?" Suzy and Joanna question.

"You two were too young and so is Sea here." John tried to reason.

"That may be," I but in. "But the thing is I know the most about Jim and James."

"Fine you can help, but only on a few things." I cross my arms. I'll help with more than you think mister!

"What's first?" I ask.

"Joanna, Suzy, It's up to you. I was going to tell you what happen, but I guess I don't need to." John says. he waves his hand to dismiss us.

"Joanna, Suzy, what do we do first?" I ask.

"Are we there yet?!" I complain. If James won't let me go. I have to annoy him in to letting me go!

"No! Now be quiet!" James warns. 10 Minutes later we stop at a broken down warehouse.

"We are here." James says evilly. He turns and gives me a smirk. What's going to happen to me?