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Chap. 1: A Painful Past

"Mommy! Daddy!" I cried as I saw them laying on the ground dead floating on a pool of dark blood. I hid in the under the bed as I heard a crash and a high pitched scream.

With my chubby toddler fingers, I dialed 911 as I watched the kids who were in trouble in the TV do. "What's your emergency?"

I tried to stop crying but whimpered,"M-my p-parents t-they are d-dead!"

"Miss, where is your location?" I heard the concerned lady ask.

"...1389 Maplewood Ave." I whisper and closed my eyes trying to convince myself that this was all a dream.

"Please stay calm. An ambulance will be sent soon." Then the lady hung up on me. I crawled slowly to Mommy and held her hand with my tiny one.

"M-mommy wake up!" I wailed helplessly as I yanked her limp and ice cold hand to awaken her. Then, I jumped on Daddy's bloody chest and shouted,"WAKE UP!"

I woke up from the memory I dreamed of and sat up breathing heavily. I was only a mere two year old at that time. I glanced at my black alarm clock and noticed it was 6:56 AM. I yawned sleepily and rubbed my ocean blue eyes. Now, I'm sixteen already. Time flies, eh?

Thank heaven it's Saturday! Now, all I have to do is finish that huge pile of homework sitting on my desk. No problem, right? It's gonna take me forever to finish this mountain of assignments! This is the life of a twelfth grade student! Those kindergarteners got it easy... Just finger painting and singing the ABC's.

I grabbed my black glasses that were shaped like sunglasses, stood up, and stretched. I trudged to the kitchen and started making myself some scrambled egg and French toast.

Ever since my parents died, our house was put on sale and was bought by some newly weds. I, my two year old self, got the money and thought,'Yay, I'm not as poor anymore! I can afford my own house.'

I stayed with Aunt Kristy until I turned fourteen and bought an apartment. Aunt Kristy tried to convince me to stay and say I'm too young to live by myself, but I argued that sometimes I need my own personal space and in this case an apartment. Besides, Aunt Kristy's children were sometimes loud and noisy... I'm a teenage girl with personal needs! What else can I say?

I transferred the scrambled egg and french toast onto a plate as I thought of my childhood. My friends thought I was too mature because I was painfully polite and respectful. Also, I was living by myself with greater responsibilities such as laundry, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and cooking meals for me everyday.

I think I'll go take a walk today. I smiled at the thought of going to Lake Swan. The atmosphere there was so peaceful and refreshing. When I was little, I'd always run there if I was upset or crying.

Sometimes I felt so left out when kids around me talked about their parents and Mother's/Father's Day. We would make a craft for our parents, but I'd always give it to my Grandma and Grandpa instead. Technically, they are both parents of my parents.

I brushed my teeth and combed my dark brown hair so it would fall in neat and soft waves. My friends told me they were sometimes so envious of my hair because it was so easy to fix. I was jealous of their childhood and mainly parents that aren't dead.

Then, I furiously wrote at lightning speed through my homework and finished just as 45 minutes past. Now, I can walk to Lake Swan!

I changed into a black miniskirt and blue T-shirt with the words,'Flirtationship. More than friendship, but less than relationship.' The word 'flirtationship' were in rainbow color.

I had a flirtationship with my guy friend Kyle Couture. We were kinda more than friends, but not the dating kind. Like 'We're not dating, but nobody's allowed to date you.' I admit, Kyle is cute. He had spiky orange hair and obsidian eyes. Now, see why I say he's cute? He reminds me of the anime character, Kyo Sohma, from the anime Fruits Basket. I really wanted Kyo and Tohru to kiss, but no, they had to not make a season 2 and force me to read the manga!

I grabbed my checkered black backpack and stuffed my lunch of dinner leftovers, wallet, apartment key, iPhone, extra change of clothes, puberty emergency kit, and my pepper spray. What? It's not weird to keep pepper spray! You never know when some stalker creeps up to you and pounces. Just saying. Just in case.

I quickly put on my white ankle length socks and slipped my feet into my Nike high tops. I made sure I locked the door and went on my way to Lake Swan!

Chap. 2: Lake Swan

I walked to Lake Swan as I marveled at the breath taking beauty surrounding me. The sun was still rising so the sky had shades or red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and dark blue. Beautiful. I took out my iPhone and snapped two pictures of it.