Three crusaders

Disciplines of Pain

Hello if you're listening to this then the war is very close. I am doing this video diary in case we are not around to tell it. My name is Jason Amadeus Schall, I was fifteen years old a few months ago. Right now it is the year 2011. My friends and I are not completely average, well they are. I'm somewhat not considered human. You know being able to split a building in two with little effort and all. I am super human and so are my friends but they are more human than I am … currently. I am a warrior called a Crusader, I don't go out and kill people I destroy demons and free the spirits bound in this world. The sole purpose I was born was to be cursed and to stop the devil from coming and claiming the universe. My friends and are completely human they all have above average links to the spirit world so they can see the spirits and demons. I'm able to see demons because of the curse, some people say that I'm a medium but I know I'm not although it makes me feel better about myself. During the 3rd Holy Crusade my ancestor fought and faced death, he actually survived and made a deal with him. As long as he stayed alive my family would be cursed to see the souls of the departed. My friend Zoey and I will be telling you what has been happening for the past year in our point of view. Please keep in mind that all of this has actually happened to me and my friends.

Chapter 1

Worst birthday ever

(9 years ago)

The date was April 8, 2001 in other words it was my birthday. My family and I were living in Berlin, Germany. I was not born in Germany, I was born in the United States, we moved here so we would be safest. I was able to speak German and English fluently. We lived in a building called The Academy it is a lot like a school but for people like me but that aren't cursed, I'm just the one exception.

My friend was a nice blonde girl named Katrina Bennett, we have been close friends ever since I moved to Germany when I was two years old. She wasn't at my party for some reason.

My dad was a really tall man he was in the neighborhood of being six feet tall. He put a chocolate cake in front of me with seven lite candles, one was for good luck. My mother and sister had a grim look when the cake was in front of me. My father on the other hand had an anticipating smile like he was waiting for something. I made my wish and took a deep breath blew all of the candles out. When all of the candle's flames were out a weird feeling hit me like a ton of bricks.

I could see in a weird sort of way, and I felt so cold that I started shivering. I looked up and saw a feral, gray, and ominous figure chained a dead tree. This thing looked like a person that had been starved for three weeks and had been balding. It was thrashing all over the place like it was trying to escape its own death. When I saw it, it was looking right at me with a wicked smile.

"Come on let me just have on bite just one little nibble of this kid's light!" The thing screamed drool leaking from its mouth. I screamed out franticly.

"MOM DAD what is that, it's looking right at me!" I yelled falling out of the bench seat pointing at the disfigured manifestation.

"Yes he is the one I've been hoping for, Jason my son take this and shoot it." My father said handing me a revolver pistol. It took a minute for my father to show me how to hold the firearm, how to reload it, and how it with stand the kickback.

I've obviously never fired a gun in my life. I did as my father said and pointed the gun at the creature I saw. I looked away and squeezed the trigger. I missed and hit a dead tree. I then realized that I would have to look at it when I fired. I set the gun up fire the next shot. I looked at that thing again but this time I looked at it and fired. I hit right between the eyes and it feel to the ground.

"What on earth is it anyway?" I yelled throwing the cursed gun the ground. "That thing my son was a demon and you just freed it from its suffering watch." My father said pointing at the demon. I dare not disobey my father and looked at what I had shot. To my surprise it was fading into light and floating up and finally disappearing.

"Di-did I absolve it father?" I asked. "Yes you did son, I'm so proud, now you are a spirit medium, a person that can communicate with spirits and a strong one at that." He said ruffling my hair. "PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO THAT AGAIN FATHER I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT, IT WAS TOO SCARY." I begged shaking in fear.

"What are you talking about? You should feel honored, no son of mine will be afraid of what he was born to do!" My father said in rising anger.

"Honey please calm down he just turned six, I don't really want this for him but this is the gift you and our children share." My mother said on my behalf.

"I don't care if he is petrified or how old he is, he should face this!" My father shouted. My father took one last glance at me and walked away in anger. Later on that day I was getting ready to go to sleep.

When I was brushing my teeth I thought back to what I did. I shot a demon and set it free. I felt good about freeing it but it was still really scary. When I looked up my eyes where glowing in a sort of gold aura way.

I also heard a sound that was hard to describe. It was like a whining noise. I looked in the mirror and saw a man. He was in the dressed in ripped clothing that looked like it was from the 1940's.

"Hello c-can you see me?" the man asked. "I am was in concentration camp called Auschwitz I was wondering … could you free me, everyone I try to talk with runaway scared." The man explained.

"Sure." I said placing my hand upon the man. "Riposa en pace, rest in peace." I said. When I said that the man evaporated just like the demon into the light. "Rise spirit." I added. I felt happy with what I had done. I decided that I would go along with what my father said I wanted to tell him tomorrow because I was incredibly tired.

So I finished brushing my teeth and went to my bed. The inside of my house was really big and I slept in the same room as my big sister Ruby because I wasn't old enough to have my own room yet. I said good night to my sister and fell asleep. We both slept in separate beds but in the same room.

My parents slept in a different room across from our room. When morning came I was a woken by the sound of crying. My sister and I got up out of my bed and changed in different cloths. We went into the living room to see my mother crying on the couch.

I went over next to her and asked her what was wrong. She pointed to a note on the coffee table. Ruby picked it up and read.

Dear family,

I have no use for a son or children that won't do as I say, I am no longer your family member, don't bother looking for me because you will never see me again. I have left three plane tickets for Columbia, South Carolina where Jason was born and two thousand dollars cash. Do as you wish with your kids they are your problem now.

Adam Schall,

My mother was crying because my father had abandoned us and left us for dead with nothing but each other. I hugged my mother trying my best to comfort her but I couldn't figure out what to say to her.

"Jason, Ruby I know what I will do for each of you. We will live together as a normal family in the United States. You both will get a regular education. Pack everything you want to bring, we leave in one hour." My mother said sobbing.

We didn't say anything but yes ma'am. Our mother had just had her heart broken so we did as she said. I packed my favorite cloths, toys and books. I ran into the halls the complex we lived in looking for Katrina.

She was in her apartment with her parents. I told her what happened leaving out the birthday thing. The started crying because I told that I might not see her again.

"Jason promise me that you will send me letters every week ok?" she asked sobbing.

"I pinky promise." I said sticking out my pinky. Her pinky wrapped around mine and promised. A knock came to the door and it was my mom holding her bag and mine.

"Jason come on we are leaving." She said bluntly.

"But it hasn't been an hour yet." I said wanting to spend more time with my only friend.

"NOW Jason!" my mother ordered.

"I promise I'll be back and we'll be friends like always have been." I said walking to the door.

"I know you will." Katrina said sobbing. An hour later we were at the airport. We stood in line to give a man our tickets. Some kids gave me looks for some reason.

"What are you looking at?!" I said in an angry tone. The children walked away from me in fear. My sister nudged me and told me to calm down.

"Ruby I want to be stronger." I said in her ear. "I want to be so strong that I won't lose anyone like dad."

"Jason I promise you that by the time your sixteen you will be so strong that it will scare you." She said messing my black hair up.

"Danke (thank you) Ruby." I said in a German accent.

In several hours passed. We arrived in our new home in America. We lived here in Columbia, South Carolina. I decided to off start with my little ten year training project I decided to take up Kung-Fu.

August came as if it was only a day. In the past four months I have become an intermediate blue belt in my class. My master was surprised with my fast progress. It was the beginning of my first day of normal school ever.

I was really nervous seeing as I have not made any friends in my four months of being in America. I don't really recall my teacher's name but she was kind but didn't really pay attention of the bullying that took place.

But I really couldn't blame her. Who expects six year olds being bullies? All I remember from what the classroom looked like just that we would play with blocks and that we all sat on a colorful carpet.

The class introduced themselves, I was the last to introduce. The only two people that I actually paid attention to was a girl named Zoey and a kid named Tony. She had black hair and really dark blue eyes that I thought to be really pretty. She was wearing a red bow in her hair.

Tony was short and had long frizzy hair going down to his earlobes. He looked really timid. Then the teacher called me up. I took a deep breath and stood up.

"My name is Jason, I'm six years old and I like martial arts. I'm from Berlin, Germany but I was born here." I said sitting on the colorful carpet and resting my small backpack on the ground. Lunch passed and then came recess. I didn't want to make any friends because of what happened back in April.

So I just went to a tree far from the where everyone was playing. I just kicked a tree practicing for a tournament that was coming up soon. After several sets of kicks and punches I realized that I was being watched. I stopped my brutal attack on the tree and faced the bushes.

"Alright who is there?" I said out loud. The girl Zoey came out of the bushes and waved her hand. I waved back.

"You can keep going you're really good at your karate thing." She said in a small voice.

"Why when I do this in the park kids usually avoid me, also its Kung Fu?" I asked confused.

"Well whatever, you're really good at it and I want to be your friend." She said.

I immediately was taken back I didn't want what happened in Berlin to happen here.

"No we can't be friends." I said looking away.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because you'll be hurt and I don't want that to happen." I said trying to convince her.

"What if I run when something happens then can we be friends?" She asked.

"That might work but still it's really dangerous." I said.

"What could it possibly be?" she asked.

"Demons- scary, scary demons." I said bluntly.

Zoey was silent for a minute, not saying a word.

"That actually sounds kinda cool. She said. I was shocked that she said that. When I got a hold of my thoughts I heard I cry for help.

"HELP, HELP me please!"

I ran toward the place I heard the cry from. Zoey came along with me, so I guess we were friends we were friends now. I looked around and saw three kids kicking a child in his stomach repetitively.

I snapped at what I saw. I hated it when people did that to others. I sprinted and kicked on of the bullies to the ground.

"Leave this kid alone this will get ugly." I warned the group. I looked back at the kid they were kicking. He had bruises but no broken bones by the looks of it.

"Can you stand?" I asked the boy. He nodded his head. I turned my attention back towards the bullying children.

"Why were you kicking this kid, he couldn't even fight back. I said. "We felt like it and he is a freak!" The kid in the middle said. I took a better look at these kids. Each of them were taller than me and looked really tough, this interested me deeply.

"Why don't all of you fight me at once I wanna see if you can beat me? If you do beat me then I'll be your new punching bag, if I win you leave this kid alone. Deal?" I offered.

The kids exchanged looks and nodded each of their heads.

"Jason are you sure, these are the toughest kids in our grade at least that's what they look like." Zoey stated. I nodded my head with a grin.

"They've never met me before." I said.

All three kids raced towards me, but I could practically read their moves like a book. I was going to win hands down.

I took a step back and made three hard jabs to each of their chests. Next I kicked the kid on the right in his side. The middle kid got a strong punch in the face. And the child on the left got kicked on the side of his left leg. I took a breath, it was over. The three kids groaned on the ground in pain from the incredibly short assault.

"This won't stop us, we'll get even with you." The leader of the group promised.

"Whatever you say kiddo." I said walking over to the bruse covered child.

"That was incredible you beat them in under a minute." The beaten child said. I then realized that the beaten child was tony.

"Hey we should get you to the nurse and get your parents. Your name is tony right?" I said offering my hand. The child took my hand and got on his feet.

"Yea my name is Tony but nobody believes me the kids you beat up are like angels to all of the parents and teachers including the principal. My own parents don't believe don't even believe me." Tony explained to me with a tear in his eye.

"I believe you and help make you strong like me. But if they come after you find me ok?" I said to Tony.

The sun began to set as I recall and the school day came to an end. Zoey and Tony became my friends and it made me happy to have people other than my family I could trust. The cars pulled up to the main entrance of the school. The nurse called Tony's parents and took him home. Tony told his parents that he fell over a ditch and landed on some rocks. They believed what their son told the (surprisingly) and took him home for recovery.

"I have a feeling that I'll be hearing from those kids again soon." I said tugging my backpack.

"I wouldn't worry you're so strong, those kids didn't even lay a hand on you. Hey I wanna know what your mom and dad do." I decided to tell her, I already told about the demons anyway.

"My dad isn't with us anymore, he isn't gone he just left because of me and my mom sells houses." I explained.

"Well we are kind of alike then." Zoey said bluntly. "My mom died saving me a year ago and my dad works in construction, so we both don't have one of our parents."

"I'm sorry for your loose." I said getting ready to hug her.

"It's ok I'm almost over it, and my dad hired a baby sitter for me so I'm not all alone at home, but I will take that hug." Zoey said smiling at me with arms open. I kept hugging her up until I felt something fly past my ear.

I looked over and it was a stone with blood on it. Next thing I know there was a cut along my cheek. I did as my mom told me and covered the cut putting pressure on it.

"Go home freak, maybe you would have more friends if you left the Tony kid to us." A voice said coming from a nearby bush. That was the voice of that kid I beat up today.

I felt sharp emotional pain go through. I've never been called a freak before. I almost started balling but Zoey gave me another hug shielding me from where the rock came from.

"Don't worry they don't hit girls." Zoey said reassuring me.

"Danke (thank you) Zoey." I said hugging her back. "That means 'thank you' in German." I explained. My mom's red minivan pulled up.

"Jason it's time to go!" she yelled from the inside of the car.

"I've gotta go Zoey I'll see you all tomorrow." I said. "Ok see you tomorrow." Zoey said letting go of me.

I ran towards inside the car and rested my backpack on the floor of the car. My mother was wearing her favorite black dress and heels that she wears for her job in real estate.

"Hi son how was yo- WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE!?" my mother shrieked while driving. "YOU HAVE A LONG CUT ON YOUR CHEEK! DID A DEMON ATTACK?!" My mother shrieked.

"It's nothing mom just a like fight went down and I won." I explained calmly.

"Jason I'm happy that you won and all but did you start the fight?" my mother asked. "I did but I also didn't." I said.

"These were kicking these kids while he was on the ground and I just lost my cool and attacked them. But on the bright side I made some friends today."

"Jason I'm glad you won that fight but I don't want this to be a habit, ok? My mother said.

"Yes ma'am." I said keeping my head down. I may have promised her that I would stop but I had a feeling that this fight was only the beginning. Turns out I was right. Every day I would get into a fight, with each fight I got stronger and so did the bullies that attacked me.

As I got older the demons came more frequently. I became even more muscle tone than I even imagined I would be. I really happy with the life I have it's like no one can touch this perfect life. I have great friends a family and a reason to keep on moving forward.

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