I committed a sin
Angel, please drop your pen
Truly repented then
Blindly do it again

God, can this be erased?
Or is my soul defaced?
When the shaytan makes haste
Am I so simply out-paced?

When all's going wrong
The pain's lasting so long
Will you still lead me along
Or leave me as a sad song?

Please don't leave me in fear
When imaan's in low gear
I'm just waiting to hear
That you still want me near

I'll lay all on the line
Just for one tiny sign
Or this cracked heart of mine
It may never be fine

From a harsh past I ran
And still fast as I can
Spent so long on the lamb
I forgot who I am

I know that for sure
You have love for me pure
But all that I endure
Leaves me so insecure

And though my heart feels a gnaw
When I recall what I saw
You remind me of Your Law
And leave my heart in awe

But sins must way a tonne
I fear shaytan has won
Am I over and done
Or just under the gun?

Allah forgive my misdeeds
Help my good grow like weeds
To choke out all the seeds
Of the dunya's greeds

Don't let me be a pawn
Keep me safe once I'm gone
Straighten this path I'm on
Please don't leave me after dawn...