There was an earnest desire in your solemn eyes.

Even when my fingers were barely touching you,

I could feel you.

There was no sharpness in anything.

I felt as if I was floating in a bed of forgetfulness,

Under a glowing moon.

I had a brilliant jewel within my reach.

I wished I was a mirror

To reflect your everything.

When the blue smoke wafts into our house,

The war has just begun.

Even if the frosted windows crack your sleep,

Loyalty will press you forward.

Not even the candles will disturb the dark.

You are so delicate that I fear to hold you.

Glassy eyes, rosy face. That hidden smile.

He flung you aside so angrily;

You were cloaked in lacy shadows.


But you could never feel what I felt.

The murder in my meaning,

When that worm looked at me.

I smashed him for you;

What your voice could never do.

Your hands were trying to take something

That was far beyond your grasp.

How could you hold a feeling?