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Chapter Two

"U-um… Ms. Caldwell?" Brooke stuttered nervously as she peaks her head through the door.

Shane raised an eyebrow at her cousin's behavior, but decided not to question it, asking, "Yes, what is it?"

"S-someone is here to see you…"

"Do they have an appointment?"


"Then tell them to come back once they get one."

"Tsk tsk, Shane! Is that how you treat your old friend?"

Shane tensed; gripping the pencil in her hand till it broke. Slowly, she took her piercing blue eyes away from the paper she had been writing on previously having her gaze be met with a deep brown speckled with red gaze. "Mr. Williams… how unpleasing it is to see you again." She hissed venomously, standing up from her desk.

Dominic grinned lazily at her. "Aw, c'mon, Shane!" he threw an arm around her shoulder, making her growl at him and shove him away from her.

"Brooke," she called, her eyes flashing dangerously over to her already terrified and nervous cousin, "leave us."

Brook nodded, scurrying out of the room as fast as she could.

"What do you want, Dominic?"

He sighs, his eyes surprisingly serious as he sits down in the chair in front of Shane's desk, crossing on leg over his denim clad legs. "You heard of me filing for a divorce, right?"

Shane sighs irritably, but nods anyway.

"I need a lawyer…" he pauses, "and the first person I thought of was you. I hear you're the best of the best… and I haven't seen you in such a long time… so I thought, why not!" he smiles nervously her way.

Shane crossed her arms over her chest, eying the band leader suspiciously. "And why should I help you?"

A small smirk twitches onto the black haired man's lips. "If you do… I'll pay you very generously."

The brunette sighs. "I'll consider it…"

"Oh my god…! Really…?"

She nods, adding quickly, "But I'm definitely not making any promises, especially to you."

Dominic grins at her. "C'mon, Shane, I know we had some bad times and you're still mad about them… but remember all the good times we had? Remember when we snuck into that concert together?"

Shane's eye twitched, rubbing her temples. "Dominic… I moved here to escape you and everyone, hoping I wouldn't remember the times I had in Chicago or with you," her eyes locked with Dominic's, "I guess I will never truly escape you, now will I?"

Dominic's eyes narrowed slightly as he stood up, walking over to the door.

"Come to my office tomorrow morning so we can discuss business." Shane says, sitting down at her desk once again.

"You pin the entire fault on me, Shane, when you're the one who left me," he looks back at her with his deep brown and red eyes, "You're the one who wanted to leave… I want to spend the rest of my life with you." And with those last words, he left.

For once in several years, she felt the painful ache in her heart.

The feeling she got when she cried her heart out to Dominic that it was over…

He was right, though… She was the one who wanted to leave, and she was pinning everything on him.

Shane felt she was doing this to make herself feel better… to lie to herself that Dominic didn't want her anymore…

… so maybe she wouldn't have to love him. And maybe… she wouldn't have to tell him the reason she left him… the reason she left Chicago all together.