No one listens, not one listens

Always too busy with unimportant things

To deal with my warnings

My prattling

So they call it

But I still try to get their attention


To save them of course

To save myself as well

Because I know it's up there

I saw it myself and I know why it's here

Soon soon soon it will come down

And I try to tell them

But no one believes me

They don't trust me

They call me crazy

So maybe I should let it be

Let them suffer at the mercy of it

Because if they won't believe I cant make them

But it is up there

I saw it clear as day

It's not inside my head

I should save myself while I can

Before it comes down

And wreaks the havoc it promises

I tried to warn them

I failed to warn them

I cannot save them

Blame me not for I persisted

But my cries fell on deaf ears

Ignorant ears more so

They mocked me

They jeered at me

They call me crazy


I can persist no more

I tried my best

Gave it all I could

So now I'll just go

They'll see the truth when it comes down

And where will I be?

Safe and sound