THE THIRD ROW by: Amber Jordan


11-5-12 Monday-

I have been in America for a week. Now it is my first day of American school. I am Xamazi, and my family and I just moved to America. We moved for my dad's job, and our house was damaged. I have big red hair that is why my friends back at home call me ginger. I already miss home.

"This is Xamazi, our new student from Japan," the strange young teacher announced to the noisy class, which was not really paying attention. This place already seems like home. The teacher whispered to the class, "Come on guys, we are pre-stinkin'-AP. Now let us give her some respect. OK, now that I have everyone's attention, who would like to show her around for a couple days?" A girl with curly hair and glasses raised her hand. "This is Sammy-Joe. She will show you around. Got any questions, ask her or I.," the teacher informed me. I walked over and sat in front of her. In the row across of me, there was a girl. She had short brown hair and strange red eyes. I noticed a scare on her wrist.

"I'm Scamper. Awesome hair. Love red heads. WOW! I am, like, hyper. Had chocolate for breakfast."

"Don't worry, she is always like that I'm not sure if that's a good thing, I'm Finn." A nerdy kid behind Scamper added. He had black moppy hair and glasses. Another nerdy kid was behind him. He wore strange Indian clothing.

"I am Augustus, I'm from India hehe. Do you talk girl? Speak!" the nerdy kid told me.

"Soory, me Xamazi. Me house broken in tsunami. Came here for father's work place."

"OH no, that's sad. Sorry. Cool accent. People with accents are awesome! Except Augustus. JK. HA!" Scamper added. A kid in front of me kept staring at me out of the corner of his eye. He had a trench coat on.

"Who be the emo child?" I asked Sammy-Joe.

"That's Alexandrae, he is… strange. Just ignore him." She replied. There was another kid whispering to Alexandrae. He wore all black. He had long black hair. It seemed his eyes were black and blood shot. He looked at me as he whispered. I gave him a strange look.

"Sorry about Alexandrae," he told me; "I'm Scifer." he twitched a little and looked away. These people are strange, but they might be good friends….maybe.

The day dragged on, along with the classes. Sammy-Joe was nice. Scamper creeped me out though. She was way to hyperactive yet, she was funny. Cool to hang out with also. Strangely, Alexandrae and Scifer kept there distance. Finally, 6th period came, that's band for me. I play bass clarinet. "Hi! Class this is Xamazi, she plays bass clarinet. Nice to have you here. Go sit next to Razor in the THIRD ROW." My band director, Mrs. Wilkerson added.

I went and sat beside Razor. He was a pale boy. His teeth all looked like fangs. Beside him was a boy. His nametag read, 'Damon'. He had messy black hair and dark eyes. He smiled at me, and showed me his creepy sharp teeth. Does everyone have weird teeth, I wondered. Beside him were Scamper and Augustus. Alexandrae and Finn were not in band. Sammy-Joe and Scifer were in a different row. That whole class period was strange. My row would whisper to each other, and look at me with strange looks. As if sad for me.

Later after school, I was walking home. There was a wide spread of woods down the street. I heard a loud howl. It sounded like Finn. I dropped my books and ran to the noise. I saw Finn lying on the ground, his arm was bloody. I also saw Razor and Damon with blood on their mouths.

"OH my gosh! Finn, are you okay? What did you do to him?" I questioned the bloody boys.

"He wanted to be a part of the THIRD ROW!" Damon answered

"What's the third row? Am I apart of this? Who or what are you?" I demanded an answer.

Scamper, Scifer, and Augustus appeared out from the street. Scamper answered, "We are freaks. I am a dragon demon. Augustus controls things with his brain. Scifer is a full-blooded demon. Damon is a werewolf. Razor is a vampire. Now Finn is a werepire. Now what are you going to be?" she grinned.

"Nothing! Never! "I yelled at them. They all began chasing me, even Finn. With my ignorance, I ran further into the woods. I cannot remember how long I ran. It seemed like forever. Then, I tripped over a vine on the ground; I turned around to see them all jump at me at the same time

"SHE'S MINE!" Everyone demanded. Then, in unison, they all bit me. I yelled in pain. I saw their faces light up, and then I noticed the light was coming from me. The light got so bright that not even I could see. Then my mind went blank.

I remember waking up to Scamper's face. "Were am I?" I questioned her.

"You're in the THIRD ROW club house. Now, all I got to say is…" a long silence followed Scamper's replied. "Welcome to THE THIRD ROW! You're a part of the club now."

"I thought you had to be a freak to join." I stated.

"You are a freak. Since everyone bit you, you turned into a ghost."

Later, I got to like the club. So now, I'm a ghost girl. I am ecstatic there is a new kid named Rachel. She is in the THIRD ROW playing trombone. The club said they would give me the honor to….CHANGE HER!