"Come on Stacy! Are you ever gonna get up?" I heard my dad scream from down stairs. I jolted up and looked at my clock. It read 12:38. Oh, crap! I thought to myself, I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late playing that stupid video game. I sprung up and hurriedly put on some pants and skipped down the stairs.

This was a normal weekday for me over my summer break, or so I thought. I am Stacy Jordan. I was a normal girl, well not normal, but at least human. I have a short emo haircut, dark hair, and bright purple highlights. I guess I am pretty short for my age. I have my own group of social outcasts I call friends. I guess you could say I was a normal 14-year-old girl, but this all changed that Tuesday of June.

After about falling down the stairs, I started my usual routine. I ate my breakfast/lunch, and then went to my room to continue playing on my Playstation 2. A couple hours later, around 3, I heard a knock on the door. I ignored it thinking it was my dad being stupid or something. Later I noticed there was a woman talking to my parents down stairs, but still blew it off. Eventually my mom called me down stairs. I walked down there to see a well-dressed woman who looked strangely familiar. I then felt embarrassed considering all I was wearing was my pajamas.

"Stacy, this lady has some…important news for you." my mom announced, sounding kinda disappointed.

"Okay." I replied unsure what was going on and slumped down on the couch.

I looked at the woman, and then she finally began talking, "Hello Stacy, I am I Akhekhu Draggone. I am from a place far away." That's a strange name… She sighed and then announced, "Stacy, I am your birthing mother." I stared at her in disbelieve.

"I didn't know I was adopted!" I shouted at my parents

"You weren't adopted. We didn't know about this until just now also." I was confused. I stared at them for a minute, and then looked at my so-called "mother". She smiled at me reassuringly. I was distraught by her happiness.

"From where I come from, I have learned a spell or two," Akhekhu began explaining, "One of them is called the knowledge blast. It can transfer my knowledge of a certain subject to another person, just by touching them. With this you will learn all you need to know." She came and sat next to me and touched my arm.

I began feeling dizzy and the whole world went white. I couldn't see or hear anything. I felt this strange sort of power running all through my body. Soon enough the feeling traveled to my head, and I began feeling this extreme pressure in my brain. My head pounded and I was beginning to get a headache. Now I felt as if the world around me was shaking and then it all came back. Within seconds I could see and hear normally again. I felt strange, and all of these thoughts were running through my head, things I couldn't even imagine.

I learned all about me. I am Zundae Draggone, a dragon demon. A dragon demon is a mix between a demon and a dragon. Since demons take human form, my true form is half human, half dragon. Still a dragon demon can turn into a full dragon. Each dragon has there own "power" and colors. My colors are purple and green. My powers are illusions and enchanted trickery. I get most of my traits from my mother's side of the family.

My mom is an enchantment dragon, and her sister was a sorcerer dragon. That's where I get my powers. My dad was a warrior dragon; this trait has been passed on through generations in his family. His name is Astarot. My brother is a joker dragon, with colors blue and orange. His name is Zeffron. He gets traits from pretty much everyone in the family, mom and dad's side.

Back when I was just an egg, there was a war going on between werewolves and dragons. The dragon demons started getting involved with the war. My father had to go fight, so he left my brother and me alone with my mom. She then got the calling that she had to be a healer for the wounded and couldn't care for us. She sent us into two different women in America that she felt would take best care of her children. She was hoping we would forget of our power.

Now, my mother has lost track of Zeffron and doesn't know where he is. The dragon demon kind is being taken over and is almost extinct. A few hundred live. There are secret undercover dragons in each state fighting off things, trying to protect there kind. There is very few in Kentucky, so I have to renew my powers so I can join in the fight to help my kind.

My head spun from all the new knowledge. I looked at Akhekhu, and she grinned at me. "I just have one question, how do I renew my powers?" I asked

"That's the bad thing," Akhekhu went on, "We have to cut your arm and insert some dragon demon blood, it is your father's. He died in the war and the only thing they could give me was this. I'll have to do it in atleast three different spots." Oh god… Akhekhu pulled out her suitcase and opened it up. Inside were two syringes and a knife. "First I will numb your arm with this syringe, cut you three times on your arm, insert the blood and sew you up!" she said it so happy it made me sick. I guess she was trying to let me feel comfortable because I could see the pain in her eyes.

My dad held my arm while Akhekhu inserted the numbing stuff. Seconds later, I couldn't even move my hand. I looked down at my arm to see she already cut me twice and in the process of the third one. She put a couple drops of the purplish blood into each cut, and then began sewing up the wounds. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" my dad asked. I shook my head.

"Now I have to hurry back home. There will be a trainer coming over soon to help you with your new powers. He should be coming over tomorrow. There is only one more thing I need to let you know, do not tell anyoneabout your true self. Only a remote amount of people can know. People who deserve to know, and you'll know who can bestow of this secret when the time comes. Well goodbye my child." she then turned into half dragon, walked outside and flew away. I just stared out the window, unsure what to do next…