I look at Beth's pristine figure as she tries on dress after dress. Each time asking me if they're right for her,and each time I say yep.
"This one?" She squeals,twirling around in a light blue dress,it flows out like an ocean wave. She stops,and her ash brown hair falls ideally at her shoulders. "What do you think? Is it right for me?" She asks again.
"Yep." I reply for the 10th time.
"EEEE!" She squeals again,making my ears ring.
As she twirls over and over again in front of the mirror,all I can do is be mesmerized by her beauty. I've been madly in love with her for 2 years now. Afraid that if I do anything..It'll ruin our relationship. So the only safe thing to do,is me be hopelessly in love. I'm just like an ocean wave,with out the wind,I can't rise. Beth is my wind,always has been,always will be.
"This is DEFINITELY the ONE! I mean,it hugs my body PERFECTLY! Don't you think so Drew?... You okay? You haven't said much." She comes over, sits on my lap and gives me a hug. "Come on Drewyyyy,why don't you try on a few." She says,pulling me to my feet.
"Oh NO!" I giggle. "You're not getting ME in one of THOSE skimpy things." I laugh,trying to pull her in the opposite direction.
"ONE! JUST ONE!" She continues,pulling me into the dressing room with her. She strips off her silk blue dress and hands it to me,I lower my head so not to stare at her perfect body. I slowly slip the dress up to my shoulders,feeling the cold fabric against my skin.
"Wow." Beth breaths out. I turn to the mirror behind me,and sure enough,I look like I've stepped out of a magazine. I shudder before slipping it off and handing it back to her.
"Not my thing." I say,as our fingers graze every so slightly over one another. Beth doesn't notice,but it gives me butterflies.