Slowly revising this guys so bear with me. I like the first chapter so I'm keeping it.

Okay despite what the title says I'm not a slut...sort of. I mean I'm still a virgin I'm just addicted to guys...and kissing them, and letting them grope me, and touching their abs and stuff, but there's no way in hell that I'm a slut. Oh who am I kidding I'm a total slut. At least that's what I'm thinking at the moment while making out with the coach's son, Josh Bails in the men's locker room. But so what he's my boyfriend. Or at least one of them. I have a lot of boyfriends. You can't expect a girl to stick with just one you know. Because that's unfair to the other guys. Ugh, this is exactly what a slut would think. So after I finish with Josh I move on to Peter Hemmings underneath the stairwell, and can I just say that both boys earn a whopping 9 in the kissing department. If you look at it this way I'm "helping" them. Helping them improve their skills.

"Your boyfriend is going to freak," Peter says pulling away from me. He pulls back on his shirt and gives me a killer smile.

"No he won't," I disagree trying to coax him back into another two minutes of sticking his tongue down my throat.

Peter shakes his head. "Not about you. Please no one is even dumb enough to tell Josh Bails his girlfriend cheats on him every second of the damn day." I flinch. The way he put it made me feel bad. I don't cheat every second. Maybe every hour but defiantly not every second, and it's only kissing. Besides Josh isn't such a saint himself. I caught him with his hand up Valeria Weatherly's (Queen Bitch of the school also known as Satan's spawn) shirt. I wasn't really mad; I just told him not to do it again or I'd break up with, make his life a living hell, ect. So it wasn't as if he didn't deserve me cheating on him. Even it is every hour out of the day. "Everyone values their face too much," Peter goes on with a glance at me, "You know why I think you cheat on him?" I start to say something but he just continues with a, "You're bored with him. Come on, Ilyana, how about throwing me a bone will you?" He nudges me in the side.

I roll my eyes. Of course. See this is why I can't stick to one guy. They're so...ugh. "Peter you're cute and all-"

"But I'm no Josh Bails, right?" He snaps. "Whatever. You'd probably cheat on me too."

I cock my head to the side and smirk. "In case you haven't noticed I kind of already am. And no I just can't break up with Josh."

"Why the hell not?" He screams a little too loudly for my taste then narrows his baby blues at me. "Oh right because it would destroy his football career. Coach Bails would make his wife give the head cheerleader position to Valerie. He's too sweet too you, and he just doesn't deserve that. Anymore lies I forgot to throw in? You know what you're problem is? You just want to be the IT girl of the year, and Josh, the poor fool, he's you're walking arm candy and he doesn't even realize it. You've got him wrapped so tight around your baby finger I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up a human ring."

I sigh. Maybe I should cut Peter out of my kissing schedule. If he wasn't such a great kisser I would really let him go. He's become so needy lately. "No I just can't. Maybe after Senior year-"

"You'll dump him or he'll dump you then you're going to both go your separate ways at college where you'll cheat on your next boyfriend then ten years later when we all come back to our high school reunion next thing I'll know you'll be married off to Josh with a brand new football star on the way."

He got all of this from me not breaking up with Josh? Wow, wow, wow. That's all I have to say. So in a desire to change the subject I ask, "What did you say Josh would freak out about?"

Peter gives me a rueful smile. "Justin Hollenbeck is back in town and he's coming back to school to graduate with us." He laughs. "You do know Josh is going to take his face and ram it against the wall. Shame too since they just repainted. You better go talk your boyfriend out of killing your best friend."

"He's not my best friend," I lie. Well technically it wasn't a lie. I haven't seen Justin Hollenbeck in over four years. Since eighth grade practically. He's the entire reason why Josh Bails and I got together. Okay background story is since kindergarten Justin and I have been best friends and that's only because geeks bond with geeks, which is what we were: geeks. I was the smart girl; he was the smart guy end of story. Then in eighth grade Justin catches Josh's older brother, Logan Bails being just a little bit too forceful with his girlfriend. Translation: He was beating the living hell out of her. And we all wondered why she wore so much make up. Underneath it all bruises. Underneath all her clothes welts, bruises, cuts, you name it. So Justin records it with his video camera and shows it to the principal who in turn expels our all-star quarter back making us forfeit the championship game for that year, and because Logan's girlfriend pressed charges he was sentenced to four years in prison. Oh he's out now. And the only reason I think he got such a low sentence was because he was a football player and his daddy probably paid a lot of money. The Bails here are treated like royalty and so is anybody in association with them. You make one wrong move against the Bails and bad things are going to happen to you. So you can imagine what happened to Justin after his name was in the paper for stopping domestic abuse or some crap like that. Josh and his cronies all had a nice party for him. And by party I mean as soon as we came back from the library they were waiting with baseballs (and not the soft kind), basketballs, dodge balls, and most importantly footballs.

"Let's play a game, Justin," Josh crooned softly. And the guys edge us all the way to the back field out of sight. Justin being the little scrawny thing he was back then had no chance in hell. He was as pale as a sheet with sticky outy dark hair, as tall as me and just about as scrawny as I was too, with the most beautiful amazing gray eyes I ever seen. And right now as I looked over at him, with the moon shining over us they looked silver, almost luminescent. Josh threw the first ball, a football of course, and since he was following in his brother's footsteps he had an excellent arm. "That's for my brother you prick." He threw another, and Justin crawled over to me almost begging for me to try to put an end to this.

"Stop," I said in a semi whiny voice. My lower lip trembled. "It's dark," I pointed at the moon, "we have to go home. Our parents are going to be looking for us." That made them stop pelting balls. Josh gave me the once over as if he never saw me before. Maybe because I pulled a caterpillar turned butterfly before the school year. I actually developed curves, my used to be limp black hair started to behave when I developed an interest in conditioner, my lips were full and kissable, and my tanned skin stopped producing zits.

"Do I know you?" Josh asked.

"Just leave her alone," Justin wheezed from on the ground.

Josh threw a baseball at him, letting it slam into his gut which caused him to grunt and double over on the ground. "Was I talking to you, squealer?" Josh threw another ball. "Well? Answer me!" He screamed in rage while his cronies followed suit and began to slam him with balls. Justin threw up a puddle of blood.

"No! No! NO!" I screamed grabbing Josh's hand as he was about to let a basketball pound into Justin's face. "Don't," I choked. He stopped, looking at my arm on his. I swallowed realizing the enormity of the situation. For all I knew he could hit me just like his brother did his girlfriend. I stepped back.

"Do I know you?" Josh repeated. I nodded tears flowing down my cheeks as I watched Justin puke up more blood, this time spraying it all over my sneakers. "Who are you?"

"Ilyana Nicholias," I said softly. It's pronounced IL-E-AN-A NICK-O-LIE-US. "We've been in the same grade since kindergarten," I murmured wiping my nose.

"I think I would remember you," he paused and looked down at Justin with contempt in his rage filled sky blue eyes. He looked back at me. "Wait aren't you that really smart girl the one who won the photography award and those reading medals along with this dick here." He nudged Justin with the toe of his sneaker. I nod again.

"If you ask me," Dave Furrows said stepping forward, "she should be in front of a camera rather than behind it. Baby, you are smoking!"

Josh gives him a look that makes him shrink back into formation behind him. "What are you doing with him?" Josh asked incredulously as if he can't believe I would stoop so low as to hang out with Justin Hollenbeck.

"We were studying," I said quickly, "for our quiz tomorrow when guys came along. Please we won't tell anyone. Can we just go home?" I begged.

Josh took a step forward with his hand outstretched. "Come on," he cooed softly almost as if I were in danger of shattering into a million pieces. It sure felt that way.

Justin made his way shakily to his feet and spat, "Don't you dare touch her."

Josh pulled back his hand and let it smack into Justin's nose sending him sprawled to the ground flat on his back. "You're in no position to be ordering me around are you punk?"

I rushed over to check his already bruised face. He has blood everywhere trickling down his mouth and nose. His lip is completely busted and his nose is turned at an odd angle. No doubt it's broken. He's also going to have two shiners. Josh grips me by the arm and pulls me away.

"Go home," he said quietly. I looked from him to Justin who was no doubt about to get hit with more balls once I left.

"But his mom she'll worry. I can't-"

Josh pulled me closer. "Go home. Forget about him. You shouldn't be with him anyway." He dug out a pen and paper from his jeans and wrote something down then handed it to me. I look at it. His phone number. "Call me later?" he asked. When I didn't answer he said in a more stern voice, "You will call me later." I nod fervently, stick the paper in my jacket pocket and run home as fast as my legs would carry.

As I climb over the gate enclosing my yard I spewed the M&M cookies and apple juice, Justin shared with me at the library, on the ground, wiped my mouth, and made my way inside. Inside my parents went ballistic.

"Where have you been Ily..." my dad cuts short."Carol!" he screamed and my mom came rushing down the stairs. She looked at my red eyes and slightly rumpled figure.

"Ilyana," she said cautiously. "What happened?"

I shook my head. "Nothing," I said as calmly as I could muster. I know I'm a horrible friend, but I was not going to be a squealer like Justin and have them come after me next and if that meant betraying my best friend then so be it. I could live with it.

"Where's Justin? Mr. and Mrs. Hollenbeck has been going insane with worry."

I shrugged already making my way up the stairs. "He's probably still studying. I left the library already."

My dad halted me by my room door. "Why is there blood on your shoes?" he asked me.

I threw my hands in the air. "Okay you caught me," I said making up a lie as fast as I could. "I went to the mall and I was looking at the new Blood Red Nail Polish and I-I dropped it," I threw in a fake stutter. I knew that would get them. "So I left before they could make me pay for it. I feel horrible. Are you satisfied now?"

My mother breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh. Well if that's all then...never mind go to bed. You have school tomorrow."

"Can I call Justin to make sure he got home okay?" I asked.

My mother looked as if she wanted to object but my dad stopped her and said, "Go on ahead."

I flung myself on the bed and pulled out my Blackberry and dialed Justin's number. It went straight to voice mail. Crying silently I took a shower and pulled the covers over my head. I didn't sleep. Couldn't. I felt too bad. I should have stayed there with him. I should have done something. The next morning I trudged downstairs where my mother was making me chocolate chip pancakes. She only did this when she had bad news. She placed them on the table and looked at me with red eyes. For a second I half expected her to say that Justin had died but instead she said, "Justin's in the hospital sweetie." My dad put his arms around me hugging me. "After you left from the library some boys must have beat him up. He has bruised ribs and a broken arm. But he'll recover I promise." She wrapped her arms around me too as I picked at my pancakes. "I'll take you to see him after school."

"D-do they know the guys that did it?"

My mom shook her head. "No. He said they had masks on."

I gulped and pushed my plate away. "I'm not hungry. Can you take me to school now?"

She looked at me almost as if I were a puppy backed into the corner. "How about ice cream sweetie? You can have it for breakfast if you want."

I wiped my eyes. "I just want to go to school."

She nodded.

At school I sat perched under the stairway holding myself together. It's my fault. It's my fault. If I had stood my ground maybe he wouldn't have been so hurt. If I could have persuaded Josh to stop maybe Justin wouldn't be in the hospital. If only...shoulda coulda woulda, Ilyana, but the fact is you didn't.


I flinched. Josh Bails stalked toward me as I tried to squish myself under the stairwell to no success.

"You never called me," he said angrily.

My chin jutted out. "He's in the hospital."

Josh smiled. "Yeah that's what he deserves for putting my brother in jail. Look," he said pointedly pulling me to my feet, "he's a loser so forget about him. I'm all you need now."

"But he was my friend-"

Josh rolled his eyes. "No he was a prick and a narc. You don't need him." And me being the idiot I am, I swallowed the lies. Throughout the day I was treated with sympathy. Of course it must have been so awful for me being the friend of Justin Hollenbeck. Poor, poor me. That day I met my new best friend, Nikki Savoie. At recess Josh handed me over to her and she let me cry my eyes out on her new Armani sweater and told me it was all for the best, and Justin got what he deserved. And part of me believed it. I kept choking down the lies even though I knew it was wrong.

As promised my mom took me to see Justin. She even helped me bake homemade M&M cookies for him and we bought a jug of apple juice at the nearest convenience store. Mr. and Mrs. Hollenbeck gave us some privacy while they went to talk in the downstairs cafeteria along with my parents. Justin sat there a blue cast on his right arm, bruises covering every inch of his face, and white tape over his nose.

"I brought you these," I said laying the tray of M&M cookies on his lap. He looked down at them then looked at me, bitterness, anger, and hurt in his steely gray eyes.

"You think these make it better," he said gesturing with his good arm toward the cookies. He flung them in the nearby garbage can. "You left me. You let them do this to me." He lifted up his hospital gown and I gasped. His body was covered in white tape and what wasn't covered was black and blue. "I would have stayed if it were you. The least you could have done was stayed, hell even if you hid behind the building when they finally left it would have been better than nothing." I pursed my lips. The thought didn't even occur to me. If it did I would have stayed with him. "Do you even know how I got home? I had to crawl. Crawl halfway home until Mr. Riley, the man who runs the town newspaper, saw me and helped me. The least you could have done was helped me get home."

Hot tears slid down my eyes. "I was afraid."

He let out a rueful laugh then winced at the pain in his protesting ribs. "Afraid of what? You knew damn well they weren't going to do anything to you. Josh's eyes were so glued to you, you could have sworn Cupid shot him with his bow and arrow. You could have stopped them. But hey Josh was what you wanted in the end right?"

I bit my lip. "That's not fair-"

"Leave," he hissed. He picked up the remote and started to flip through the channels. I made it all the way to the door before he spoke up again. "Here I thought I had a real friend...I guess I was wrong."

I didn't see Justin for three whole days and that was when he was allowed to come back to school. He walked passed me covered in pee. Because Josh asked someone to rig Justin's locker with balloons after they filled them up with their own piss. The look he gave me chilled me to the bones.

"Stop looking at him," Josh snapped grabbing hold of my hand. "I told you. He's nothing."

A week later Justin was gone. His parents couldn't take the chance of someone beating him up again or rigging his locker so he would be covered in piss. I ate chocolate chip pancakes for a month I was so upset. But now he was back, and for what reason I couldn't fathom.