Why do we always have to fight?
We're suppose to be siblings
We're suppose to care for each other
But we don't
We never stop fighting
Gimme this!
Gimme that!
I don't want it!
No it's mine!
Just please be quiet
I can't even hear the voices in my own mind
They mimic us
Never shutting up
Running, and running all around my head
A poke here!
A punch there!
Grow up will you!
Act your age!
Just stop it
Unfortunately my voice isn't as loud as yours
And I can't just stop you
You'll never hear me over the yelling
Over and over the same things said
What did you say?!
Take that back!
I never said that!
Keep it to yourself!
Just leave me alone
Get away from me
Just go away
I don't want to be near your fighting
But I'll still stay
You lied to me!
No I didn't!
Just tell me the truth!
You not worth it!
Just make up
Become friends
Along with brothers
But you don't get along
Fighting, fighting, fighting
I hate you!
I hate you too!
Brothers love each other!
Well we don't!
Just get away from each other
Leave each other alone
Go in separate rooms
Stay away
Leave me in peace
Why are you crying?!
No I'm not!
Haha, haha!
Shut up!
Just say together
Stop the fighting
We're all we have
We need each other
Family is important
... I love you
... I do too
Ha, I totally lied!
Like that would ever happen!

A poem I wrote when my brothers wouldn't stop fighting and it might be a little about my anxiety too. Hope someone likes it.