I just read your poems and they gave me an ache

In that place that belongs to you because you cared enough to take

It was a slow process and I never saw it coming

I found out recently and yes I am still running

But it's hard because when I see you all the pain comes flooding in

It's centred in this spot, I am bleeding from within

And you don't seem to see it, do you think that I'm happy?

No really tell me, I know you are but what do you think happened to me

Do you ever wonder why we don't speak much these days

And when we do I say nothing but 'Mmm' and then 'OK'

You seem to have sliced a thin line all the way through my tongue

And whenever you're around it's like my lips are sealed shut

Because I don't want to say anything that would make you hate me more

Hate me? Sorry, I forgot you don't care that much anymore

You still tell me a few things but I'm no longer the only ear

You've got all your Chinese friends and that brunette with the sneer

But I don't want to talk about her, I already have

She's the subject of other emotions that I can't feel towards you yet

Anger, hate and jealousy are things that don't relate

Because I love you way too much, but I'm working on that 'mate'

You said to me a while ago 'do whatever you want'

Well I want you so answer that with a smart aleck remark

You have a wall around you that once I managed to break

But now a new one's up and I'm just too tired to take

Another shot at trying to be your only best friend

I guess I blew that chance and yet we still haven't established the end

Will I ever get closure, will you ever get the guts

To tell me to my face 'Hey loser you're not good enough

'So fuck off and leave me alone, let's pretend we never met'

And I'll retreat with my dignity, finally free from your net

But until then I'll keep pretending that nothing has changed

And you will keep ignoring me each and every day

You understand how much that hurts, so how could you do it to me

Did it mean nothing to you cos it meant a lot to me

I thought that I had saved you but I guess you did it on your own

Do me favour, when you tell me straight don't use the fucking phone