Summary: Hannah Forrest is an ex-party girl who's prepared for the life of high school. Making friends, late night studying and sneaking around. When her paths cross with Cameron Perry, her perfect, imaginary world mixes up. Forced to tutor him in French, she learns more and more about him. Throw in some petty drama, cat fights, and secrets and Hannah's first year of high school will certainly be her most complicated. Never Have I Ever been in such a big mess.

Never Have I Ever

Chapter One

I can't believe I'm actually here, I think, staring up at the large red brick buildings with paved paths and trim grass cut in between.

After ten years of school, I've reached the four most exciting. High school. I remember graduation, the tears and hugs and empty promises of staying in touch, but there was still that faint tingling feeling running up and down all our arms.

McKinley High is the school I decided on in fourth grade, and I prepared my entire life for this. Seriously. It's one of the best in the state, because of its excellent French program. I've taken French since I was eight, so I think I'm good to go.

Eager freshmen stream past me at rapid paces, excited to join the fun and learning and drama and friends. A girl with short blond hair and a nose ring hitches her mandatory skirt higher up her slim white thigh. She's trying to make the uniforms sluttier, but it was a bit hard, with purple blazers and green plaid skirts. You guessed it; school colors didn't match. Boys wore ties and jackets or vests—whatever floated their boats.

I sigh with happiness and take my first few steps, but my phone buzzes anxiously. I sigh again, though not as happily. It's a text from my best friend Victoria.

Meet me in the first hall bathroom! Got some gossip! 101

I guess Tori has settled down and everything. I brush past several high—already?- students and jog up the smooth stairs and into the loud hallway. We'd gotten a tour, so I knew where everything was. Right here is the washroom…

Victoria is sitting on the counter casually, ignoring the looks she's getting from the rest of the world. Tori is really pretty, with tumbling brown hair that reaches past her elbows and shiny hazel eyes. It was an odd combination, but matched with her Hispanic colored skin, it looks exotic.

I did not get that end of gene pool though—I was blessed with black hair and pale skin and dark blue eyes. It worked on Katy Perry. Me? Not so much. Tori and I were both slender, so it worked out there, but she was taller by a few inches, making her legs look miles long in her skirt.

I dump my bag—a newly purchased one by the way—on the counter. "What's up?" I ask curiously.

Tori stops texting and smiles, flashing her straight white teeth. "Apparently some kid flunked ninth-grade French and is taking it with us."

"So? How does that like, threaten our lives?" I say, wondering what Tori could be talking about.

"Um, take a look at his Facebook profile picture!" she exclaims, shoving her phone in my face. She's right though—he is handsome. He has dark brown hair, wavy a bit, that stops midway at his ears, devilish green eyes, a strong jaw and a cute dimple in his left cheek. In the picture, he's leaning against a wall, looking out of it.

"Yum, right?" Tori says excitedly. "I've got my flirt on and everything." She flashes me a beautiful smile before clicking on Wall Post and typing a message. I couldn't see what it was, but I knew it was something attractive or whatever.

"Well, I'd keep that flirt on for a while. We haven't got French until fourth period," I say cheekily, grabbing my bag. "Math is going to be my morning wake up, so see you. Text me if anything exciting happens—that concerns us."

It's third period and my smile is permanent. Sure, classes were going to get more serious, but today has been fun introducing games. I met a girl named Emily Bowling, an average nice girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She understood most of my messed up jokes, so I liked her immediately. I really liked my Math teacher, Mr. Downer.

The bell rings and kids push back their seats and chatter about their days. I slip my phone out of my pocket and discreetly text Tori to meet me in front of French. I shove past rowdy boys and hurry down the busy hallways, determined to get to class without an incident. But before I could turn the corner completely, I run into a hard body.

"ACK!" I cry, as my newly-acquired books tumble out of my arms. I fall to my knees trying to gather them. One flew near the person's feet. I look up and let out a little squeak of terror. Because it's the flunked student in French. He hands me my book. All I can do is stare at him. Tori must've forgotten to tell me that he's so much hotter in real life. He shakes out his dark hair and smiles at me.

"Sorry," he says apologetically, though he doesn't look it. I'm still on my knees, so I kind of arch my back. I guess I forgot that I'm wearing a short skirt. He smirks.

"Nice. I heart Las Vegas?" He's talking about my underwear. My lucky ones. I blush.

"Um, yeah." I get up and grab my bag. "See you." He laughs in response, before strutting past.

I stare at his retreating back. I rush down the hallway once again, and I see Tori looking pissed off. The warning bell is about to ring any minute. "Hey, where have you been? Ugh, never mind. I'll text you inside," she snaps, as she shoves me into a seat in the back of the class. The warning bell rings and Madame Lorraine walks in. She takes attendance quickly, ignoring the empty seat beside me. I ignore it too, figuring some kid got sick. My phone buzzes and I pull it out, reading the text under the table.

I've got a crush!

I let out a chuckle and pull out the keyboard to type a response. But before I could ask who, the door slams shut. I let out a startled cry and drop my phone. It's the boy from earlier! I knew he was taking French with the ninth graders, but I didn't think he'd be literally taking the class with us!

"Hey," he says casually, walking down the aisle to the seat next to mine.

"Mr. Perry, it won't be accepted next time." He rolls his eyes at Madame's attempt at threatening.

Throughout the entire class, I stare at him out of the corner of my eye. Because of that, I don't notice the bell ringing. I jump when Tori brushes past me. Why am I so on edge?

As I file out with the rest of the class, I hear Madame call me back, "Mrs. Forrest and Mr. Perry, come over here!"

I walk over nervously. She's a pretty woman with ash blond hair and dark grey eyes. "I have bad news for you both. Mr. Perry. We all know you failed this class last year. And Mrs. Forrest, I looked over your grades from last year! Exceptional work! That's why I want you, Hannah dear, to tutor Cameron. If you manage to pass him in finals this year, you will be awarded credits. So?"

I swallow nervously. It didn't sound like she was giving me a choice, so I quickly nod. "Yes, Madame. I'll gladly do it."

Cameron casually throws an arm over my shoulders. "How is this bad news? I get to work a few days a week with a pretty girl."

I blush, biting my lip. "Hope my looks don't distract you from passing this class," I retort, trying to sound cool.

He leans in closer, so we're only kissing distance away. "Hope my looks don't distract you from teaching me." His cool breath blows into my face, and his eyes look so hypnotizing. I let out an involuntary shiver. Just a few more inches, and my lips will touch hi—

A cough startles us apart. Madame has an amused look on, and I blush even harder. "Hurry along then, you still have time for lunch. Au revoir, mes amis." She smiles warmly.

What have I gotten into?


At lunch, Tori jumps me. "Oh my God, what did Madame want? And with a hunk?" On her tray is a salad, a zero-calorie vitamin filled drink, and an apple. Tori isn't anorexic or vegetarian, she just likes veggies. That's why she's so skinny. We walk down the aisle of our new school, and I catch glimpses of my old friends, who are already eagerly slipping into their respective cliques. My new friend, Emily, raises a hand at a table in the middle, waving us over. I nod towards her, and Tori follows me. She has two friends, a pretty redhead and an overweight—but still pretty—blonde.

"So?" Tori prompts. I give her a look. She sighs and twirls her fork, angrily stabbing at a tomato.

"Hey!" Emily cries. She smiles widely, and I smile back. I had no idea we were at the sitting-together-as-friends stage already. She was just someone who was nice in math. "These are my friends, Mary Ellen Drew" points at blonde "and Diana Troy." They both grin and dig into their back-to-school hamburgers and hotdogs. "I'm Emily," she adds for Tori.

Tori rolls her eyes in response, and I elbow her in the gut. "This prick here, is my best friend, Tori Black. I'm Hannah Forrest."

Tori sighs loudly and jumps back into the question she was bugging me with before. "So? What did she want?"

"What did who want?" Emily asks, confused. I open my mouth to explain, but Tori cuts in.

"Oh my God, theirs this hottie who failed French and has to retake it. Madame totally asked Han and Hottie McHottie to stay after class. Except, Hannah won't tell me what it was about."

"Wait," Diana cuts in, speaking for the first time. "Who?"

"A 'hottie' that failed French? Is he brunet and green-eyed?" Emily asks in an amused tone. I glance at her, wondering how she knew.

"Yeah, he is," I say. "How did you know?"

"Well, Cameron Perry happens to be my step-brother," Emily smirks, and takes a swig from her water bottle. "Our parents got together when I was six and he was seven. He's like an actual brother to me."

"NO. WAY," screeches Tori, earning us a few looks from the people surrounding us. I shush her. "You can totally help me score a date."

"I don't think you wanna do that," Diana says, matter-of-factly. "I dated him for a few weeks last year, and he may be the hottest thing to grace Earth, but he is definitely not the best guy to hang with. He can't keep a conversation—which ruined his cute factor by thirty percent—and he flirts with anything in a skirt. Including guys." She stares at Tori in such a way, you can tell she's not over him.

Tori flips a brown curl. "Yeah, but we won't be doing a lot of talking when I get through with him."

"Wasn't Hannah supposed to say something about why they were stuck after class?" pipes up Mary Ellen in a soft tone.

"Yeah!" Tori cries. "You are great at distracting, Han. So what was it?"

"Madame wants me to tutor him French after school. I don't know when. I guess whenever he's free." I chomp on my hamburger and immediately resist the urge to spit out. Back in middle school, we never had to buy lunch. We brought our own stuff, and on some days—like the day before Winter Break, or on Halloween—they'd give us little snacks and stuff. But never have I ever tasted a gummy bear that smelled and looked like crap. I swallow uncomfortably.

"Do you have is number?" Tori leans in, eager to know.

"No, we didn't get to that part," I say.

Emily smiles helpfully. "I'll give it to you so you guys can set up a study date."

"Me too!" cries Tori, and she snatches Emily's phone to enter the digits.

"Good luck," Mary Ellen says sympathetically, "I used to visit a few years back, and he can be kind of intoxicating." I stare at her for a few moments because she'd just spoken, and it was the most musical sounding voice I'd ever heard.

"You just spoke!" I exclaim, and then clamp a hand over my mouth a few seconds later. "I'm sorry—your voice is really pretty though."

Mary Ellen laughs. She laughs charmingly too. "Yeah, I sing."

"I've got to hear you som-" I begin, but Tori cuts me off.

"Yeah, yeah." She waves a hand dismissively and then begins the Spanish Inquisition on Emily. Tori wasn't always this way. There was a time when she enjoyed literature and sweatpants. She just changed when her crush—Evan Sommers—rejected her after years of infatuation. He said he didn't like ugly girls who liked books and never wore skirts. That opened up a year of a makeover, and somehow I'd been dragged into it. Tori's ambitious personality is because she wanted to prove Evan Sommers that she could get a guy when she put her mind to it. She's been breaking hearts ever since. Even when Evan moved away. Me, being her friend, couldn't just ditch her when she needed most. A personality change didn't really matter. I know Tori is the same at heart. One day, she'll find a guy who will love her for her. For now, I'll stick to mopping up the tears and clearing up drama.

When I type in his number and compose a quick message (Hey, it's Hannah from French. When do you want to meet up for tutoring?") my fingers are shaking. Why am I so nervous?

Because never have I ever been so anxious with guys.

While Tori had been a nerd, I'd been a popular girl. I was always picked first for sports, projects, hanging out. I knew where the parties were—although it was middle school, it was still pretty intense—and I knew who to hang out with. I was rumored to have kissed every boy, which was false, since I'd never laid lips on a boy before.

One night, at the bottom of Julie Carter's basement, it all came tumbling down. Never have I ever was a popular game back then. We were all drunk from Julie's parents' liquor cabinet, and so my secrets were unguarded. I was vulnerable.

"Never have I ever…" I paused to think. "Never have I ever kissed a guy!" Silence was ensued, and everyone, through their drunken haze, stared at me in shock.

"You was lying!" accused Julie, her proper speech skills disintegrated with every sip of her wine.

"Yeah!" I was proud of myself for owning up. "And I never got a belly button ring." I pulled up my blue tank top for extra effect.

"You're a liar!" shouted Mathew Conrad, Julie's boyfriend. "You lie about everything don't you?"

"Yup," I giggled happily. When I woke up the next morning, I remembered the events, and I knew my reign was over. Unlike another, petty girl, I accepted graciously. I called Tori over and we watched depressing movies like The Notebook and Titanic. She saved me. When everyone ignored me at school, save for a handful of girls who were loyal, I pushed on. That's why high school was such a fresh start.

I get to recreate myself. I've learnt from my mistakes.


It's in Art when I get his class. Mr. Finn is explaining the basics of drawing and sketching. I pull out the phone and eagerly read the text:

Sure, meet me at the library after school.

I start to squeal, and then immediately quench it. I will not squeal over a guy I'd met two hours ago. Besides, it's not a date. I'm teaching him French.

But I still can't help but be excited.

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