Chapter 2: Lake Swan

I walked to Lake Swan as I marveled at the breath taking beauty surrounding me. The sun was still rising so the sky had shades or red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and dark blue. Beautiful. I took out my iPhone and snapped two pictures of it.

While quickly glancing at my watch and saw it was only 7:30 AM. Guess I'm an early riser! That's funny because I'm a very heavy sleeper. Once I slept through a whole day of school and my friend, Lily, told me nothing would wake me up. My classmates poked me, pinched me, punched me, slapped me, pulled my hair hard, and banged my head on my desk. Can't you see how nice my classmates are? They even poured a bucket of ice cold water on me! Crazy people these days... Or should I say classmates?

I arrived at Lake Swan in only six minutes. You see, the lake's only a short walk away. This lake is really peaceful early in the morning like right now. I sat on the wooden bench and started to sing. My Grandma thinks I inherited my singing voice from my Mom, but I refuse to believe that. My voice can't be that beautiful as Mom's! No way.

"No matter how many thousands of times we cry, surely we can overcome it one more time. You can't act like you're clumsy and run away. You should know that much."

I sang softly and heard the birds singing in the background like they were begging me to sing more. This song's called Nimada by 2BACKKA. Namida means tears in Japanese. It became inspirational to me after I found the English translation of the Japanese lyrics. So, I'm actually singing this in Japanese. Go Japan!

"This is the last time, the last chance, and even if I mess up, I won't be scared.
The sorrow, the sadness, the longing - they can all be healed someday."

That part reminded me of when I found my parents dead and my life afterward. I was incredibly depressed on the inside, but I always kept it to myself because I didn't want to worry my Aunt Kristy or Grandma or Grandpa or my friends.

"When the days we cried and cried are behind us, we can be strong one more time. You can't act like a coward and run away. You should know that much."

I knew that I couldn't act like a coward and be sad my whole remaining life. My parents would be frowning from heaven if that was the way I acted. I had to be strong and kept telling myself, 'Be strong. You'll survive.'

"No matter how many thousands of times we fall, surely we can overcome it one more time. I'm sure your voice will reach me over any distance, straight to me, forever..."

I always felt sad whenever the topic of family was brought up in my childhood. Once, the teacher assigned us to write an essay what family means to us, and I couldn't do it. I was so frustrated that I started to cry. My teacher told me I could write about friends instead but I couldn't tell my friends that.

"The days when things don't go as planned, the feelings I deceived by acting strong. It feels like something's about to break, like tears are about to fall."

The day that didn't go as planned was the day I found my parents dead. Why my parents? The murderer should've just killed me and sparred my parents. Maybe, if I could've... No, that's an 'if' question and I don't know if that would've happened if I did that instead.

"Unable to be honest. Unable to be myself. If all I ever do is run away, My feelings will never be known."

I was never honest to myself come to think of it. When some asked if I was ok, I'd say I was fine. But, deep in my crying heart, I knew I wasn't.

"I have to face the goal I've set. Even if I'm pounded by wind and rain, I have to face it.
Before I know it, time is passing me by. But everyone, no matter who, can surely grow stronger. I can't keep deceiving my feelings and smashing them down every day.
Now is the time to climb the stairway of my one and only life."

I had to accept that my life would never be the same. Growing up with no parents was harsh. I always denied my true feelings and replaced them with happy ones so everyone else would be happy. I was truly crying on the inside and that killed me slowly.

"It feels like I can reach it, but I can't. It feels like I can grasp it, but I can't. The same old fears, so many fears, are holding me back by the arm. Let go of me, I have to go, this isn't my place. If I leave now it won't be too late. I've decided that the tears trailing down my cheeks will be my last."

I kept on fearing that someone else close would die too and I was distant from everyone for a while. Then, I realized that I just made it worse. It's better to have loved and lost than have never loved before.

"It's not over yet, nothing has ended, nothing has started yet. I haven't finished giving my answer yet, I haven't given up yet. I haven't experienced the joy of knowing the meaning, the reason that I am who I am. I'm already standing by myself, my own tomorrow is waiting."

My life isn't over just because my parents died. That's a silly and ridiculous excuse! I still don't know what to do with my remaining life, but I won't give up because I know my parents are watching me from heaven. I still don't know the true meaning of who I am, but I know I'll know someday.

"Wipe your tears, lift your face, say this is the beginning and look up at the sky. Smile and stretch out your hand, until we arrive at the same feeling."

My Aunt Kristy would always be there for me and wipe my tears and tell me to smile and be happy that my life was saved. I don't think I've arrived at that feeling yet... I felt something wet trail down my rosy cheeks and I realized I was crying. The birds singing was not as happy anymore but sounded like melancholy. I realized I sang the song sadly when the original version sang it happily like trying to cheer someone up. Could that someone be me?

Automatically, I frantically wiped my tears away. I faintly heard a rustle from a nearby bush, but then it stopped and silence prevailed. Maybe, it was a rabbit or a raccoon? I hummed the tune as I pulled out my iPhone and listened to more music.

Boy's POV:

I taking my usual morning jog around Lake Swan until I heard a beautiful female voice singing in a foreign language. Ok, she's obviously not English. She sang so sadly that it made me want to run to her and comfort her. I mean, I wouldn't actually do that to some person I hardly know! Imagine some random stranger hugging you out of nowhere. Now, that's really awkward.

How can I think that by just merely hearing her voice?! I don't even know her! I walked slowly to the voice and saw it was a pretty girl with wavy dark brown hair and mesmerizing ocean blue eyes. Her eyes looked unusually watery as she continued to sing the song. I did not think she was pretty! I hardly know her! All the girls drool at me and I hate all of them. Think I may even developed a fan girl phobia... I shouldn't think the other way around!

Why did the girls think I was so cute and hot? I just had black messy hair and amber eyes. My eyes were kind of a light bronze color of amber. Boring! I find blue eyes like hers way more intriguing... I did not just think that! Brain, stop thinking such stupid and absurd stuff!

As I listened closer to the song and realized it was Japanese! Wait a sec, could it be...? Yes, it's the song my twin sister always sings except she's really bad at singing. Like nails scratching a chalkboard! My sister's 'singing' sounds more like wailing to me. No offense, sis. Look on the bright side, her singing voice could be a weapon that causes deafness! Except the girl's singing it so sadly... Wasn't it a cheerful and motivational song?

Suddenly, tears started spilling out of her sad eyes and she didn't seem to notice. I amusingly watched as she realized she was crying. She started to panic and wipe her tears frantically. Why would she start crying so easily in public?

I quietly chuckled (at how she panically wiped her tears, not because of her crying!) until one of my black hairs got stuck in the bush I was hiding in. Dang it. Stupid messy hair! I blame my pathetic excuse of a father because he has the same hair as me. I cursed under my breath as I was freed from the evil clutches of Mr. Bush. Not George Bush... That's a good joke! I've gotta remember that like how Facebook reminds me of people's birthdays. The only reason I joined Facebook was to remember peoples' birthdays.

I jogged the opposite direction and tore my eyes from the mystery girl who was now listening to music from her iPhone. STOP STARING, ME! Honestly, I'm not that fond of my parents. Let's just say, they're strict. I'm talking about strict strict strict. They're strict that not one 'strict' could not possibly describe how strict they are.

My father, Justin Ember, is a well known international business man and my mother, Juliet Knowles, is an international model. They met by my father making business with my mother's company, made eye contact, talked, fell in love, and yada yada yada. Then, came the super awesome me, Damien Ember. Not to sound like a narcissist... I'm not in love with myself! That's just plain gross. But, I'm not saying I hate myself either!

Anyways, I've gotta find out who she is! I know, I'll talk to her and compliment her! Always works on the girls. Well, to be more specific, the girls that stare and blush and flirt with me. My translation, the annoying girls that just won't leave me alone. Valentine's Day is the worst day for me. But won't I sound stalkerish if I say, "Hello. Did you know you have an amazing singing voice?"

I'll just come up with something else, I thought as I jogged towards her. Aha! There she is. As I jogged closer, I realized she was sleeping. I had a strange urge to put her silky chocolate brown hair behind her ear. What's happening to me? She looked less sad as she slept and more peaceful. The girl started to shiver in her sleep and I noticed she was turning paler. Doesn't she know it's unhealthy to sleep in late January? It's terrible for your health and you may get a cold which sucks. I hate when I have some random coughing attack due to a cold when the teacher's talking. I'm like, "Hey, it's not my fault! Blame it on stupid colds and cough attacks, not me." Anyway, she didn't even bring a sweater! Summer's not here yet, you know.

Since I just jogged and was feeling warm, I took off my jacket and draped it on her shivering body and hesitantly sat beside her. If she woke up, she'd probably think, 'Stranger danger!' and punch me or she'd say,"OMG, you're so hot! I'm so-and-so, who are you, hottie?" I've never met a girl who reacted the first way before. That would be a surprise.

I felt something pull my arm and I realized that she was hugging my right arm. Well, either she already has the hots for me in her sleep or she's a heavy sleeper. I smiled and surprisingly started shivering too. Winter just never wants to leave, huh? Instinctually, I started to rub my hands together for warmth. My eyes started to slowly close and before I knew it, I was dead asleep.

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