There he is
on hands and knees
begging for me to help,
and I saying yes or no,
based on
last week's performance.

I hate him,
and that's the truth.

It's always about him,
and that fact
simmers my blood to a boil.

There's times
where I can't control my anger
and defuse the situation
because he continues to stab
deeper and deeper
just to get a more violent reaction,
out of you.

Yes, he's my brother,
but that doesn't change
a goddamn fucking thing.

I can hear the sirens coming,
my pride doesn't want me saying nothing,
and hope
that he will get the message through
broken noses and bones.

I want to get it into his head
that this isn't right,
no one should talk to someone like that,
and rather I reaction with violence or not
is my decision
and rather if it's called for or not
is an opinion, not a legal rescission

I don't care about the bruises on my knuckles,
the gashes on my head,
I'm taking you down,
if it wasn't for the family that I have,
the people I care about.

Believe it or not
these are his people too,
and it's not right to treat them this way
and behave in your ways.

Trust me,
you get under all of our skins,
and it's not like we can say
anything to you,
'cause it'll spark a reaction,
an anatomic diffusion
that'll blow up this whole planet,
three times over.

I just don't get it,
the reason behind all the games of charades,
the times you've used your poker face,
and disguise your clear despise of me.

Please understand that you're a fucking fool,
a boxing legend that cheats,
and a genius who doesn't
understand the word,

I was there remember,
we grew up together,
we played on the red bench
behind grandma's apartment
for what seemed like forever,
I took care of you
you ungrateful piece of shit
And the times we fought
were on the scale of world wars.

And here we are,
ten years later,
still cutting at each other's throat,
getting closer and closer to drawing the first blood.

I hope that in ten more years
that these troubles will be in the past
and you will finally be able to see
that what you did was wrong.

I hate you little brother,
but I pray for you every night.