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Chapter 3

"We're here!" Jim mumbles. James get out of the car followed by Jim.

"Jim, get the girl. Or can I not trust u to do even THAT any more?" James asks.

"I'll get her." Jim replies not in a good mood. Jim grabs my arm and yanks me out. Pain shoots through my arm, but I don't cry out. Jim drags me into the warehouse. It seams like he want's to prove that James can trust him.

"James, I'm hungry!" I complain.

"Jim get her something to eat after you tie her to that poll!" James orders pointing to a poll in the middle of the room. Jim pulls me over to the poll and yanks my hands behind my back. My arms are behind me and around the poll. If I move at all, besides around the poll, I'll get hurt. Jim then ties my waist, and ankles to the poll before going to get my some food.

He goes from cupboard to cupboard in search of food. Each cupboard is empty. And at each cupboard my stomach growls louder and louder.

"Is there any food? I'm starved. You did take me away in the middle of dinner!" I remind.

"No, there is no food. We'll have to go out and get some." James says.

"Fine, but you two better hurry!" I say.

"Jim, take her into the back room, get her some new clothes. After what happen with Sea, I'm not taking any chances." James orders.

"Yes James." Jim mumbles. He walks over to me and unties me.

"Hands off!" I say, once untied, "Where are the clothes?"

"in a drawer," James calls over absentmindedly. I nod. Jim walks me to the door and so I step in and turn on the light. I look around, the only thing in there is a closet and some drawers. No windows, stink!

I go and open the drawers and closet. There is a nice dress and a sweatshirt. I grab the dress and put it on. I leave my short on underneath but I slip my shirt off. I exit the room.

"Now for your hair..." James says walking over with a bunch of hair things.