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Chapter One

People all through the law firm building scurried around, doing their daily routine as they always did; this was a normal thing for the people of Beverly Hills, California: work all day, party all night. But not Shane Caldwell, the creator of Caldwell Law, one of the top ranking law firms in the country. She preferred to stay to herself and do her job. She got her share of partying in high school, and has regretted it ever since.

"Ms. Caldwell! Good morning!" a wild blonde yelled as she ran over to the tall brunette who held her indifferent expression, as always.

"Good morning to you, as well, Ms. Collinson, but I would love it if you considered letting me keep my hearing a little while longer." Shane mused, the sides of her lips threatening to twitch up, before she let them sink back down into a line, continuing the walk to her office, her assistant, Brooke, following closely behind her.

Shane was the normal height for a woman; her eyes a striking blue, her skin creamy and soft, while soft, brown hair went to her shoulders, though, she usually kept it tied up. Her usual clothing made up of suits for women, always covering up to her elbows, and the skirt always staying just above her knees. She was a very conservative woman, and she liked it that way…

Or she just kept trying to convince herself that.

Brooke pouted, twirling a piece of blonde hair on her finger nervously as she sat in the chair on the other side of her boss's desk, where she sat. She was rather small and petite, with golden blonde hair falling to around her waist, not even bothering to tie it up since it was too much of a hassle now; her skin kept a golden shimmer in it and her eyes were hazel with small specks of blue. Brooke was a very wild young woman that was for sure. She admired Shane immensely, for her beauty, talent and power. Ever since she graduated high school, she dreamed of being just like her… so, she came to work with her while she continues to work in college.

Good thing Shane was Brooke's cousin or the older woman would have said no right away.

"Sorry! I'll try better next time…" she said, whispering, making her cousin laugh slightly… very slightly.

"You are definitely my favorite cousin, Brooke." Shane shakes her head, the side of her lip twitched up slightly as she scans through documents on her desk.

Brooke's breath hitched as she pretended to die from sheer happiness, making Shane finally laugh.

The brunette sighed as her laughter died down, her eyes then picked up where they left off on the document.

"Hey, cuz…? Can I turn on your TV?"

"Sure… go on ahead." Shane answered, never taking her eyes away from the papers she held in her hands.

"Thanks!" Brooke grabbed the remote off her boss's desk, pressing the on button; her eyes immediately were glued to the screen when the TV blared to life.

"And now to the story we know you all have been waiting for," the woman pauses, as if to add suspense, "It was confirmed that Dominic Williams, lead guitarist and singer of the band Mad Moment, and his wife of almost a year now, Stella Fuller, are getting a divorce… the reasons, we do not know yet, but it is known that Dominic is the one who filed divorce from her."

Brooke gasped, gaping as she continued to listen, completely unaware of how tense her cousin had become.

"Fans of the famous band hope that this won't affect the band in anyway, and that they will continue to write more songs in the future. The band's manager told us that the marriage had been struggling in the beginning, and then says he surprised that it even lasted as long as it did. Well… that's all we have for today! I'm Naomi Baily and I'll see you next time on-"

The TV was then switched off by Shane, who gripped the remote in her hand till her knuckles were white.


The blue eyed woman's teeth gridded, before she took a deep breath, closing her eyes to calm herself, before loosening her grip on the remote, setting it down gently as she let her eyes trail up to the worried eyes of her cousin. "I'm sorry, Brooke… you know how I am when it comes to him." She hissed slightly, her eyes narrowing at the reminder.

Brooke's hazel eyes softened as she placed her hands on Shane's softly. "I'm sorry, cuz! I forgot about that… I can't help but to love their band!"

Shane sighed, the edge of her lip twitched up again slightly. "Neither could I, cousin, neither could I,"

"So… how are you and that Henry guy doing?" the blonde questioned as she stuffed a turkey on wheat sandwich in her mouth, her eyes landing on the older woman in front of her, who only continued to stab her fork into her untouched salad.

"He insists that we go out another time, but I refuse to do so. I'm at the top of my game with my company; a relationship is the last thing I need to worry about." Shane answers smoothly, her facial expression staying completely emotionless while keeping her eyes on the bowl full of greens.

"I know what ya mean, cuz. That Cody guy really wants to take me out to dinner… or get in my pants… either one seems reasonable." Brooke says through a mouth full of food.

The lawyer chuckles, "Henry is nice… he just…"

"Not your type?"

"Yeah…" More like, not him.

"Eh," Brooke shrugs, "there are a lot of guys who won't be your type. What is your type?"

Shane shrugs. "I don't know…"

"No friggin' way! Shane Caldwell! It can't be!"

Shane looked up from her salad, to the tall man standing beside the table her and her cousin sat at a restraint for lunch every day. She held back the urge to curse when realizing it was a guy from Mad Moment, she glanced briefly at her cousin, who looked like she was about to faint from fan-gasming too much. "Jason… nice seeing you again."

Jason grinned at her, running a hand through his red and black streaked hair. "You, too, Shane…! You sure do look different from the last time I saw you! Dominic has been talking non-stop about you lately, mostly because that psychotic bitch is finally out of his life. That's the last time I take him to Vegas for his birthday." He laughs.

The brunette simply rolls her eyes, trying to ignore the comment about Dominic talking about her. "You remember my little cousin, right, Jason? She was like thirteen the last time you guys met,"

Jason's eyes avert over to the blonde staring wide eyed at him, making him laugh and grin widely her way. "I sure do! She doesn't look like she's changed much!" he laughs again.

Brooke blushes, giggling like a school girl. "I'm a big fan, Mr. Ellis! It's nice to meet you." She squeaks, holding her hand out to him, giggling more when he shakes it, and kisses her hand lightly to make her blush more.

Shane chuckles. "Where are the others, Jason? Or are you just here alone?"

Jason sighs. "Dominic is doing something right now, probably arguing with Stella or something. The others should be here shortly, though." He answers smoothly.

The brunette stood up, Brooke scurrying to do the same and standing beside her, "Well, it was nice seeing you, Jason, but I'm afraid we have to get back to my company."

Jason gave a saddened sigh, before he nodded. "We'll have to do this again, Shane. I'm being plain serious right now."

Shane smiled faintly, nodding before she made her leave out of the restaurant, ignoring the stares from the other band members who looked back at her as she walked away in mixed confusion and shock.

"Jason! Was that Shane I just saw?" a bleach blonde man asked in disbelief, pointing in the direction in which the lawyer just left.

Jason nods. "She's a lot different from the Shane we all knew, that's for sure. I wouldn't have thought the break up took such a toll on her…"

"I'm actually not that surprised it was so hard on her. How long had they dated again?"

"They were friends almost their whole lives, they became a couple when entering their middle school year, I think, Levi." He answers, looking at the blonde as they take their seats at the table.

"You think Dom knows about her being here?" Levi questions, his purple tinted green eyes watching the multicolored hair band member.

Jason nods. "I'm certain he's known for quite some time of where he could find her…"

Levi nods in agreement, taking a sip of his drink.

"You think he'll seek her out and confront her?" Ellie, the only girl in the band and Levi's girlfriend, asked as her green and blue tinged eyes on the menu the waitress gave her.

The mainly black haired man shrugged. "I've known Dominic for a long time, but that question I honestly can't answer."

"Dominic is really unpredictable… you should know that by now, Ellie! Remember Vancouver?" Levi questions, a ridiculous grin on his face.

Ellie cringed at the memory. "Sadly, yes."

Jason also grimaced. "I still don't understand what he was thinking before doing that…"

"Speaking of Dominic," spoke up the last guy in their band, and Dominic's older brother, "where is he?"

Everyone shrugged, not having a clue of where their friend was.

"Hopefully not talking to Shane…" Daniel mutters.