Ghost Hunters, chap 10

The three looked around the small house. They rummaged in every nook and cranny, in every cupboard the small house had to offer.

'Found anything?' Kana called out, the panic urgent in his voice.

Ethan was in his bedroom, pulling drawers out of their slots. 'Nothing!' he yelled back, clothes flying all around his room. Simon was doing the same.

'I can't find it!' he said.

They ran around the house like their lives depended on it. Kana's eyes glowed periwinkle- a sure sign he was serious. Symbols around the old walls lit up, previously invisible. Thousands of them ran from wall to ceiling, intricate patterns. Some of the symbols reminded Simon of cat's eyes when it's looking for something.

'What's he doing…?' Ethan muttered, looking around at the eyes which seemed to be staring back at him.

Suddenly every eye in the house widened and the symbols faded. Kana's eyes returned to their normal black. 'I found it!' he declared, before sprinting to Ethan's room.

'Where is it?' Ethan demanded, practically drooling at the mouth.

Kana reached under his dirty mattress and pulled out a large paper bag.

'Food!' he declared, holding up three cans of soup. Their eyes lit up, and an unnatural silence fell across the room. Kana looked down, crestfallen.

'Oh…' he mumbled.

'Why?' Simon asked.

'There are three cans.' He said. 'There are four people here. Five, including Monroe. But we're not going to give her any, right?'

Ethan shook his head. 'Nope. She tried to kill us! I'm still wondering why we haven't killed her.'

'I told you, I have a bad feeling about killing her. Anyway, what can we do? How do we divide the cans?'

All three of them felt a rumbling in their stomach. Simon resisted. 'We can't do this! Bartholomew saved our lives!'

'He doesn't look like he eats much anyway' Ethan grumbled.

'How's this. We'll pour all three cans into one big pot and divide it into four bowls. Everyone wins.' Simon said.

Ethan looked hesitant, but was quick to give in once he looked at the can in his hand. 'As long as we can eat. Let's cook it.'

As the two went down to the kitchen Kana heard Simons voice. 'So, Ethan, how did the soup end up under your bed?'

Ethan replied with guilt laced in his voice. 'I have no idea'


Kana smiled to himself as he went to check on Bartholomew and Alexis. He walked into their room- it was only undisturbed one in the house. Thankfully, Bartholomew was still resting, his symbols invigorating his emaciated body. In stark contrast, Alexis was sprawled rather unceremoniously on the ground, binding symbols traced on her sleeves and pant legs with white ink, bottling her magic and transferring it to Bartholomew. Kana was rather proud of himself here- he had perfected a spell which allowed someone to heal themselves independently of the symbol-maker. All he had to do was to draw the symbol, but in this case he had Alexis's energy to power it. He thought back to his discovery of magic.

His parents had apparently annoyed the wrong kind of people. His mother- or was it his father? - was taking care of him when she was struck down by a rouge magician. His other parent was killed soon after, but he was rescued. By who, he didn't know. He was only a baby at the time- 15 years ago. He had shown up in an orphanage with a note saying 'His name is Kana Kobayashi', as well as the circumstances surrounding his parents and their deaths. Apparently, he had no other family.

At seven years of age the other boys and girls shunned him, for he exhibited strange abilities. His childlike drawings were terrorizing the orphanage, but luckily the head was a magician- his name was Arthur Jowl. He took care of Kana, and helped the other kids accept him. In secret, he was also teaching him the history of magic and how to control the symbols as an Enchanter.

He taught him about the secrecy that magical peoples all over the world had to maintain, at the price of privacy. You had all sorts of people who had inherited magic, and it would get out of hand if not for the 'Keepers'- people like Jowl. 'Keepers' was an organisation that had two main jobs- to aid young magicians to control their powers and to find rouge magicians. Kana was a natural Enchanter, and excelled at every task Jowl had to offer. He could still picture the old man's face. 'Kana, you'll be the death of me. I stay up late every night thinking of tests for you!' he would laugh every time Kana would finish a challenge set by him, typically exceeding expectations.

Then Jowl died in action, and Kana was shoved back and forth several orphanages, until he met Ethan. He had a story very similar to his. They decided to run away, so they did. They travelled all around the United Nations, laying low. They got their first big contact protecting a large shipping company against small army of ghosts- that was their first big fight. They decided to call themselves the 'Ghost Hunters' and bought a house in the back streets of London from a shady magical broker. Then they met Simon.

He was a confused individual, and confusion, adolescence and magic aren't a very good combination, so they decided to take him under their wing. Throughout the six months that Simon had joined their little group and family-like bond had developed between the three. They were like brothers now, and Kana smiled at the ceiling.

Ethan ran into the room, clutching a white envelope. 'Kenny! We have mail!'

'Who's it from?'

'Mr Tesla!'

'Well, what does it say?'

Ethan opened the letter. He read out 'Ghost Hunters. We have captured the owner of the Lightning Pawn shop, Justin Tesla.' He shook his head 'Can't imagine Tesla having a name like Justin'

'Just finish it!'

'We expect an exchange at the pawn shop at three o' clock in the afternoon, Wednesday, 15th of July. Tesla for Monroe'

'What's the date today?'

'The 15th. It's one o'clock.'

Kana turned around to grab everything he'd need, when he heard Ethan's voice. 'Oh, and Kenny?'


'It's signed by a person called Gaze. Does that name mean anything to you?'

'No. Let's get ready!'

Ethan turned towards the door. 'Simon! We have to go!'

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