Hello. My name is Nathan Griffin. My friends call me Nate. You can call me that if you want.

I'm going to tell you a story. No, don't click off this page. This story is more interesting than you would think. This story isn't some old tale about giants, dragons, or crap like that. This story actually happened.

I'll start from the beginning. Exactly one month ago, I was at a nearby game store, looking for an old NES games. I loved the NES when I was growing up, my favorite games for it being Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, and Godzilla: Monster of Monsters.

I have very found memories of the NES. Now, don't get me wrong, its very outdated. I do prefer modern games over the old school ones, and I can see the NES hasn't aged especially well. Nonetheless, a month ago I had suddenly gotten the urge to play a game for the NES.

I had still had my console system, but I had traded all of my games in for cash long ago. I had regretted doing that, and then I didn't have any games to play on it. So I went off to the game store, hoping they would have some NES cartridges for sale.

Unfortunately, the store didn't appear to have any games available. At least, none that I knew. There was one NES title they had in stock. It was a game I had never heard, called "The Great Adventure of Trinom."

It looked fairly generic. The cover art showed a young kid, armed with a sword, standing in front of several monsters, like a Cyclops, a dragon, and a couple of skeletons using their own bones as weapons. A shining sun was overhead and the kid was standing on a pile of rocks.

Still, I decided not to judge the game by its cover and asked the employee his opinion of the game. The guy told me the game was "fun", if a bit generic. However, he said it was easy to play and did have some very creative and cool boss battles.

Well, that sounded like enough for me. I bought the game, getting for the pretty cheap price of fifteen bucks, and took it home. After having dinner and chatting with some of friends on Skype, I put the game into my old NES and gave it a shot.

I'm going to cut this short here, as I want to divide the games different levels up. But needless to say, the game was not at all how expected.