Chapter 6

I duel for my life and for others

December 6th 2010

Jason's point of view

It was Monday. I was on my way to school and my lower lip was bleeding. I was in my normal attire, a Gray hood with a black T-shirt, blue denim jeans, and black high top converses. I was dead tired after everything that my sister put my through. It wasn't even over yet. I was wearing five pound ankle weights around each ankle.

So I had ten pounds of sand pulling me down. I somehow made it to the table where we sat every day. I saw Angel, Zoey, Yukiko, Tony, and Leo there. I dropped my backpack next to my seat and plopped down on my seat. I laid my head on the cold hard counter and tried to relax.

"Someone had a bad weekend." Angel said plainly.

"You have no idea." I said muffled by the table. "She made me run two miles in under 15 minutes, run up and down the stairs forty times with my hands, and made me lift 200 cast iron pound weights to many times to count." I said.

"HEY! Where is your coffee?" Zoey asked looking around not really caring about my suffering.

I sniffled at the memory of what my sister said about my coffee.

"She said I can't have coffee anymore." I almost cried.

"I can tell you are in a really sad state of mind aren't you." Yukiko said agreeing with my sadness.

"Can I look at your drawings, maybe they can cheer me up." I asked picking my head up.

Yukiko went through her bag and pulled out her black book of many drawings. I skimmed through the book and admired the skill of the effort she put into this.

"These keep getting better and better don't they?" I complemented.

"No they really aren't but thank you." She said.

I continued looking at the book. Each drawing had a deep meaning of some sort that I couldn't really get. When I reached the back I saw a port rete of Tony. When she saw my reaction she gave me a "Please-don't-tell-him" look on her face.

I nodded my head slightly, she got the message that I would keep it a secret.

"Yukiko were you ... ever suicidal at some point?" I asked pointing to a picture of a girl with bleeding wrists.

"Yeah I was once but I 'm not anymore." Yukiko said getting what I was doing.

I was changing the subject to draw away attention from the drawing of Tony. A lot of questions were said around our table. My plan had worked. I looked over to Zoey I wanted to ask her about our little kiss outside my house even though it wasn't a really kiss just peck on the cheek but still.

I guess she didn't either remember or just did it because I risked my life for her.

"Hey Zoey I never got to ask you this, since when was your dad a badass?" I asked. The black haired girl just shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know another question to the mystery that is my dad." She said.

The bell rang for classes to start and we all went our separate ways to our classes. The day itself went by really quick just like last Friday which frightened me.

Thankfully Zoey didn't want us all to go to the movies this time. I went home with the weight of the sand bags around my feet. Why don't I take them off you might ask. Well I decided to just go along with the training Ruby set up for me.

I lived this long so I might be able to survive the next million methods of torture she had waiting for me at home. After shuffling my feet for the last mile I arrived at the gate.

Thankfully Zoey's dad didn't break the lock on the gate so we didn't have to hire a locksmith to come and fix it. But the gate was wide open. Ruby and my mother both had meetings this morning and wouldn't get back until an hour after I came back. I closed the gate but it wouldn't lock. I looked closer and saw that the lock was cut. I ran inside and saw my house completely ruined on the inside.

Pictures were smashed on the ground, the railing to the second floor broken the porcelain colored walls caved in, and the T.V. smashed. The only thing that wasn't destroyed or ruined was a black note colored in red letters.

It read

If you want to see your family and friends alive again come to the top of your school at six o'clock. Come alone and bring any weapon you want.


Your doom

I clenched the note in my hand and looked at my phone clock. It was 3 o'clock. I had three hours to be ready, but why six o'clock?

I called Zoey, Leo, Ruby, Mom, Angel, Yukiko and Tony. All of them didn't answer. Whoever or whatever had them really did have them. I took off the shoes that I had on right now and put on the shoes I would use when I would get into a fight like the one I was getting into.

These shoes were no different than any other pair you would see at a footlocker but these were my own "personal" work and I grabbed a pair of leather golves.

I waited thinking about what to do and what I would be expecting. Nothing came to mind, I hadn't met anything before that resembled anything like this. When I had thirty minutes left I went up to my room and saw that my sword wasn't there.

"Great looks like I have a powerful spirit that can actually move objects, and I have to beat it up with my fists." I said running back down the disembodied staircase and out the door.

The shear anger I felt for whatever took my friends and family was all I needed to get to the school in fifteen minutes with the weights holding me down. I had left my backpack back at the house knowing that I wouldn't need it.

When I got to Riddle High school there was a creepy essence I was feeling. Something wasn't right. My eyes weren't glowing. Whatever this was it wasn't a normal spirit or demon.

I stupidly tried the front door but no dice it was locked. The only way left was to climb the rocky walls of the side of the school. So I did, the rocky edges of the school scrapped my palms and fingers. It was agonizingly painful griping and grasping onto to the uneven stone wall. When I finally reached to top I had to take a breather.

The school was two stories high and the wall wasn't very kind to my palms. I looked at my hands, they was still skin on them. That actually surprised me. I looked up and saw them all. Zoey, Mom, Ruby, Angel, Tony, Leo, and Yukiko.

They were all gagged and tied to a metal pole sticking out of the roof of the building plus my sword was right next to them. When they saw me they all started thrashing themselves around kicking they were gagged so I couldn't understand them. They wanted to tell me something. I ran over to them grabbed my sword and removed their gags.

I was about to slash through their rope but I felt the same uneasy feeling I felt when I was on the ground. I know it wasn't the cold air, this felt … evil?

"Jason run it's a trap!" My mother screamed.

I heard something fly towards my head. I swung my sword deflecting whatever was coming my way. The force alone of what hit my blade knocked my back a step. Whatever I hit it was made of metal … the same metal as my sword.

The object was emended into the roof of my school. It was a scythe. A boney hand picked up the weapon. But this was no ordinary hand it was made out of bones.

I looked at the figure that was connected to the hand. This thing was wearing a robes and hood. I couldn't see its face because he was holding a clipboard in its other hand away from his scythe.

"Hmm … according to this you're supposed to die tonight Mr. Jason Amadeus Schall." The hooded man hissed in a low tone.

It was obvious what this thing was it's a reaper of souls!

"Why did you bring them here if you want my soul?" I said raising my sword.

"They die tonight as well. Lucifer commands it." He said tossing the clipboard.

"Lucifer?! No that's not possible my father should have sealed him away when I become his age?" I almost yelled in astonishment.

"To bad so sad, it's time to die." The reaper said charging me. I remembered that I had leather gloves in my pocket … wow I completely forgot that I could have climbed up with those. I took a leap back and put on the gloves.

If I touched his bones or if he touched I would die on the spot. The reaper kept coming at me swinging the scythe trying to remove my soul with the blade. The swings only became harder and faster as he got closer I began to deflect his strikes with the flat of my sword. Left, right, duck, step back, and repeat.

That was those were the directions I moved it get away from the scythe's deadly blade. It was until then that I remembered that I was wearing ankle weights. I was too ill prepared for this fight. I would have to either slow this guy down for enough time for me to take these weights off.

When I started to actually think about a strategy the reaper stopped attacking immediately like he was taking a moment to catch his breath, even though this guy was already dead.

"You are not fighting at all here hmm … Lucifer said that the crusader's potential is unlocked with his emotions. I guess I'll just have to make you angry." The reaper said.

The reaper turned around and walked at a fast pace toward the pole that everyone was tied too.

"NO don't do it!" I almost yelled quickly ripping off the weights from my ankles. I sprinted over to the reaper to stop him but he just punched my stomach and set me fly. I guess the reaper had to make contact with the skin for it to kill me.

"Let's make you angry." The demon said placing its hand on my mother's head.

I tried getting up but the blow the reaper gave me was still causing me pain so I couldn't get up. My mother's eyes rolled to the back of her head and ceased breathing … she was gone. I let out a loud yell but I couldn't hear it. I couldn't hear anything not the sound of my own heartbeat. I saw a tear fall from my mother's eye and hit the cement roof of the school building.

My eye began to glow like it always did and the same chilling sensation went through my body. I saw a white orb that had a tail exit my mother's lips and float into the sky. I began to regain my hearing of the world around me. "No please don't go we still need you." I said as hot tears rolled down my cold face. Ruby began to cry. "I'm so sorry mom, please forgive me in the next world." I said to myself trying to hold back my tears. "Ruby I'm so sorry … I-I WANT TO DIE!" I cried out with tears that no child my age could cry, the tears that a child my age shouldn't know crying into my hands.

The reaper let out a sickening laugh.

"You're the crusader you have experience this pain to unlock those reserves of power! Let's move on … Ruby is it, oh I can't wait to see your dead corpse's face." The reaper said inching his fingers toward my sister's face.

I'm not sure when this happened but I got up and was standing right behind the reaper.

"Shut up!" I said punching the reaper with a lot of my power.

The reaper almost fell over the roof but got back up by using the blade of his scythe as a hook. He was climbing back up on the roof. I was still overcome with a sea a grief. It was my entire fault that my mother was gone from this world. I sucked it up I had time from crying later. I sprinted to the reaper with my sword in hand.

"Fall damn you!" I roared in anger.

I leaped up over the stealer of souls. My plan was to impale the reaper in its skull and be done with it. But the reaper got back up and went running to the others. I was going to fall and die if I didn't grasp onto the roof.

I reached over to the opposite side of where I was falling and grabbed the ledge of the roof.

"That was too close. I said to myself.

"I'll say." The reaper said looking right over me. "Glad to see you went for my feint." The reaper grabbed my hood and threw my onto the roof leaving plenty of cracks in where I was placed.

I felt some of my bones brake as I coughed out blood. The reaper raised his scythe and planted his blade into my torso. I cried out in pain. The blade its self was burning my flesh and I could feeling a tugging inside of me. As he was pulling the scythe out I saw something that looked like my soul was being pulled out, my humanity.

I grabbed the scythe by the blade and pulled it back in.

"Jason don't die! We lost mom I can't lose you too." Ruby cried out.

She was right, if I died she wouldn't have anyone anymore. Ruby did the complete opposite of what I did and didn't make any friends. So she wouldn't have anyone to grieve for if they got involved. Not even a boyfriend.

Having the blade back in me didn't exactly feel like a day in the park. My soul was still being tugged on and some bone in my body or organ was damaged. Luckily I had two tricks up my sleeve. I picked up my feet and kicked the reaper away.

I took the scythe out myself without taking my own soul out. The death scythe, the reaper of souls only weapon at my command. I threw the soul tainted weapon aside and switched back to my sword the weapon I could use best.

I looked back at the reaper it was on its knee. It took the opportunity to strike. Feeling adrenaline pump in my veins I ran as fast as I could and planted the toe of my shoe into his face. When I retracted my foot there was a blade mark implanted into its skull.

"AH! You had a blade underneath your shoe?" the demon said in pain.

"You better believe I did, you reapers and demons are hardly different. Divine steel is still your weakness." I pointed out. The reaper went to reach for me again but I side stepped and kicked the back of its neck sending it flying once again.

"You're going to pay for my mother's death. You won't get any sympathy from me." I said eye wide with anger.

I saw my blade glowing and looked at it.

"Jason swing the sword in the direction of the reaper is right now!" Ruby yelled.

I knew what Ruby was aiming at when she said that. This was a new power that only the best sword fighters could use.

"Cross Beam!" I said swinging my sword at the messenger.

A beam that had the outline of a cross came out my sword and hit demon square in the face. The blast caused an explosion so I couldn't see if that killed the demon. But at the time I didn't care. I went over to where everyone was.

I cut the rope which actually took a while to cut. The sword was perfectly sharpened so I guess the rope was really strong. It would explain why Ruby couldn't break it without something sharp.

I grabbed my mom's corpse before it hit the floor. I set her gently on the roof. I still didn't want to believe it but my mother's soul had left her body and has gone to heaven I saw it myself. I broke into sobs, I tried to say something, but all that came was another sob.

"I'm so sorry Mom…" Is what I tried to get out but all I got was croaked up on each syllable with a sob.

Ruby came over to me in a hug. I wrapped my arms around my sister. We both were sobbing without end.

"We have to bury her Jason, our own mother." Ruby said in tears.

"I'll do it, I will make mom's grave." I said looking down at my mother.

I was about to ask Ruby a question but I saw blood splash open Ruby's back. I stood there to shocked to even think. I was so stupid and naïve. I should have made sure it was dead.

"Ruby no!" I yelled.

I looked over behind Ruby and say the Reaper. It was badly wounded, half of its skull face was missing its, ribcage was shattered and it was breathing hard.

"I may not have enough power to kill you crusader. But at least I can get you ready for your fight with Lucifer." The reaper said.

I feel to my knees. Ruby may not have had her soul snatched but she was still going to die. I couldn't stop her bleeding and I couldn't bring myself to put her out of her misery. Ruby feel back but I caught her.

"J-Jason, I'm sorry." She said in pain.

"You don't have anything to be sorry for Ruby." I said holding my sister in my arms.

"No I do. I'm sorry for never saying you did a good job. You've become so much stronger than that little boy nine years ago. I love you little brother. Mom and I won't leave your side. We both love you and will be together forever." She said tears streaming down her face.

With those last few words she ceased breathing and her body fell from my arms. I watched in horror as her body fell to the floor. She had died but she was smiling; she literally had a smile on her face. Her soul left her body the same way mom's soul did.

I laid her next to our mother with my tears blinding my vision.

"R-ruby?" I said felling the tears sting my eyes and pour from my eyes like waterfalls.

I looked up at the sky to see if I could still see their souls. They were both gone, out of sight and this world. I heard myself cry but I lost consciousness as I felt all my grief and pain over myself. Why did she die she didn't deserve this none of them did.

Zoey's point of view

Even after losing consciousness he was still crying out in grief and in pain. He wouldn't stop his eyes rolled back to his head like had died but he was alive. His crying was so loud it pounded my ear drums, it was like thunder. I dare not go near him, I would love to go over to him and caress him in my arms but he was in so much suffering far more than I was when my mother had died.

Jason loved his mom and sister more than anyone could have in all the life time's people could ask for. He was covered in his own blood and the blood of his family. I truly knew Jason he had no family at all but his sister and mom.

He always told me about his lost older brother before he was born. He would say that he is not dead even though his mom and sister would say that he died before Jason was even born. Jason kept his faith that his brother was alive. His proof was that no plots in all of Columbia had

"Christopher Schall" written on them. "That is his name." Jason would say.

I looked over at Jason in pity. No person should have gone through what he just felt. I wanted to comfort him but I don't know how to. I've only lost my mother but Jason has nobody now.

No aunts, uncles, cousins, not even god parents. Out of nowhere two circular electric blue seals appeared under and over Jason, the seals danced in a circle with Jason right in the center of the seal.

From the edges of the seal lightning erupted up out of the seals and curved up then down towards the reaper and hit it. The reaper called out in pain as blue lightning hit it.

The reaper was nothing now but a pile of ashes now, I looked back at Jason he was still unconscious. I couldn't figure out what was on it. Then both of the seals disappeared into blue-ish smoke cloud and then it all reconfigured over his head and looked like it was connecting to him.

The smoke was manifesting into something else. This smoke made the shape of a … Gargoyle? This gargoyle had its arms crossed and it eyes shut. Then the eyes of the gargoyle opened in anger, it let its arms open like its wings and looked at us.

Then it turned its attention to the sky. The Gargoyle let out a loud roar, this roar turned into a beam that nearly distorted the atmosphere above us. Whatever this thing was it was really strong. Just when the roar ceased the gargoyle faded into nothing. Jason fell over to the side still unconscious, his eyes were completely blue but they faded back into the color they have always been. I turned to the others.

"Ok, what is going on? Was that another of Jason's weird powers or something?" Yukiko asked.

All of us shook our head.

"I've never seen anything like that." Angel said.

"I vote that we don't tell him about this. He already lost his family, the only family he has ever had. If I know Jason when he wakes up he won't want to talk about it and he won't want any foster parents no doubt." Leo said.

He was most likely right Jason …Jason will never want foster parents. He would rather stab himself in the heart than that.

"Is anyone else with me on this vote now?" Leo continued.

I raised my hand and so did everyone else. "There is another thing. Jason would want them buried." Tony said looking back at Jason in pity.

"We can only imagine what he is going through. I mean the guy passed out, I've only seen him do that from blood loose!" It was agreed that we wouldn't tell Jason until he is over this. But I promised myself that night that I would help him in any way I could.