They all sat around the table top,

And had a little wine.

Oh delight they all cried,

The wine does just fine.

On their heads they poured it quick,

Watching it soak in.

Maybe next, one man cried,

We can have a little gin?

Oh gin will do quite nice they said,

But do you know what will do better?

A touch of jam and maple cream,

With just a slice of fetta.

So off they hurried for spread and cheese,

Not knowing where it was.

Easily they heads were bumped

Sharp and loud it twas.

Oh dear my, my di die,

None knew what to do.

A light bulb came with a little flick,

And no longer was there rue.

So now they all said loud and clear,

That the spread and cheese was lost.

Sadly they all shook their heads,

They'd have to do a toss.

What be that? A small one cried,

Shivering with fun.

It's where you speak small and slight,

But it has to be a pun.

Alas they all thought far and wide,

But no pun came to mind.

Oh never mind they gave up then,

There really is no time.

So no longer knowing what to do,

They went their separate ways.

Wine on heads bumps there too,

None thought about their daze.