Let me go

Blurring the lines, counting the minutes

until my death

Red liquid beneath me,

Agony ripping through me,

as I feel my last breath,

passing through my lips

I can hear you screaming,

calling for me to come back

But it's too late,

you couldn't save me

So I'll spread my wings and fly away from you

into the arms of death

Your tears still fall onto my cold dead body,

and you curse yourself

You still pretend that I am alive

and I watch with tears in my ethereal eyes

I know I need to go to the other side,

but you won't let me

Just let me go,

it was my time to go

I know you miss me,

but move on

Please have a happy life,

I'm sorry I couldn't be the one

Please, just let me move on

I know they're searching

But they can't find me

Just let me go, my love

It's time you stopped denying the truth

I am dead, learn to deal with it sweetheart