I expect nothing
not a whisper, whimper, whine
to resonate the air particles
separating you and me
like the thick red lines
that accidently connect
point A
to point D

Don't worry about
the data overflow
your phone has suffered
over the past few days,
I hear All State has you covered

See those voicemails notices
that keep reminding you
to check and see who called,
its better to delete all of them
and all the other text messages
that haven't been read,
because they were sent by,
you guessed it,

Google maps won't even give me directions
to get to your place,
but why would I want to go over there anyways
to just get lectured and blamed
for something I didn't do

Matter of fact
I think I got Zeus on speed dial,
maybe he could shed a little
on the situation,
don't you think

For all the letters I sent
my mailbox sure has seen more love
than the post office has in 10 years,
filled with rejected and returned parchments
saying its intended owner
just got up ,
and left ,

Just screw me already,
I'm practically begging for the nails
to be hammered into my wrists
a few inches deeper
so I finally have some sense
of how the pain actually feels

I'm practically there,
right down the street,
two doors down
and cuddled beneath
layers of quilts
to somehow heat the cold ice
that has been caused by you

Damn you and your ways,
your perfect figure
and hellish kind heart,
I'm dying inside and
all I get back is sheer emptiness,
a vacant room for grief

Hell, scream from the top of the sears tower
and mean every word you say
because I'm god damn sure
the next thing I will do
will be to:

Jump through a burning building
and watch your phone melt under the heat,
implant a 16 MB chip into your memory,
duct tape a notice to your door to remind you
that your welcomed through mine,
introduce you to a legend so you know
how to make into the history books,
attach a mailbox to your house to hold all your junk mail,
jam my finger while nailing your picture into the wall,
cuddle with my dear on the sadist of days

All so that I can shut her mouth
confess my love
and kindly dissolve
into her blissful kiss

Hey I expect nothing,
just wanted you to give me
another chance