There's a European crisis of its finance on the brink.

The United States can't pay its bills, whatever people think.

All Australia oscillates between the flooding and the drought.

In the Western world, the middle class is quickly fading out.

Unemployment keeps on rising. Youth is 21%.

Masking that with full-time study doesn't really make a dent

In the aggregate statistics. Families keep on going broke.

Carbon tax has raised the price of light and fire, by volt and smoke.

In those undernourished countries, hungry children have to starve;

While the leaders of the wealthy nations can't go on, to carve

Up the pies, which keep on dwindling down, amidst the rising debt.
Can we really go on listening, when they tell us not to fret?

In this economic chaos, we see ever-rising crime

In reaction to the fiscal facts which prove the End of Time

(As do climates, deaths and earthquakes). Loss of hope is far less rare,

Than it used to be, with people plunging into deep despair.

We could build a great monopoly of real estate and wealth,

Then stay up at night, for fear of losing all to fire or stealth.

We'd be better off to build a Godly life on solid rock,

As the world will soon approach the final moments of its clock.

There's a house that's being built for us, which will be most secure,

Unaffected by these earthly troubles all of us endure.

Jesus Christ has all the answers. He's the only living Way

To His kingdom for eternity. He's calling us today.