Red rose on cold stone bleeds

consuming crimson seeping

through apathetic cement.


Apathetic cement bleeds silver

like innocent nonchalance and

slivers of hope.


Silver meets red and supernova

explodes in a feat of stellar impossibility

for neither cares much for sense.


Then cement hardens and

red rose becomes dead rose

and supernova implodes into black hole.


Dead rose is black like rich

expanses of night and its petals

are paper like meaningless love notes.


Apathetic cement watches impassively

as dead rose is swept into the

beckoning arms of sea.


Passionate sea devours dead rose until

it is blown into smithereens causing

a tiny ripple; a silent scream.


Then cement is apathetic no

more but it is a binder and

holds itself together.


The casual footfalls of children

echo through the floor and cement

clutches at its tattered remains of hope.


a/n: that came from seeing a withered rose. yes, the first verse/stanza/paragraph/whateveryouwanttocallit was intended to be excessively wordy and extravagant in terms of syllables. make of that what you will.