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What happens when things you've always known in fairytales suddenly comes true? What happens when fairies become regulars at your mall? And vampires went to your school? Or witches and wizards are going into business by changing peoples lives if they ask for it? Well, it becomes a scary place. My life was fine, almost perfect, before these
Creatures came. I use a capital C in Creatures because they use it themselves. So last year, December 17, the port hole connecting our world to their world opened. Only a couple thousand Creatures came out. That's not a lot if you include the 2 billion people in the United States. But then, they all moved to the U.S. because it's the New World or the Western Civilization. All the witches and wizards and vampires and werewolves were on the East coast because they like the
change of seasons. All the creepy Creatures lived on the West coast because they liked the warmer weather.

So, my life before this happened...
I was just a regular 17 year old girl who went to school with her friends. I'm taller than a normal girl- 6 feet tall. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I have glasses. My friends were my friends back then and my sister was my best friend and still is. We get along great.

Okay, so, once they came here, no one knew what to make of it really. We kind of shunned them like how we are with criminals, except some were friendly and blended in well. Others were always trying to put a spell on you or bite you or just all together try to kill you. It's a dangerous world to live in. In school, instead of Home Economics they had Training. Training is for the people who don't feel too safe with all the extra danger. I just took the class, because it was easy. I didn't really know I would need it later. Some of my best friends are the Creatures that came. Gloria is my werewolf friend, Bon is my vampire friend, and James is my wizard friend.

I met Gloria when I was walking home from school. She tried to get me to go to her house with her. The thing is, I actually have a bit of common sense. So naturally, with my common sense in hand, I said sure. (Note the sarcasm). That's how we got to know each other. She tried to wrestle me to the ground and eat me alive. She is only a baby compared to every other werewolf that is her age (she matured much more slowly than everyone else.) Since I'm pretty strong, I pinned her to the ground and she stopped struggling.
"What did you do that for?" I asked stupidly.
"Well, I'm a werewolf. It's what I do," she said with me still pinning her down.
"Didn't you ever notice there are other things to eat then humans?"
"I need to eat a human to prove my worth to my old folks. I'm still too little, though."

"You are." I said getting off her and giving my hand to help her up. She agreed not to try to eat anyone until she had grown a lot more, but no promises. We became friends after that. Oh and she has long brown hair (she only has hair on the top of her head, not every where on her) and brown eyes. She is a few inches shorter than me.

I met Bon in almost the same way, but instead of him asking me to go to his house, he asked me out. And so, I went out with him. He was cute enough. Slick black hair and green eyes, he is an inch taller than me. We went to the movies to see a vampire horror movie. I am completely terrified of horror movies. I don't know why I agreed to it. The whole time the movie was playing, I had my eyes wide open, because I couldn't shut them and I heard him laughing next to me at the way the movie people think they got the image down for a real vampire. (This was a whole month before people knew vampires had come out of the port hole.) Afterward I asked him why he was laughing. He ignored the question and said to follow him. I said okay, but not somewhere dark. When we got to his secret place, it was dark, it was scary and, I screamed my head off when he tried to bite my neck. Loud noises, like screams, hurt his ears so he totally backed off while holding his ears.

"Cut it out," he yelled so I would hear him above my screaming. (My screams are like those classic horror movie screams you hear in movies, but louder. I don't know why.)
"Don't bite me and I will, but if you try it again I will scream." I said calmly, even though I almost got bitten by a vampire.
"Okay, okay. Just don't scream again. Gosh, now I've got a head ache," he said holding his head.
"I'm sorry, but I didn't know and I was scared."
"No, I'm sorry I tried to bite you. You just look so good. I can't tell which feeling I'm feeling. Either, I'm hungry, but I just ate, or it's just a tingling feeling that-"
"You're not hungry. You're just nervous. Everyone gets that feeling when they're nervous about something. We call it Butterflies. We say, 'I've got Butterflies in my stomach.'"
"Oh." he said deep in thought.
"Well, I have to go home now. It's getting late." I started to walk away, but I ran into him. He moved from behind me to in front of me really fast. When I bumped into him, he hugged me and said thanks. Then he was gone. Now we are girlfriend and boyfriend, but he doesn't get that concept. "Why 'date' when you can get married?" he says.
"We aren't old enough." I always say, "It's not our custom to get married at the age of 17."