I woke up to find my vision shaking wildly left to right,

Sure that Satan or his demons had attacked the gift of sight

God had given me. And so I called to God to fix my eyes.

That He did so, in a moment, need not be a real surprise.

On another day, I slowed my heavy motor bike to stop,

When a hand I couldn't see pulled hard and almost made me drop

What was tipping on its side. Again the Lord came stepping in.

It was God alone who pulled the bike back up to help me win.

Every single time I've ever faced some trouble or a threat,

Jesus Christ has come and saved me. I could never pay the debt,

Which I owe to my creator, who has never lost control

Of the smallest part of history. He's the Keeper of my soul.

Back before I gave my life to God, I'd simply ridicule

Any Christians who'd come visiting with Bibles at my school.

But, while I was still a sinner, Jesus organized a plan

For salvation, that He had in mind, when troubles first began.