Cassious walked through the slave market with Lucent, his slave of 8 years. He was looking for a new slave that would do the rest of the housework to free up Lucent so he could work on getting better at the fish market business that Cassious ran. He looked down the rows of boys all chained up and filthy and ran his hand over a few, looking for one with a little bit of fight and who looked strong enough to do some heavy lifting. He saw some slavers walk toward him and just waited there, knowing he'd get to save time if they offered him some instead of having to look through the half breeds himself. He had a reputation of wanting the best, and having a tendency of going through slaves because he was so hard on them.

"Cassious! So nice to see you again! I hear you're in the market for a new slave." Marcus was a very well known trader and knew his way around.

"Hello Marcus. Yes I am actually. I am looking for one who isn't scrawny and underfed. Marks are fine, I don't mind a little texture when I fuck um. Small one, around ten or so. I want a blonde one this time."

"of course Sir. I have a few boys who might fill your needs quite nicely. Is virginity necessary?" Cassious followed him through rows and rows of boys, seeing a few that might have worked, but he didn't want to deal with lower class slavers. They never knew their property well enough.

"No, I don't mind, as long as it's just been rape. I don't want a boy expecting soft touches or any shit like that." He saw Lucent visibly flinch and just ignored him. The boy knew where he stood. He would have to keep his eye on him though, he did have a bad habit of feeling bad for the new ones, and even sometimes still felt bad when Trent, his other slave, went through an extra harsh punishment. He caught him all the time giving Trent painkillers or helping him with chores. Sometimes when he knew he had been to harsh he looked the other way, but not often. He followed them into a smaller back room and looked at all of the pretty boys lining the walls. All of them just had an ankle chained to the floor so they were free to spin or spread their legs with their hands behind them. He walked around the room, scouting, and saw quite a few he really liked. They were all small and pretty and most had delicate features, and of course were all male.

Marcus led Cassious to the back wall and pointed to a boy who was glaring, but also pushed tight against the wall with his hand over his stomach where he could tell a bruise was forming, "This one is 17, but he's well bred and will stay small."
"yes, he looks younger." he looked him over and looked at his chart, "not a virgin hmm?"

Marcus shook his head and smiled at the boy, who's expression fell, "No, but his old master was very rough, not enough to cause permanent damage mind you, but he wasn't gentle with him. He's a quiet little thing, but does work, especially if threatened with a flogging. He hates being hit. I worked with him for a little while and is terrified of sex, but I think he'd be great at it with just a little push."
"fuck that..." Cale mumbled under his breath, which earned him a slap across the face. Marcus glared at him, "he's a little bitch sometimes, but wouldn't be terribly hard to break. He can lift a lot and does pretty much what he's told."
Cassious nodded, "He's the best fit you have for me?" he turned the boy around roughly, but kept his arm out so he wouldn't fall. He looked over his back, "the scars he has here are actually pretty. They are so neat and even. They must have hurt like hell though..."

"Oh yes. His first and only other Master was very, organized."

"draw up the papers." he said slowly and walked away, leaving Cale breathless and shaky. He was so scared of going somewhere new, and he had heard about Cassious from the other slaves and all of the ones around him gave him a pittying look. He sat down and curled up on himself, knowing Marcus wouldn't care because he was already sold.