So, now you've heard my story. A bizarre tale, isn't it? One I would hardly expect someone to believe, but I swear that every word in it is the absolute truth. After I woke up after destroying my NES, I almost thought it was a dream. But when I saw my wrecked game console and the game cartridge that had broken in two nearby, I knew that this had been a real, living nightmare.

I didn't take any chances after that. I dumped both the NES and the cartridge in the trash. I would miss playing my old games on it, but that's a small price to play in case green eye had somehow survived.

Life has sort of gone back to normal. My nightmares have stopped and I've been able to do other things other than play that game. However, what I saw in that game will never go away. Sometimes, I just sit down and just think about the game for hours. When I do that, I draw the things I saw in there, from the horrific enemies, the bizarre worlds, and images of White Face and green eye.

One day, I couldn't stand it any longer and I wrote about my experiences online. That's the thing you just read, I guess. I must seem like a madman. But believe me, a lunatic would never write something this coherent and flowing. Trust me when I say, the game existed. But it won't torment anyone ever again.

Sometimes, though, I feel as if green eye is still alive out there. Occasionally, when I'm lying awake in bed at night, I briefly see what looks like a glowing green eye outside my window or a shadow moving amongst the darkness. Of course, I'm just seeing things, as when I sit up, nothing is there. Its just trauma left over from my experience, which I hope will fade eventually.

So, that's my story. A story of madness, evil, and complete insanity. As I look upon these words, I wish it were just a story. How I wish those memories were nothing more than words in a book, something to frighten myself late at night.

It is ironic that all that fear, all that madness, came from a simple little game cartridge.