My favorite moments at vacation

Day 1: June 6th

Scene: Pop Century Café at Disney World


I put on my converse shoes and headed out the door with my sister and my aunt (my roommates for the weekend). We walked across the balcony and walked down these awesome stairs behind a huge bowling pin. Then we walked across the parking lot and headed straight to the Pop Century Café where the rest of my family was. I sat down with my sisters and my parents as my aunt got a pizza for us. I asked my dad if we could see the desserts that were out there and we got up to look around.

They had a huge variety of desserts! Mickey Mouse cookies and cupcakes, muffins, ice-cream, and then my dad and I came across brownies. I stared at awe at a certain brownie that looked too good to be true. It was a fat, square brownie with toppings of nuts, M&Ms, and marshmallows, and to top it all off, chocolate with a gently drizzled style spread across. I looked at my dad, who was thinking the same thing I was.

"That looks like fat-people-paradise," I said. Dad chuckled then turned around and saw my mom, who was gawking at ice-cream with my little sister; he turned back around at the brownie.

"I don't think your mom would want us eating one," he said. I shrugged.

"We can split it." Dad spotted a woman in a green apron with Mickey Mouse ears on and smile planted across her face.

"Can I help you?" she asked in a squeaky voice. Dad smiled politely and pointed at the brownie.

"Can we get one of those?" he asked. My face brightened up. The woman looked at it then back at dad.

"Okay, just give me a moment," she said then went to a door and disappeared. No more than ten seconds later, she appeared behind the brownie display with gloves on. She reached over gently and picked up the beautiful creation and then on a big, square muffin cup and then came out through the way she went in. She kept on the same smile-that began to freak me out- and handed it to dad.

"Enjoy, have a good day," she offered and walked away to help another person before dad could even thank her. Me and my dad shrugged and walked back over to the table with sodas. Everyone eyed our beautiful brownie with awe just like me and my dad did at first sight. Everyone looked like they wanted some. While my dad and I defended the brownie, my aunt came back with the pizza and we dug in.

I had a slice and then looked back at the big dessert. My dad already took a fork and put a bite in his mouth; everyone had at least one bite and loved every second it was in their mouths. I refused another slice of pizza and grabbed a plastic fork then looked at all my family.

"I'm sorry this looks gross going from pizza straight to the brownie but I couldn't help it," I said and was about to dig in.

"You know, if you were Shaggy from 'Scooby Doo', you would've had the pizza with the brownie," my dad said, nudging my shoulder with a chuckle, my family joins him. My family has always made fun of me for liking 'Scooby Doo'; it was just another reason to pick on me. But before my face blushed, an idea pops in my head and I smirk and look back at my dad.

"I can do that," I said then reached for a piece of pizza and plopped it on my paper plate. My mom was talking me out of it, but I ignored her. I then reached over and cut a small square piece of brownie and slap it on the bottom part of my triangle-shaped food. I take the back of my fork and smudged it around. I made sure no marshmallow or M&Ms left the surface and lifted it up to my mouth as my family grimaced at my actions. I opened my mouth, but paused and looked back at my dad.

"Zoinks," I muttered with a smirk and took a bite of my created food. A strange flavor traveled across my taste buds with complete satisfaction and I smiled as I chewed.

"Eeew," my family grumbles as they watch with disgusted faces. I put the rest of my slice back on my plate and brushed off brownie crumbs off my mouth then finally swallowed my creation. They were all still staring at me as if I was an alien from outer space, and then I lifted two thumbs up.

"That was freaking awesome!" I said and then put another brownie piece on my slice of pizza. Mom held out her hands.

"No, I think we've had enough of that," she said, almost letting out a chuckle. I lifted it up towards my dad.

"Want some, Scoob?" I asked him with my best Shaggy impression. He shook his head.

"No thanks, I'm good," he hesitated with a smile that didn't leave his face since the moment I stuck the weird food in my mouth.

"That's what I thought," I said then looked around the restaurant, tables that were around ours were looking at me with smiles, grimaces, and faces like they were about to puke. I shrugged and stuffed more in my mouth just to get them to know that I'm weird and they can deal with it.

The End

Day 2: June 7th

Scene: Universal Studios, Hogwarts Castel…Thingy

Harry Potter and Spiders

My family and I were in line for a Harry Potter ride. We wouldn't be in Universal for the weekend if it wasn't for my cousin, who just loves Harry Potter books and movies. The line was at least an hour and he was so excited, everyone actually was. The sun was so exhausting; everyone felt relief when the line was headed into the castle, we past statues, portraits, those were cool until they started to talk. I walked by one and it instantly started talking, I jumped and screamed and everybody laughed, mainly because I am so easy to scare. The line started to move again and the paintings were no more.

In one room, Harry and his friends started talking to us, giving us directions on how we had to fly and meet up with him and Ron. The line started to move again and we came across a hat, that was telling us stuff such as, "If you have motion sickness don't ride this…" yady-yada. I pointed at it.

"Hey, it's the…uh…moving hat," I said. My cousin turned to me with a glare.

"Sorting Hat," he corrected. I put my hands on my hips.

"Like I would know that," I retorted with sarcasm and looked around more, I began to hear people getting on and off the ride and we got closer. My cousin rode with his family of four and I rode with my mom, dad, and my little sister. I sat beside my dad and praised how awesome the ride was going to be. The Harry Potter music came on through the speakers beside me and we moved into a darker room. Finally, our-let's call it a cart-levitated into the air and we were flying through Hogwarts. We met up with Harry and Ron and we flew everywhere. Then, there was a huge dragon! It chased us around, me and my dad were smiling through the whole chase.

"Weee!" I mused and my dad chuckled. Then, there was a huge Dragon right in our faces. It opened its mouth, showing us its teeth the size of Daggers and red steam flew out of its mouth and in our faces. It was awesome! Then, we were jerked around and then I and my dad saw stuff we really didn't want to see. Spiders were everywhere, hanging on webs and screeching in our faces.

"Spiders!" he and I screamed with laughs. It was all funny until the biggest spider in the attraction was in our face with the loudest screech ever. Lighting flashed in its six-eyed face and my dad and I screamed out of horror. Water splashed in our faces, they must want us to think it was poison. After the spiders, we were in a forest, at least that's what I think it was. It was hard to tell when they made you think trees were falling down on you.

When the ride finally ended, I and my family got off the ride and we walked over to the gift shop. A woman in a cloak handed me a slip of paper with numbers on them. I found out it was for our pictures. We walked over to them and our picture was my mom and my sister laughing, but my dad and I were screaming. I then realized that the 'lighting' in front of the spider, was really the camera flash…