I just had to say

That I am an attention-seeking whore

Craving your approval like

A washed up pop star coming out

With an album after ten years of rehab

And I'm trying way too hard

Like a single mom

Coming onto to teenage boys

In sluttier clothes than her daughter

And I can't leave it be

Like that scab on your arm

And you know you shouldn't scratch it

But it's there

And this is the last time, I swear

But it's just so tempting

And you can't leave it alone

Until it's red and raw

And it won't heal because you didn't stop

Messing with it

And it's just ruined and stuck there forever

Because you had no self control

And in my head I'm this confident woman

That strong independent black woman

Who don't need no man

And you don't have a clue

Because all you see is this

Stupid little girl who can't

Just get her emotional roller coaster under control

And actually interact with people

And it's just you

I don't do it with a single other person

I guess this is the price you pay for loving me

You idiot

What were you thinking

You didn't know what you were getting into

And here we are

I just had to say it