I was on the ground, tears falling out of my eyes as I looked around me. They were lying in large pools of blood, and there was also blood splattered on the walls behind them. I couldn't believe it. Ever since I was born, for 12 years, they've taken care of me. Now they tried to kill me. But then, in a blinding flash, they were lying in front of me, dead, burning to ashes. Flames, some black, some white, and some grey, burned, covering almost every spot in what used to be my home.

Reaching out, I touched one of the strange flames. My hands glowed upon contact, and the flame began changing colors, from black, back to a soft white. For some reason, the flames did not burn me. It felt relaxing, as if it were part of me.

I removed my hand, and my hand stopped glowing. I began to stand up, but instantly fell back down again from fatigue, and I just lay there sprawled on the blazing ground. It wouldn't be so bad, dying here…

Suddenly, I heard the click clacking of shoes moving across the floor, pausing right next to my drained body. Strong, lean arms gently picked me up bridal style, and the mysterious person began walking out of the burning carnage of flames. Why isn't he burning…?

"Who are you…?" I asked my voice hoarse.

The person spoke, and judging by the deep voice, this person was a man. "I got rid of my name when I decided to forget my past. I made a codename for the new me, and that codename is 'Darkus'. If you want to survive in this new world, you need a codename."

I slowly looked up at this, Shadow, trying to make out his face. But all I saw were his eyes. An eye patch was covering one eye, and the other was a steel grey. "Codename…?"

"When you discover your powers, your codename will be discovered by yourself, in your heart. When you make this codename, you will have the choice of forgetting your birth name, or continue to remember it and forget all this ever happened. Your codename will be your shield from the enemy, and will serve as your new identity in the world I am bringing you in."

Darkus continued walking, pausing by a shadow of a tree cast by the flames I made, and we began to move in a space of darkness. "You are a special case to me, and my comrades. One you join the organization, you will meet many people that will treat you like family. I will teach you how to control your newfound abilities so you can help me with my work." He was still walking, as if there were an invisible path only he could see. That was probably the case.

"Then my codename will be…" I paused, thinking.

"Yes, my dear child?" he stepped forward into a bright room, and I knew that I was in my new home.


I walked into his office, closing the carved wood behind me.

"How was the mission?" Darkus asked me, smiling softly.

"Besides having to face off a huge mob of enemies, it went well." I walked up to his desk, placing my report down in front of him. "You never told me I had to deal with one of your ex-coworkers."

"Sorry about that." Darkus took the report, placing it on the pile of papers next to him. "He was providing a lot of trouble for me. He threatened to spill the secrets of the organization and such. We can't have that now, can we?"

"…No, we can't. So Darkus, what's my next mission?" I ask, pushing back a lock of my blue hair.

Darkus sighed. "Well, straight to the point as always huh?" He sighed again. "You should stop calling me Darkus and call me 'Dad' instead! I've been raising you for four whole years. You even called me your father figure, and I practically treat you like my daughter. Not that I have one of course."

It was my turn to sigh this time, and I unfolded my arms. Turning towards one of the couches near his desk, I sat down closing my eyes. "Just because I said you were a father figure to me, doesn't mean I'll start calling you 'Dad'. Darkus is Darkus. My dad is a dead human that had tried to kill me. Same thing applies to my mother. Now may I please have the files regarding my next mission?"

"Just call me Dad! C'mon, please?"

"Darkus please don't start acting like a child again."

"If you don't call me Dad, I'll make sure every co-leader of the organization gets a photo I took of you sleeping."

"Wait… You did what?"

"I gathered some blackmail material of course!" he asserted, grinning sadistically.

I clicked my tongue, and let out a sigh. Darkus immediately took that as a sign of defeat, and asked, "Are you going to call me 'Dad' now?"

"Yes, yes. Now may I please have those files…Dad."

Darkus grinned, reaching down to his filing cabinet while I smiled softly at his childish antics. He handed me a small file folder, and I opened it to see a photo of a boy and some information regarding him.

Apparently his name was Blake Hunter, age 17. He had light colored skin, messy ash brown hair, and honey brown eyes. With a decent weight of 67.5 kg, and a height of 5 feet, 10 inches, he had a lean figure with some slightly toned muscles. With no apparent siblings, lives alone. His father went missing when he was around age 5, and his mother died when he was 10. A relative took care of him until he decided to live on his own around age 16.

He lived in the urban area of a small neighborhood called Maris. Currently attending Maris High School, he has fairly average grades, athletic, several friends, and a bit popular with the ladies. He was in the martial arts club at his school, and was good at both hand-to-hand combat and using a staff. He was bisexual, but hasn't dated anyone. All in all, he was just your normal, average teenager.

"Who collected the information this time? Clockwork?"

"Nope, it was Tech."

"I see…Well, what's so important about this guy? Doesn't seem like he poses any threat to the organization," I say, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Well you see," he rested his pale head atop of his equally pale hands. "One of the Searchers noticed he was emitting some kind of, aura, I guess you could say. The same kind of aura we emit before we discover our abilities. I get the feeling this kid is special."

"Oh? But aren't we all?" I continue to read the file. Huh. This Blake Hunter is definitely your normal, average teenager.

"Yes, we are. But you're my number one." Darkus is grinning now, and I can't help but feel a bit embarrassed, though it didn't show on my stoic face.

"Don't flatter me. Anyways, are you asking me to teach this guy how to control his abilities?"

"Why, of course I am. Although I'd rather have you take a break instead. All you've been doing is going out on missions, and we haven't had a nice long chat for a while," he whines.

"Seriously Dar- I mean Dad, you know I need to occupy myself with something. I can't stand sitting around taking breaks."

Darkus sighed, and stood up from his desk. "I know… I need to get going. There's a meeting I have to attend at the east where Tech is regarding some future plans. Once you find Blake, bring him here. I'll be waiting." He then melted into the shadows and disappeared.

I stood up from the couch. Grasping the files carefully in my hand, I open the carved wooden doors, and leave the now empty office.

I wonder what Maris Neighborhood is like.

It was rather peaceful actually. In city terms I guess you could say. People went about through the market area where I stood, some walking, and a few running. Whether it be off to work, or going on a simple outing. Maybe it was an enemy or a comrade of the organization. Hopefully, I won't run into neither. I want to get find Blake Hunter and get out of here as soon as possible. But first, I had to find him.

Now where could he be hiding…?

I walk along the street, almost missing a hooded man sitting on a cardboard box in a dark alleyway. Bingo.

Looking around, and deeming the coast was clear; I walk in, my sneakers not making a noise. Standing in front of the hooded man, I reach into my jean pocket, bringing out a glowing blue orb; identification of a member of the organization. "Presence, I need you to look for someone for me. It's important."

Presence looked up at me, and recognition bloomed across his somewhat dirty features. "First class…Darkus told me you'd be coming. Who're you looking for darling'?"

Hearing him calling me that irked me, but I didn't argue with him about it. I couldn't mess up my words in front of this guy, or else I'd never find Hunter. I sighed. "I'm looking for someone named Blake. Blake Hunter. Currently in the process of discovering his abilities so the search shouldn't be too hard." I reached into my pocket again, handing him the photo that came with the files.

Presence took the photo, looking at it carefully. He closed his eyes, and I waited patiently. Several minutes passed, and he opened his eyes again, handing back the photo. "Falkner Intersection, a few blocks away from the market way entrance. Make sure no one sees you or him. There's two, no, three people following him."

I took the photo, pocketing it again. I tossed him a small wad of bills, slowly walking back out of the alley. Turning back around, I noticed Presence had disappeared. No trace of his presence was left behind; save for the cardboard box he was sitting on before.

Walking into the mentioned intersection, I looked around for Blake Hunter amongst the large crowd. Hopefully I could grab him once I found him without letting anyone notice. But sadly, I had to take out those stalkers of his.

How troublesome. I sighed, quickly accessing the situation. I carefully looked around, hopefully not causing any suspicion amongst them. Step one; find your designated target of the mission.

There, next to light pole up ahead on my right, stood Blake Hunter. He was currently crossing the street, and I slowed down, pretending to check the time on my watch. I looked from the corner of my eye and saw him entering a bookstore. Good, hopefully he'll be in there for 30 minutes at most.

Step two; look for enemies you need to be wary of. Two people had followed Blake inside the bookstore, but that shouldn't be a problem. As long as Blake's in a public area with a large amount of people, he won't be in any danger. My top priority right now was the outside source giving the duo directions. Immediately, I noticed a man standing on top of a building, and it seemed he was talking into something. Definitely suspicious, meaning he's the outside source.

I walk casually down the streets into another alleyway, this time right next to the building the man was surveying the area from. Step three; attack any outside sources swiftly and quietly. Do not kill, unless necessary.

Jumping from wall to wall, I carefully grabbed the ledge at the top, hoisting myself up and hiding behind a short wall on the building opposite. Bringing together some light, I merged it into a small needle. Taking careful aim, I threw it the way you would a shuriken. It lodged into the man's neck, and he fell over from his crouching position. I ran over, checking to make sure I didn't accidentally kill him. Confirming that he was still alive and breathing, I quickly made my way back down.

Walking into the bookstore, there was a small amount of people inside, most of them were probably hidden amongst the shelves, or up on the second level. Moving down the bookshelves, I noticed Blake, my 'target', reading a book through one shelf, while one of the enemies was standing a mere two meters away, within easy reach.

Moving down another aisle, I went inside one, and moved along to the end. Grabbing a random book off the shelf and opening it, I cautiously peeked up and up, noticing the other enemy leaning against the shelf, keeping watch on Blake and his partner. Quickly but quietly, I ran up from behind, and using one hand to grab his neck in a choke hold, the other covering his mouth to prevent him for calling for help. His oxygen ran out, knocking him unconscious. Purposefully, I dropped him to the matted ground, albeit rather slowly.

Luckily, my intended plan worked greatly. The other man came around the corner, and I gave him a swift punch to the face, forcing him to turn around. I gave a quick, but strong chop to the neck, and he fell to the floor unconscious.

"Good god, what the hell are you doing!" a voice whispered harshly next to me. I looked up, noticing Blake Hunter looking at me with a shocked expression. I would be laughing, but I couldn't afford to bring too much attention. One of the men probably saw my face, and would probably report to whoever was controlling him. I couldn't tie him up without attracting attention to the public. That would cause a lot of trouble, and the organization would have a harder time covering that up.

"I'm saving you from a kidnapping. I suggest you come with me if you don't want to get killed." I slowly drag the men next to some beanbags conveniently lying a few feet away, placing them down to make it seem like they had fallen asleep inside the store. I took the book Blake had dropped and the one I used earlier, putting it in their hands to seem like they were reading for good measure.

"Wait, hold on. Kidnapping? Getting killed? Look girly, I don't know if you hit your head or if you're just mad, but I don't believe you. Unless you can provide me an explanation, I'm not going anywhere with you," he growled, crossing his arms.

His tone pissed me off, but not to too much of an extent. "Well that's too bad, there's no time to explain right now. I need to bring you somewhere safe before anymore of these guys show up, and trust me. It's not fun knocking out a bunch of enemies in front of the public that don't know about us." I walk up to him, grabbing his hand. I drag him outside the bookstore, making our way to the train station.

"What do mean, 'anymore of these guys'? Who is the enemy, and who is 'us'? I don't understand what's happening!"

"Look, I'll explain everything later, so stop talking, and just follow me, alright? We need to-"

I paused, muttering a curse. There was another one of them standing in front of the station. I moved back, and turned around, pushing Blake back. "Listen to me very carefully. If you mess this up, we're in deep sh*t and that would be bad, very bad. I want you to keep a hold of my hand, and don't let go. We're going to blend into the crowd that's moving into the train station. Keep your head low, and don't say a word. Only look forward, and don't look anywhere else. If you have to, look down at the floor or at me. Now let's go."

I pull him into the middle of the crowd, walking inside the station. We make our way underground, where a train has just arrived. I quickly move us inside one car, and the doors shut behind us with a soft hissing sound.

Several stops later, I drag him outside, and once again, I pull him into the middle of another crowd. Dragging him along the street, I wait for the light to turn green before crossing.

I could feel his glare piercing into me, but I continue walking, making a few turns here and there. Walking into an empty street, I open up a cellar door, ushering him in quickly. He clambered inside and I immediately followed, closing the door behind me, shifting the lock in place. Turning around, Blake is standing there, still giving off that glare, while Presence is sitting on a wooden chair, with a bottle of liquor in one hand. "So you made it here safely with the guy, eh darling?"

I eyed the bottle in disgust. "I give you over 200 Ens, where you could buy yourself some decent clothes and maybe even a good meal. But the first thing you buy is liquor."

Presence takes a swig of his drink, before talking again. "Without liquor, darling, I'd be a fish without water. You'd better get going now. Darkus is waiting in his office for you."


We turn to the voice, and we see Blake with a furious look on his face. He's still staring at me, but my uncomfortable feelings don't show. "Before we go to where this Darkus is, you need to answer my questions!"

"Okay, fine then." Blake opens his mouth, but I interrupt him before a single syllable leaves his lips. "But only two questions. Darkus isn't much of a patient person."

He gives me another glare, and asks, "Why am I here? Who are you? Who-"

"Nuh uh, I said two questions. To answer your first question, you're here because you are one of us, and by that, I mean me, Presence here, and our leader, who we call Darkus. We're special in a way."

"Show me." It wasn't a question, it was an order. I lift up a hand, bringing forth a white and black flame, the colors merging together in a sort of dance. His honey brown eyes look at the flame in astonishment, a hand reaching out to touch it.

"Don't." I quickly extinguish the flame before his hand could come any closer. "It'll burn anything it touches until the target disappears, and I can't extinguish it once it starts." There was that, but I couldn't tell him I actually despised it in a way. After all, it was what ruined my past life.

"Answering your second question, I am Genesis. As you could probably tell, that isn't my real name. I got rid of it once I discovered my abilities, as did most of our kind, again, like Presence. I'm to bring you to the organization and help you discover your abilities, and your codename, which I'll explain once you meet Darkus. Now that I've finished answering your questions, we need to get going."

"But…" Blake looks around the cellar. "I don't see any other entrance for us to walk through that could possibly bring us to wherever you're taking me."

I give a chuckle, pulling out a glowing blue orb; the same glowing orb I had showed Presence earlier. "Whoever said we were walking there?"

The orb glowed, and a beam of light hit the wall opposite me, opening up a doorway. Pocketing the orb, I walk up to it, turning back to Blake. "Are you coming or not?"

He's being cautious, looking at the doorway nervously, before slowly walking through. "I'll see you later sometime again," I say, looking at Presence with a grin.

He grins back at me. "Give my regards to Darkus for me will ya?"

"Sure." I turn back around, and walk into the doorway into Darkus office, facing his desk, where he is sitting, smiling.

"Welcome back."

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