Chapter 8

Sea's pov.

When we enter the house the men take Joanna, Suzy, and I up to the attic. Jim and James follow behind. Once in the attic The men untie our hands.

"Now, Sea, fro running away the first time you need a punishment." James starts.

"I'm not free, isn't that punishment enough?!" I moan. I don't want MORE punishment! NO!

"And Joanna and Suzy, we must discourage any escape ideas." James says ignoring my protest.

"What are you going to do to us?" I ask sheepishly.

"I could, break you legs so you CAN'T run, or I could separate all of you so if one of you escapes then the others would get hurt, or, or, or..." James trails off seeing the fear in my eyes. "Oh, Sea, don't cry." James says as a tear escapes my eyes. "I may do nothing, Yet." James teases.

Lydia pov.

Robert pulls up to a police station.

"My name is Bob in front of anyone." I nod shakily. I step out of the car and wait for Robert as he grabs plastic bags with different items in them.

"What are those for?" I ask as we walk to the door. Inside I see my parents, and my sister.

"The trial, it's evidence." I nod. We enter the building.

"MOM! DAD! RACH!" I yell running up to my family, giving them a big hug.

"Lydia..." They gasp.

"Your safe." My mom cries.

"But, Sea, Joanna, and Suzy aren't..." I mumble.

"What?" My dad asks.

"Suzy, Joanna, and Sea, they aren't safe... They we're taken to another location, before I got rescued..." I sigh.

"Oh, Lydia, they'll be safe, I'm sure." I nod at my mom's comment.

hours later

"Okay, Lydia, we have enough evidence to prove Ned and Phillip did it, please tell me, did they do it?" I shake my head.

"No, Jim and James did." I say again.

"Lydia, please, we need the truth."

"That is the truth! Just because you don't believe me doesn't mean I'm lying!"

"Lydia, the evidence doesn't lie normally." The police officer explains.

"So, your going to believe evidence, over my experience?" I demand. "I never imagined police could get this stupid." I stand up and leave the room. So, the trial will be agents Ned and Phillip. Great! *note sarcasm*

A/N: end of book two. the next book will be called Trial and errors that's going to be the last book and will focus in on Lydia mostly.

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