A/N: This is the last update for a long time to come. Please keep in mind most of this is a rip-off, it's got some lines from the Dark Knight in it, so it's not like I'm pretending I made them up.

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Deep in the depths of the endless stories written amongst the many pages of FictionPress stands Legkicker, locked in an endless battle against his rival, Deception. They fight over the many works composed, battling for the right to claim the literature.

Legkicker is no longer his Katniss self, but instead a Dark Knight, no longer looking to survive, but rather looking to fight. His fancy suit and mask can't hide the truth though, and they only aid in physical confrontation.

Deception, a cloaked figure wearing black attire with a concealed face, is looking to end Legkicker's reign. It's been a long time coming, and it appears the pay-off is near.

Deception throws Legkicker from his profile page, and he falls down, snatching a hold of his story The Infected.

His most popular story, The Infected is what made Legkicker what he is today. Without it, he'd be lost in the community. But he hasn't been as good to it as it was to him. The story is riddled with errors and mistakes only covered up.

"Why do you believe that story is your anchor?" Deception calls with his mechanical voice. "If you think it can save you, you're wrong."

Legkicker has no strength left to pull himself up. He calls back with his deep, breathless voice, "It's my story! Look through the pages…it's all there."

"It's poorly written, only famed for its category…" Deception drops down onto the top of The Infected, staring down at Legkicker. It's clear that this battle is all but over, and Legkicker hangs on tightly.

"Admit, you've erased certain reviews to keep from tarnishing its appearance," Deception laughs. It's true, guest reviews can be moderated. There have been times where Legkicker has erased reviews criticizing his work.

"What does that have to do with my story?" Legkicker asks, buying time to regain the strength he needs. He makes a note of where the story RockRidge Massacre is, preparing to let go and land on it. It's a long way down, but anything is better than hanging here with him.

RockRidge was Legkicker's second most popular story, coming in with quite a few followers. Unfortunately, it took a turn for the worst when chapter 7 was written and released. The first review given was so negative he pulled it down, thus closing the story for good.

"You lied, to your readers," Deception goes to kick his hands, but Legkicker releases himself. He plummets down, crash landing on his story RockRidge Massacre. "Ahh, another story you lied about…tell me, what happened to chapter 7?"

Legkicker struggles to his feet, "It's gone…no longer ruining it for the readers!"

"Don't try to justify yourself now! You removed your work to maintain a perfect image yet again!" Deception falls beside him, landing more securely and standing to face Legkicker. The two begin to brawl again, Deception getting a good kick into Legkicker's side, but not before Legkicker delivers a nasty right hook into his face.

Deception stumbles back, "And now I'm going to remove you!" He jumps up, kicking Legkicker's chest and sending him off the story edge.

Legkicker thinks it's all over, but luckily he lands on Zombie Town, another one of his stories. It was a pinnacle in the early beginnings. In fact, along with RockRidge, this story began on FanFiction. It came over when he moved, and it got him the attention he craved. It was revised, and for a while, on the track back to success.

Legkicker crashed hard, landing on his back and squirming in pain.

"Do you think this place is any better? How could you take the glory for this story?" Deception glides down, "This book was horrendous until your Beta-Reader came along."

Legkicker, breathing heavily, "It, wasn't…good to begin with. I never took…the glory."

Deception shakes his head, clicking his tongue. He knows he has the upper hand, and could crush Legkicker with a single blow now.

"Again, you try to make it seem like you were right…you had no friends on here." Deception begins with a grin.

Legkicker struggles into a kneeling position. This was the last thing he needed to be brought into the conversation. His 'friends' on the site…the ones he is accused of 'using'.

"Who do we start with? How about we go back in time? Freddyburn, Caliburn, Lykainion Nightfang…" Deception laughs.

The names all ring a bell, one a story reviewer, the other a co-author, and the last one a beta-reader. All of them toyed with and used for publicity. As Epic Legkicker would call it, Public Relations, or PR. With enough work, it obtains reviewers and subscribers…all at the expense of a little white lie.

"They were more than PR…you know that," Legkicker protests. As he tries to stand up, Deception swiftly kicks him in the leg, sending him back to his knees.

"What about CloudyDae, Jules, Emme Vance, Lilybug134, MorningxLight, Czeselle, and Anisthasia? Are they all more than just PR?" Deception continues angrily.

Just hearing the PenNames is enough to keep Legkicker on his knees. Each one of them holds something important to him, and the thought that Deception could ruin it all forever is terrifying. How could he let it happen like this?

"There's a storm coming Mr. Legkicker…you and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna' wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us," Deception jumps over and takes Legkicker by the cape, pulling him towards the edge of the story. There are no more stories to land on after this, it's a straight drop into the bottomless pit of FictionPress.

"Did I forget to mention a name? Quite a few perhaps, but what about Owl?" Deception howls in Leg's face as he holds him out over the edge.

Owl, perhaps the darkest part of Legkicker's entire FictionPress memory. Playing a dangerous game on a thin wire, it only led to his demise. It's what made him realize it was all a ploy and that he was nothing but a lie.

"Don't bring her into this, just let it go!" Legkicker shouts back.

Deception tilts his head, "Poor choice of words…"

He releases Legkicker's cape, but Leg saw it coming and had time to snatch the edge once more. Suddenly he's fueled with anger and he hooks the bottom of the story. He crawls across the bottom, hidden from Deception who peers over the edge in search of a falling body.

Legkicker pulls himself up on the backside of the story, behind Deception, and charges. Deception turns at the last second, dodging the fist coming towards his face. He ducks under another kick from Leg, but a roundhouse punch collides into his side and causes him to topple over.

"Now you're talking! Come on!" Deception taunts while getting to his feet.

Legkicker brings around another right hook, which Deception catches and counters a punch into Leg's stomach. Leg jabs Deception in the face, knocking his head back and throwing the cloak from his head. Deception struggles to put the hood back on, but Leg delivers an uppercut with his right fist into Deception's chin.

"You ruined Katniss' name!" Deception yells. He charges at him with everything he's got, tackling Leg to the ground. He quickly sits up, pounding Leg's face relentlessly until he stops resisting.

"You see, once this story is posted, everybody will see who the 'Legkicker' truly is…." Deception sighs, "And the chaos will ensue. Why don't you just tell everybody you're done?"

Legkicker's life on FictionPress flashes by in front of him, and it brings a tear to his eye. So many stories left untold, so many left unfinished, so many people let down. If there's one more thing he must do, it's defeat his Deception.

"I am done…done with you!" Legkicker works a hand free, grasping Deception's collar and pulling him off over the edge. Deception doesn't scream as he falls, but instead he laughs the whole way down until Legkicker fires a grappling hook and snatches his body.

Once he gets Deception pulled back up to the edge, he ties the rope off to the side of the story.

"You just couldn't let me go, could you? This is what you live for, making things right…but you didn't believe I'd let you win with a little story, did you? No, you need a better plan than that…mine's FanFiction," Deception laughs.

FanFiction, the place Legkicker moved to after his failed FictionPress account. It's the only real place he can write anymore, making his stories about the Hunger Games. He hoped and dreamed that Deception wouldn't find him there.

"What did you do?" Legkicker asks.

Dangling from the rope, Deception replies, "I took the failure from this account…and I brought it over to FanFiction. It wasn't hard. You see, failure, as you know, is a lot like gravity. All it takes is a little push!" he laughs madly.

So it's true, Legkicker can't escape the Deception. If it already knows about his FanFiction, then he's done for. There's nothing he can do now but hide…

The sound of rushing footsteps coming down the stories pages grabs Legkicker's attention, and he takes off down the story across the account. Two of the cops arrive faster than the others, and they see his exit.

"Wait, Legkicker! Why's he running?" the first cop asks.

The second cop, by the name Epic Awaken, replies, "Because we have to chase him."

"He didn't do anything wrong…" the first cop says still confused.

That is debatable…there are many people who could attest to Legkicker's wrong-doings. Only Epic Awaken really knows the true Legkicker, and he's the one who will have to explain it to the world.

"Because he's the writer FictionPress deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our writer. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Legkicker."

Thanks for reading.

I know it was a bit dull and not my best written work, but it wasn't meant to be amazing. It's a farewell.

If you ever need me, I'm reachable by the PM system...just don't bother with petty problems.

- Legkicker