My history teacher once told us a story

He said we would never remember.

It was boringly bland, had no flow to it, and

It was sixth grade in early September.

Said he "Since I'm teaching you students this year,

I would like to make sure you excel, and

The way that a teacher communicates best

Is to know how to tell stories well."

So as an example he told us a tale

That he knew we'd forget by grade eight.

It was short, it was boring, and lacking a plot.

"Have I made my point?" he asked. "Great."

He then, without pausing, launched into a tale

Full of subplots, surprises, and twists.

We all were enthralled, on the edge of our seats.

He really was awesome at this.

At the end we applauded, and he took a bow

We liked this guy right from the start.

But I promised myself, in my obstinate ways

I would keep the first tale in my heart.

And so now three years later, in high school no less

(I admit my success is alarming)

The really good story had slipped through my mind

But the first was "There once was an army."