He knew it was her when he spotted her, it could not be anyone else apart from her, as no one else would ever look like that. With her distinctive green eyes and the red scar that was bright across her face. He had not meant to hurt her but to him it seemed the only way that he could truly recognise what was his in amongst the madness of everything that had been going on lately.

To him it seemed that it had been years since he last saw her but in fact it has only been one short year since he lost her. It was never in his plan to lose her but he had been so lost in the moment that it was too quick for him to do anything about it. However, since then he had made it his goal to get her back to him, whatever it took, whether it was painful or not. He would get her back, one way or another. He could not live without her, she was his. She was his obsession.

It hadn't not been his intention to stare at her but he could help it as she was only a few metres away and if he could just step forward, she would be in his grasp. Kaden could not do this; he had to show some restraint because now was the only time that he had been this close to her. Yes, he had followed her but it seemed that now was the only time, he was so close that he could smell her fear.

It had only been one short year since she had escaped him but each time he followed her he knew that she was still afraid of him (although Kaden did not know why) and she could not get over what he did to her. He had not intended to hurt her as he had but Kaden had to make her see sense, that she was his. He had watched her as she tried to get her life back to the way it was before, with her friends and her family. Yet that all couldn't be true, he had to protect from harm.

With this though, Kaden saw that with all that had happened and them thinking that he was a bad person, they were still not protecting her very well. There she just stood outside the awful restaurant that, her brother worked in, where anyone could just grab her and take her away. He couldn't have that. He needed her to be safe.

The cold wind began to grow stronger as Kaden's thoughts seemed to get deeper and deeper. The wind did not bother him though, it never had as he could no longer feel its painful attack on him. All he had to do was concentrate on the hunt in front of him and he would have her back in his arms within the next hour; all he had to do was concentrate.

Kaden slowly put his hood up and moved from behind the lamppost that he had been watching his girl from for the last half an hour. He kept taking steps, closer and closer to her until he eventually was in arms reach. He stopped. He did not want to scare her as this would make her raise alarm and that would mean he would never get her back. Subtly he turned around to look at the menu's taped to the glass window of the restaurant.

"Is it nice to eat here?" Kaden choked pretending that the cold air was affecting his voice.

He watched as she seemed to hesitate before talking to him. It seemed that she had learned that talking to 'strangers' was not the best thing to do.

"Sorry." She seemed to whisper after a while. " If you got loads of money to waste, sure it is but if you're on a budget you'll eat the same thing if you cook something in the microwave" She said after a while smiling at herself.

Kaden always liked it when she smiled because even with the scar across her face she was still beautiful and he knew this. Kaden turned slightly to face her and nodded his head with a small thank you. She hadn't changed in the gap that they had been apart which Kaden was glad for.

However, Kaden didn't just want to leave that there and take her back to him, he wanted to talk with her more but without her knowing who he was. He could only do this if the mood and the opportunity was right and right now it wasn't.

"Nice scar, get into a fight at school?" Kaden asked her rather spitefully knowing that this question always affected her. He watched as she seemed to bring her hand to her face and run her fingers along the scar on her face.

She looked at the figure in front of her curiously but also wearily. "No" was all she said in reply and it seemed that she wanted to leave with this question not wanting to explain anything about it. If Kaden did not know her or know the meaning behind the scar he would have been more curious about the reaction towards the scar.

"Didn't mean to scare you," Kaden whispered to her before taking another step towards her. "Haven't I seen you somewhere before? On the TV or something" Kaden said finding it hard to hold back the amusement in his voice. "Wasn't it like last year, the kidnapping thing?" He asked with fake curiosity in his voice.

Kaden watched as she began to look around her and it seemed that her body seemed to shake at the mention. She began to try and subtly walk away but was failing as she was starting to panic.

"I think you should leave now, I don't talk to people who I don't know." She stuttered.

Kaden could not help but let laughter escape from his mouth as she said that. He knew the irony of that because this was exactly how he met her in the first place. She was just talking to random people in the park.

" Pity you didn't know that before, Emily" Kaden hissed pulling down his hood.

"Kaden" Emily stuttered unable to back up towards the wall any longer. Kaden could not help but smile that he had his girl in his grasp. He stepped forward lowering his head slightly to take in the view. He sighed before moving closer to kiss her on the neck and then he moved towards her ear.

"Hello Princess" he whispered.