I was arguing this with my stepdad and stepsister. Please leave your comments on your beliefs and anything you want to add. Oh, and I don't own any shows, anime, or people mentioned. Code Geass: Spoiler alert!

Destruction must ALWAYS come before creation.

For example, the theory of the big bang. The big bang was the destruction of whatever had existed before, and it had created the universe. There is also the argument concerning what came before the universe, as there had to be some matter to be destroyed in order for the universe to be created. I believe that, as much as I would also like to know, we should not delve into such a subject that cannot be proved. We were not around before the big bang, nor is there any type of record about the subject. There might have been another universe before this one, with people just like us and the same technology as ours, if not more advanced. This would also bring me into a discussion about humans and the theory of evolution, but that is for another time. So I believe that unless another theory about the creation of the universe exists that is logical (and not religious, as God is not exactly the most logical thing in the world) and proves me wrong, I believe this statement is true.

And speaking of the beginning of the universe, there is another theory that proves my theory. The dinosaurs are an ancient, famous race that pretty much everyone knows. The dinosaurs thrived, but they died out. Whether by comet, meteor, or disease, it doesn't change the fact that the destruction of the dinosaurs brought the creation of a new age: the ice age. (And no, not the movie.) Technically, the ice age didn't end, since we still have a few glacial areas in colder parts of the Earth, so I won't talk about the end of the ice age. Anyways, the destruction of the dinosaurs brought the creation of the ice age, and mankind.

Another, more modern example, is Hitler. Hitler did bring the destruction of many lives, but he also brought the creation of the belief of the wrongness of racism, as I had put it to my stepsister. And for one more example, recycling, but that is self-explanatory.

For those anime fans such as I, Code Geass is a good example. The main character, Lelouch, plunges the world into chaos through war and trickery. That is, obviously, destruction. After he asks Suzaku to kill him, he creates a world of peace: creation. (This show also gave me this realization in the first place.)