Chapter One

American Airports are feeled with loud, angry-looking people. After I got through Customs I had to make a bee-line for the dor lugging 5 duffele bags on my ridicicoulously smalls houlders.

When I found them I wanted to turn around and get right back on the plane bound for Paris, I could face my Dad's wrath.

Their were two kids, around my age, the girl was blonde like my mom but I guess she had her Dad's eyes, and the boy next to her had brown hair and my mom's pewter-blue eyes.

I stood there and stared, My mom held a sign that said VALENTINE in sparkly red letters.

"Bonjour mère c'est bon de vous revoir!" I said walking forward to kiss her on the cheek.

"Valentine!" She squealed, "Look how tall and pretty you've gotten!"

She turned to her kids and beamed, "Valentine you rember Julie and Zayne?"

"Bon de vous revoir, " I kissed Julie on the Cheek then Zayne.

"They don't speak French Valen," Mom was already pulling my bags threw the air-port, with her kids following, whispering only to each other.

"Good to see You again, " I called over my shoulder as she dragged me through the revolving doors and to a sparkling silver minivan.

"We renovated a room for you, "Mom giggled as She shoved me into her car and tossed my bags in the back, "It's right across from Julie's. Isn't it, dear?"

Julie glared at me but smiled, "Yeah, Mom."

I smiled back, "Mère, s'il vous plaît me dire que nous n'allons pas à la même école."

Mom laughed as she started the car, Zayne was in the passenegr seat, texting away on his phone.

"Of course You will sweet heart! Zayne's a senior just like you and Julie's a sophmore," Mom beamed at me and I felt guilty for resenting her happiness.

"Only a sophmore?" I gave her a puzzed smile, "with all of that make-up caked on your face I wasn't quite sure how old you were."

Translation: Don't stay in the sun too long bitch, plastic melts mighty fast.


"Uhm Valentine, "Zayne said form the door-way, "our ride will be here in like 10 minutes."

Valentine's head popped up and she blinked, "Thank you!"

She jerked up and sprinted for the bathroom, she was in and out of the shower in less that five minutes, than she was drying her hair and applying a little lip-gloss and raking a comb through her drying caramel brown hair.

Then she was putting on deodorant and brushing her teeth.

Panties ? Check.

Bra? Check.

ripped peg-leg jeans? check.

USA shirt? Check.

I fumbled into a pair of red keds and rushed downstairs, nealry forgetting my book bag in the process.

It was strange, my mom and Julie were tiny and petite barely gracing 5'5, I was 5'9, tall and semi-slender. Like some amazon among the muchkinds from the Wizard of Oz.

"Good timing!" Julie, who was dressed in light blue jeans, a flowy white top with a hot pink bag and matching sandals beamed at me, they just pulled up!"

I followed a little bit more closer to Zayne than Julie, for some reason she was practically doing cart-wheels and being fake to me, all for the odd red shaped car waiting for us, I supposed.

"What is that," I whispered to Zayne, "It's ugly and bulky."

Zayne laughed, much to my suprise, and gave me a small smile, "It's a Jeep Cherokee."

I nodded making a mental note that American made cars were ugly.

"Hey Levi!" Julie giggled as she hopped into the ugly red jeep.

Me and Zayne got in the back and Julie introduced me, still acting giggly and wierd. Did all american girls get this ditzy when an attractive male was in close proximity?

"This," Julie let out another shriek of death (giggle), "Is Our half-sister Valentine Baptiste-Sinclair."

I peered down at my schedule and found myself grinning, "Your school only has two classes?"

Zayne snorted and turned my paper over, revealing 5 more classes, "Those were your two electives."

I beamed at him and scanned the sheet. It was just the usual, math, biology, social studies, things of that variety.

It was a bit exciting to be going to an American school, but Paris would always be my true love, America was just the temporary distraction until my Dad calmed down and let me come back.

"Hey Valen," Zayne nudged me as he slid out of the Jeep, "We're here."

My stomache dropped, and I stared at the seemingly innocent stretch of brick high-school.

I my nails dug crescents in my palms and I felt dizzy and scared, gone was the excitement of going to an American school.

My first class was Art, One of My Electives.

People stared as I wound my Way through the milling crowd and I tried to keep my head down and blend in but I was taller than most girls here, therefore I was nose-to-eye level with nearly every guy.

"Hey, are you new?"

I turned to the guy beside me and raised an eyebrow, " What gave it away? The confused expression or the non bleached hair?"

The guy laughed and I realized he was one of those worshiped american 'golden boy' types, "Let's go with the hair, nice to meet you I'm Luke."

I nodded at Luke and shoved my schedule in his face, "Do you where this art class is?"

Luke nodded and pointed to a class-room not even ten steps in front of me, "You were doing pretty good."

"Thank you," I called over my shoulder, "au revoir Luke!"

A handsome boy and a small blonde girl stood off to the side of the hall-way, watching the new girl saunter passed them and into the hall-way, "That was her," The blonde nodded in the direction of the Art room.

The boy next to him mirrored , running a hand through his own short black hair, "She's gorgeous."

She was tall, with long sun streaked caramel brown hair, a patrician nose, full red bow shaped lips, her skin was like golden dust, and her eyes were lined by sooty lashes and just above a pair of striking, prominent cheek bones.

Her eyes had the boy's heart pounding, they were the exact color of honey.

"Yeah well, she's a dumb bitch, "Julie declared, "So Luke agreed to the bet, what about you?"

King stared at her, amazed she would toss her sisters to the wolves like that, "Get some one else to fuck your sister over."

Julie giggled and pressed her non-exisiting tits against his chest, more like his fucking belly-button, he hated short skanks, they tried to get him horny my dry humping his legs. It was ...disgusting, "You could reconsider-"

King shoved her off of him and gagged, "I'm not Mr. fucking Roger, Okay? I'm not into flat chested little girls."

Julie's expression turned cold and she stared at him frigidly, "I don't need you King, she'd probably have you following ehr around like a whipped pussy anyway. I want her completely, and utterly crushed until she doesn't want to breath any more until it hurts to open her disgusting fucking eyes."

King shrugged and smirked, "I think her eyes a pretty nice."

Valentine gradually settled in around her 2nd block, so far everyone had been quite nice and American's were quite funny. It was drama, drama, drama, who's dating who, who broke up, drama, drama, did they really get back together, drama, drama...You get the point.

I wonder who I got my sort-of judge Mental-ness from?

My Dad was like super strong and could take anything and he thought people should always be atleast one thing :polite. My mother, the annoying, sly creature she was found pleasure in the slightest bit of drama and flaws, be it physically or personality wise.

"Your in my fucking seat."

What a intoxicating voice, it was deep and rough, the voice of someone who didn't give a fuck.

My eyes flitted up to the boy infront of me with interest, "And?"

"And?" He mocked my voice and raised one eyebrow blankly, "Get the fuck out of my seat."

I scooted over into the next seat and watched him plop down in the seat, with his long legs stretched out infront of him, as if to dare someone to step over them.

"I like you," I imformed him after I took in the boxer-esq body, sexy face, tattoos, and tongue piercing, "I'm Valentine and it's nice to meet some one who doesn't just think with his penus."

Tall, Dark, and Dangerous smirked as if to say 'what makes you say that'?

"I've decided that you are going to be my associate, "I shook his limp hand and nodded at him blithely, "Wherther you want to or not."

"Fuck off."

Valentine beamed at him and said in a saccharine sweet voice, "We are totes going to be biffels!"


Valentine sighed and stared at her legs, which hung out of the end of the claw-foot tub in a sort of comic way, her hair was pulled up in a high bun and she was quite enjoying herself in a strawberry bubbles.

"Valen!" Julie shrieked through the door, "I have friends coming over, stay up stairs!"

"Whatever Dobby," Valentine snapped back and she wondered how she'd ever missed the connection, granted Dobby was sweeter and oddly cuter.

"SHUT UP!" Julie kicked the door and Valentine rolled her eyes for what most of been the hundreth time, "Ohhh You kicked the thick mahogany door, I'm in blinding pain."

Julie stomped off and Valen smirked, if Julie was worried about being embarssed then that's what Valen would due. French people -girls espcially- were comfortable with nudity, but no I wasn't going streaking just yet.

I slid her bathrobe around me and snortedm It barely passed mid-thigh.

Now it's time for innocent little french porn star.

I took off down the stairs, suds flying from my long legs like rabies from a rabid dog.

"Aide! Aide! Je vais ruiner votre Julie jour!" I'd actually said 'Help' Help' but the rest was just my motive; to Ruin Julie's day, atleast I warned her right?

Her friends stared in wide eyed awe and Julie -dear little Julie- flipped her script.


I blinked my hands flying around and my words coming out in a husky, garbled accent, "Take Off Your Robe?"

"NO!" Julie pushed me to the stairs and one of ehr guy friends wolf whistled when I grasped the sash losely between my hands.

"Baignoire!" I exclaimed wide eyed, "Bath-Tub!"

It sounded more like :Baeeetthh Toob.

"VALENTINE!" She shoved me towards the stairs and I waited till her friends could only see mid-thigh and down (none of my 'assests' Yeah?) and threw down her robe, then I took off for my room. Feeling like the Evil Half-sister.

My day felt better already.

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